Sunday, November 7, 2010

Quote Of The Week

In a year Chuckie gets to vote

Emily, aged 10

Out of the mouths of babes.

Emily is my 10 year old daughter and Chuckie is Chuck, my 17 year old son.

We have always taken our kids to the polls with us when they were young. I wanted them to see us vote and grow up with a sense of it's importance.

The notion that my son would be allowed to vote in a year seemed very cool to her. Something to be envied.

My 10 year old daughter can see that voting is something to look forward to when you become an adult, why can't adults see this?


The Born Again American said...

I praise your commitment, as I failed to do the same and now my 31 year old son isn't even registered to vote... He views it as a burdon and not the true blessing voting in this country truly is...

Chuck said...

Born Again, sorry to hear that. I have several uncles that I know do not vote.

MK said...

Good on ya Chuck, if only more people shared your value of it.

Chuck said...

MK, I am just frustrated that adults don't get it.