Sunday, November 14, 2010

Quote Of The Week

"When it [the presidency] was over, I knew I'd given my heart and soul, I'd poured everything I had into the job and was grateful for the opportunity to serve,"

George W Bush


I am unapologetic in saying I miss Bush. He didn't do everything right and I didn't always agree with everything he did but he was a good man.

He deserved far better than what he was given by the media and the rest of the far left and, quite frankly, they didn't deserve him.

I said this after the last election and I say it again, he will be treated far better after he left office than when he was in. His new book is giving the public an insight into the person that the media spent 8 years trying to hide.

Then there is the Barrack Obama phenomenon. Read the article I got the quote from, it explains his resurgence much better than I could. The article shows how Obama's stumbles and fumbles have as much to do with Bush's redefinition as Bush does.

My thoughts are that by time the next 2 years are up I won't be the only one who looks back fondly on Bush's class and steadiness.


Brooke said...

Chuck, I couldn't agree more. I disagreed with Bush's spending and soft glove treatment of the Islamists, but he is 100% better than Obama could ever hope to be.

Always On Watch said...

I certainly criticized GWB when he in office -- not about everything he did, of course.

I knew from the moment that Obama got elected that huge numbers of Americans would be wishing that Bush were back.

In my view, Bush loves America; Obama doesn't.

shoprat said...

It took Jimmy Carter to show what a decent guy Ford was. Seems to be a pattern of history. We will never have a perfect president but we can do better than the One.

Chuck said...

Brooke, I think he was too soft on terrorism also. I think he let the left bully him into it

AOW, Obama has disdain for America like every other leftist

Shoprat, Clinton made Bush Sr seem more Presidential. Noticing a pattern here? The media tears down a Republican President, we then get a Democrat who winds up being an idiot, the people realize the Republican wasn't as bad as the media led them to believe. You would think at some point the public would learn to think for themselves.

Mustang said...

I agree with the sentiments expressed here, but admit to some disappointment when, during Hannity’s recent interview, Bush told him … “I’m only doing it because I’m trying to sell my book.” It just rubbed me the wrong way. Bush doesn’t need the money; as former president, he doesn’t need the titles and honors. AOW is right that Obama is not now, nor will he ever be “one of us.” But in many ways, Bush led us to the ascension of Nancy Pelosi, and the presidency of Barack Obama. The initial occupation phase of Iraq was an utter disaster; Paul Bremer’s incompetence cost American lives and I could not then, nor understand now why Bush allowed that to go unchallenged. Moreover, Rumsfeld … for all his genius, did not have a clue about putting Iraq back together again. As Commander in Chief, Bush should have directed the war, not watched on the sidelines while others made a mess of it. Yes, he did later redeem himself, but too late to save the lives to too many of our troops. Better than Obama? Yes but then so was Jimmy Carter.

MK said...

Definitely chuck, the obongo presidency i think has been a real eye-opener for a lot of people. They can see laid bare before them, the treachery, stupidity and nefariousness of the democratic party.

They also see the hatred, the bastardry and the viciousness of the msm as well. It's no wonder the Tea Party sprung up and started kicking ass. They figured it out, neither the democrats nor the msm are on their side.

Chuck said...

Mustang, I do tend to agree. I take exception to a lot of what he did. I think though that he made the same mistake as his father in that he took bad advice from staff. This does not excuse him because he did choose to take the advice and act on it.

We do disagree a bit on his responsibility for Pelosi. He did help set the stage but the blame has to go more with the media for distortion of both his record and elevating the Democrats.

It may be getting to be a tired excuse but the media does hold sway over the public.

In writing this I am looking more at character but even on policy, Bush beats Obama hands down. Maybe not a fair fight but there it is.

MK, agreed. Although the GOP had it's own questions to answer from the Tea Party.