Sunday, November 21, 2010

Quote Of The Week

And according to PopEater columnist Rob Shuter, the “DWTS” big-wigs fear for the worst.

"This will be a disaster for the show if Bristol wins," a source told the entertainment website. "Any creditability the show had will be over. It will go from being a dancing competition to a popularity competition where whoever has the most rabid fan base will always win no matter how little talent they have."

Read here for an entertaining look at how the left is in a snit about Bristol Palin's success on Dancing With The Stars. There is talk of a conspiracy. One man shot his TV out with a shotgun. What have I said about liberalism and mental disorders?

That's all hysterical. What caught my eye though is the bit about the show losing it's credibility.

Credibility? Really?


Always On Watch said...

Gah! The wackiness is over the edge now.

Brooke said...

Dancing With the Stars has/had credibility? Huh?

Ticker said...

Brooke, exactly, What credibility? It is and always has been about popularity, not dancing. I've seen high school kids who could out dance some of the so called winners on that show. At least that is what my grandkids tell me. I don't waste the time turning it on. Saves me the trouble of turning it off.

But lord, leave it to the libtards to find anything to whine about especially when it comes to anyone named Palin.

DaBlade said...

I love it when they get unhinged like this. It almost makes me want to watch this show.... Nah. I still don't care :)

Chuck said...

AOW, fun isn't it?

Brooke, as much as America Idol, etc

Ticker, it's insanity. If they would take a minute to step back and look at how absolutely idiotic they are being...okay, they would probably find a way to blame Bush for the behavior but you get my point.

DaBlade, you may have hit on something. I won't watch it either but this could go two different ways - the libs could get outraged and vote for her or there could be a big turn out by Tea Partiers to embarrass the left. That would be funny.

cube said...

Remember Sangiah (spelling?) from American Idol? The conspiracy there was to vote for the worst. Maybe that's what's happening with Bristol. I don't know. I don't watch the show.

I think it's clear that only competent judges should decide these competitions otherwise they go by way of the dinosaur. Not that that would be a bad thing...