Saturday, November 6, 2010

Thank You Sir, May I have Another?

Just when you thought Barrack Obama had allowed the world to dump on the US enough, he goes and let's them drop another load on our heads.

U.N. Gives Obama a New 'Shellacking' -- Over Human Rights!


Warning: Read the article but be certain to put down your coffee, hot chocolate, sharp and/or blunt weapons, firearms, or other objects that may cause you to harm yourself or your computer equipment. If you are, or may be pregnant, seek medical advice before proceeding as this article may make you very concerned about your child's future. As with all articles about the destruction of America make sure you speak with your health care provider to ensure you are healthy enough to read them.

Sorry, had to get the legal stuff out of the way first. Now to the post.

American diplomats attended a council meeting in Geneva in which some of the world's most tolerant countries were able to scold us on our human rights.

Yes, that's right, countries like Iran (who wanted us to “effectively to combat violence against women.” and “condemned and expressed its deep concern over the situation of human rights”), North Korea (we need “to address inequalities in housing, employment and education” and “prohibit brutality…by law enforcement officials.”), Cuba (“violations against migrants and mentally ill persons” and “ensure the right to food and health.”), Libya (made note of our “racism, racial discrimination and intolerance.”), Venezuela, Russia, Nicaragua, Bolivia, all also expressed concerns over our human rights record. It was unclear what their concerns were but one can only imagine.

You have to ask yourself, where's the bottom with this administration?


Karen Howes said...

I don't think there IS a bottom, Chuck. There's no limit to how low they will sink!

LOL to your disclaimer/warning, hee hee.

Ticker said...

Who gives a rats a$$ about what the UN thinks or says or it's two bit commie members. It is time, long past time actually for the US to tell the UN to kiss our backsides and for us to withdraw our support and especially our money from this useless, corrupt, one world order mind set organization. Round up all the so called diplomats, collect the parking fines , shut down the UN building and turn it into profit making housing and offices.
The US has always been the "policeman' for the UN and then these corrupt, cowards dare to criticize when we do the job that was foisted upon us. I would point out Korea as an example, the ME as another but yet we receive the shaft while they get the gold mine.
It's time to tell the UN to GO!

Mustang said...

Do you see and understand what is happening here? You and Ticker are the reasons the world’s totalitarian regimes think we Americans are a walking violation of human rights. Now, if you could only be a bit more kinder and gentler, then the world would be a better place. I’m hoping members of the commission will stop by my house and offer criticism about my personal human rights record. I have some people I’d like them to meet: Sam Colt, Smith, Wesson, Luger, Walther, and Winchester.

Chuck said...

Karen, how low can you go?

Thanks btw

Ticker, we need to kick them to the curb.

Mustang, I apologize, I was being intolerant and isolationist when I wrote this post. I find it refreshing when we get constructive criticism from countries such as this although I was a little disappointed Mexico couldn't make it to talk about their open border plan. We could learn a lot from them on immigration.

I do still have a concern though that the accommodations at the conference were sub-standard for members of a royal court like the Obama administration.

Thank Obama that, well the Obama's, are not suffering such indignities while being forced yet again to travel to a foreign land to promote US tolerance for different cultures.

These tireless souls are a blessing to this country I'll tell you.

(aside) "Brenda, my Kool-aid tastes funny today"

Z said...

I'd just read this article (which should also have your disclaimer on it) and it sure fits your post......
Obama's saying India's a CREATOR of jobs and we have to work together and we all have common goals...and, you know, that's FINE when you feel your president puts US FIRST, but do you ever get that feeling? EVER??

There IS NO BOTTOM, you and Karen are, this ticks me off.

By the way, it wasn't too many years ago when other countries/entities NEVER EVER criticized the GREAT AMERICA like they are in your post information.......I truly believe that it's ONLY since the leftwingers in our country SCORCHED Bush SO BADLY all those years, and so publicly as if they weren't even Americans!, so very nastily, that it emboldened the nuts around the world.

I don't see how we'll ever dig ourselves out of this BOTTOM that the left created for us. But, they're thrilled..after all, "it's time for another country to be the world power" then you ask them "Which one?" and, if they're Ducky, you don't see him for a week, and if it's an acquaintance, they look like "DUHHHHH!"

Chuck said...

Z, Duck is symptomatic of what is wrong with this country right now. As far as America's standing, it is definitely suffering. I take you back 30 years though. America was the laughing stock of the world. We had essentially an insignificant country hold our embassy for over a year. One election restored the dignity of the US.

A lesson for 2012

Always On Watch said...


If BHO can get away with it, he will surrender our national sovereignty altogether. **sigh**

Z said...

that's true about 30 yrs ago, Chuck, but I still say that it's only now that even little countries with zero clout have the courage to echo our leftwing media in their disdain for us.
And yes, it only took one election..and, what, two DAYS to stop that nonsense in Iran!? :-)

MK said...

Obongo will figure it out in a while. You know how, because after he's bent over now and taken it, he thinks they'll respect him in the morning. When morning comes and they don't, that's when he'll get it, otherwise he'll have to bend over again.

Liberals will only learn through their own stupidity.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Iran, the same country that oversees Womens rights? Have they stoned the woman they have accused of adultery yet? If it were not so serious, it would be funny.

Chuck said...

AOW, he is trying

MK, the Muzzies are actually quite critical of this trip. I have said before I think they respected Bush more. They may have not liked him much but he at least had a pair and they respected that.

Gramma, Iran is the most amazing one of them all. If having them on the human right council doesn't speak volumes about the UN nothing does.