Monday, November 8, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

Obama would be responsible for shutdown: Cantor

WASHINGTON (Reuters) – A top Republican refused on Sunday to rule out the possibility of a government shutdown next year over growing federal deficits but said if there were one, President Barack Obama would bear responsibility.


So what do you think?

I think it would be easy to make the argument that with the continued arrogance of Obama and the Democratic leadership in Congress, especially Harry Reid, that it would be their fault if the government were shut down.

They remain convinced that they have the mandate from the American people to continue their policies and dismiss the historic beat down they took at the polls last Tuesday.

Their arrogance is as strong as it has been over the last two years while they have been ignoring the will of the American public in pushing through destructive bills such as Obamakare.

They continue to refuse to listen to the message sent to them by voters that we are pissed with the way they have behaved. Instead deciding that the American public voted the way they did out of ignorance. We are just not bright enough to understand what they are trying to do for us.

So yes, it would be an easy argument that if the Republicans proposed cuts to the deficit that the public wanted and Obama and the Democrats continue down the path they have been, then an impasse would be the fault of Obama.

Without putting too fine of a point on it, congressional members are elected to represent us, not their political ideology. So, taking that into account, it is an easy argument that voters elected these new members to cut the deficit so a shutdown would be the fault of the Democrats if they go against the will of the American public.

So, back to the original question - who's fault would it be?

This is not a simple question.

You could take the above argument and make a pretty clear case that it would be the fault of Obama and the Democrats.

You could also look at the Republicans and say that, while they do have the backing of the American people, some of what they are doing is politically driven.

The more important question though may not be whose fault it is but...who gets the blame.

We do have to keep in mind that the Democrats have one thing the Republicans do not, the media. Yes, we have a few news organizations such as Fox News, The Wall Street Journal, etc but they still have large control over the message to the American public.

So what do you think? Whose fault will it be?


Ticker said...

It's a losing situation for the Republicans to shut down the government. The media will be on them like fleas on a dog and the American people will be convinced that it is the fault of the Republicans and BLAME BUSH as is the usual cry from the left. Obama will escape unscathed and when the Republicans recant, he will take credit for it,thus setting himself up for re-election and a Republican bloodbath in 2012. The gains made this year will be null and void and the GOP will cease to exist.
There are other ways to stop Obama's spending spree without shutting down the government. Funding for his programs can be cut off without going to the extreme. Oh yes the Dims will attempt to attach funding to other bills but that too can be stopped and should be a top priority on the Republican agenda. STOP all piggy-backing of bills. They must stand alone, period.
That would be one of the greatest contributions that this group could make to the American people. It would also STOP a lot of the unnecessary spending that runs up the debt. Obama could say little since he is the one that called for Transparency and that is one bill that would guarantee transparency in spending. Let him veto it and bingo the Reps have a club to beat him and the Dims over the head with in 12.
So Cantor and the Reps need to get over the shutting down government threat, or the Dims will call their bluff and a bluff is what it is.

Randy said...

I agree with Ticker. The Republicans are already seen as "the party of no" - shutting down the government will only fuel that fire. It's false, but try explaining that in 20 second sound bites. Can't be done. Unfortunately.

Brooke said...

The GOP won't do it.

If this happens, Obama will shut down the govt., and then he will say there was nothing he could do; it was the fault of the obstructionist Republicans.

Mustang said...

By now, Kantor knows that you cannot begin a game involving jungle rules and then impose Queensbury rules before first serve. If Obama thinks that he can manipulate the GOP into giving him what he wants, he’ll do all he can to make that happen. On the other hand, politics has always been about brinksmanship. Therefore, what should we expect House Republicans to say to the press? Should he promise never to shut down the government?

There are two givens in politics and war: no guts, no glory, and whoever blinks first loses. I have said, and will continue to urge members of the New House to develop a robust PR campaign in inform the American people of what they are doing on our behalf. No BS … No spin … No hitting anyone with their purse. I don’t know what or how they should do that … I only know that fireside chats might be in order. I don’t care how much it costs to do it … it must be done. I think this because there won’t be any do-over’s.

Chuck said...

Ticker, I am not advocating shutting the government down - it would be a mistake. It was just a question to start the conversation.

It's kind of funny that all of a sudden Obama wants to ban earmarks

Randy, agreed. It would be a huge PR disaster

Brooke, agreed

Mustang, you nailed it. They need to start the PR blitz up front. Get out ahead of the Obama smear machine. Propose common sense laws and make the Dems vote against them.

I agree that they need to put up a good bluff but a better way would have been to say that they would not shut down the government but that Obama would if he did not follow the message sent by voters this year. Now that they have refused to rule it out, it's an admission of guilt - using today's media rules.

MK said...

Well obviously obongo will blame the republicans and even Bush if he can get away with that. I've never met a leftist who willingly accepts responsibility.

However it should be laid squarely at the democrats feet, they controlled both houses for long enough and even have a president in office. If they can't take responsibility, you might as well blame wild baboons in Africa for the rain.

Always On Watch said...

Well, I'd like to see a federal government shut down.

Each party will blame the other.

But the GOP could mount an effective pr campaign to shift the blame -- IF the GOP would find good spokesmen for the job, that is.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang is absolutely spot-on with his comment:

I have said, and will continue to urge members of the New House to develop a robust PR campaign in inform the American people of what they are doing on our behalf. No BS … No spin … No hitting anyone with their purse. I don’t know what or how they should do that … I only know that fireside chats might be in order. I don’t care how much it costs to do it … it must be done.

DaBlade said...

The first order of business is to stop the obama agenda in it's tracks. If there currently are not enough votes for repeal or overcoming a veto, then it is a simple matter of defunding. Of course the media will try to spin this as a "shutdown" and try to blame the Republicans. The Tea Party folks will give the Rs credit for shutting them down.

Chuck said...

MK, the GOP does a very poor job of pointing out that the Dems have controlled Congress for 4 years.

AOW, on the plus side there would be a lot less damage by a government closed for business

DaBlade, defunding is the only way to redo Obamakare