Monday, November 22, 2010

What Do You Think About This?

I read this article this morning and it got me thinking. Are the recent movies about the occult a problem for our society?

The article mentioned the series' Harry Potter and Twilight specifically but we have had others with less commercial success.

The priest interviewed in the article makes the assertion that demons possess people, including children, at the victims invitation. He further makes the assertion that these movies make children more likely to dabble in the occult and this in turn invites a demon in.

What are your thoughts on this? Are these movies dangerous? Are they degrading the moral fiber of society? Are they just harmless fun and people that will do this type of behavior would do it anyways with or without the movies?

I know where I stand on this, what about you?


Mustang said...

I don't think we can lump together people who enjoy scary movies, and those who have a predisposition toward the occult, even if both types of people watch Harry Potter movies. The supposition is far too simplistic, IMO.

Teachers observe strange behavior all the time, from kids who dress gothic to others who profess to be witches. More than following an occult, I think such young people are simply looking for attention. I believe this because were the opposite true, we'd hear far more about satanic worship and ritual assaults. We aren't hearing much about this at all, beyond San Francisco ... but that does make sense when you think about it.

Z said...

I don't see how we can stop things like Harry Potter, but many groups were trying to point out problems with that from the time the books first came out and others just laughed at them.
There are demonic threads in films and books, the occult's celebrated, let's face it, CHristianity is scoffed (tho that's nothing really new) but this isn't too new, either; think Rosemary's Baby, etc. Of course, that wasn't a children's film.

I think this is all a byproduct of a post I just did about taking God out of AMerican life and suffering the consequences (not to sound too much like a prig, I hope)
But, we don't burn books here and we can't stop's love it and get sucked in.
I don't see children becoming BETTER, but maybe it's just me.
I hope so.

Ticker said...

Chuck , dabbling in the occult can and does open the door (called portals in the scriptures)where demonic spirits can enter. I have seen evidence of this both in my professional career in psychology and in my life outside my career. There are two types of demonic attachment. Possession, in which the demonic spirit takes control of the individuals spirit and life. This occurs in those who are not Christians. The other is Oppression , which occurs in those who are believers, and this is where the demonic spirit can attack the individuals spirit and cause them distraction to a point to where they are brought to do things that they would not ordinarily do. Both can be overcome through what is known in some religious groups as Deliverance, in others exorcism. They both basically work the same way in that the demonic spirits are cast out in Jesus name.
Movies on the occult and dabbling in witchcraft is not a thing to be taken lightly for the "enemy" will use any means to seek out, steal and kill, for that is "his" purpose. It opens the door, gate, portal, what ever one wishes to call it and once that door is open it is very difficult to close without serious repercussions.

An excellent book on the subject is" They Shall Expel Demons" by Derek Prince.

Karen Howes said...

I agree with Father Euteneurs general premise: demons are real, and dabbling in the occult in indeed an invitation.

I don't think that the Harry Potter books are spiritually dangerous, however, having read them all. Good and evil are clearly defined, and the "wizardry" in the book is certainly not based in any real occult practices. If HP is bad, then so is The Narnia Chronicles, Star Wars, Lord of the Rings, etc.

cube said...

I'm not seeing danger from the Harry Potter, or Lord of the Rings, or the Narnia series because all of these books & movies define the line between good and evil.

Not every one is Christian, but we should all be moral humans who live a good and righteous life regardles or our religious affiliation.

I have been watching horror movies all of my life and it hasn't warped me... OK, not too much ;-) Just kidding.

cube said...

Z: I thought Rosemary's Baby was a scary horror movie. Mia Farrow has a few well done scary ones under her belt.

BTW do you remember my recent post about the Star Trek actress who shot her boyfriend... well, that same actress played Terry in Rosemary's Baby [cue the creepy movie music]

Ticker said...

One seldom sees the "danger" in these things. That is what makes them so dangerous. Eve didn't see the danger in partaking of the fruit from the "tree of life" in the Garden of Eden but we see the results daily. Think about it!

LASunsett said...

How far back must we go to conduct this examination? I remember when everyone was up in arms about the Exorcist. I suppose others were upset about Dracula and Frankenstein too.

Now...I don't know much about Harry Potter, I have not read or seen anything from this series, either way. But I think if kids are grounded enough to know what is real and what is not, they will do well enough. If they are taught right from wrong, they will make sound judgments at times and poor ones at others.

Movies and books will not be the downfall of anything, without parental consent.

Ticker said...

Trouble is LA is that kids are not grounded and neither are parents. Most do not have a clue as to how the "prince and power of the air" works his mischief. Most don't even know anything about the demonic thus they have no defense. That is the exactly how the "fallen one" wants it to be. It makes his job easy.

I refer you to Ephesians 2: 2.

Chuck said...

I have read all of the Harry Potter books and own all of the movies except, of course, the current one. I have watched Twilight (not necessarily by choice). I have seen the Golden Compass, and own both the Lord of the Rings series and the Narnia movies. My kids have seen all of these with the exception of the last 2 LOTR movies that we thought were too scary for our youngest.

I have a couple of thoughts on this.

One, I agree with Mustang in that it is not the story but the pre-disposition of the person that views the material that is the relevant factor in how they use the info.

Two, I believe they are vastly misunderstood. With the exception of the Twilight series in which I cannot detect an actual plot line, they are all about the triumph of good over evil. Cube made a good point in which Christianity isn't the real issue here but morality. Most of these series have nothing to do with Christianity or demonic forces, these traits are read into them by others.

Finally, one of Harry Potter's greatest "sins" was reviving the love for reading in children. When the books came along there was beginning to be a significant drop off in reading by children. The books got children who would not pick up a book to read them through and wait impatiently for the next one.

Chuck said...

Mustang, I know several kids that are "Emo" (the new term for Goth), both of my sons have friends like this. They're good kids and I enjoy being around them. I haven't seen any evidence of devil worshiping among them. None of them are wearing pentagrams. Mostly they just want to rebel a little and this is how they do it. Most of these kids are on the honor roll btw.

Z, I don't think Harry Potter is about religion and I don't think it is taking God out of anything. I do agree that we have become too secular and this is at the country's peril but I think Harry Potter is simple good fun. I've read all of them and was very disappointed when the series was over.

Ticker, I tend to agree with what you say and I do think possession is possible. I don't, however, think any of the books/movies mentioned here really meet that standard. One could make the case that Twilight is pushing the limit on demonic possession because of the vampirism. With this series though, it is so ridiculous that it has no credibility. Also, I mentioned the Golden Compass. This is a series of books written by an admitted atheist. While I liked the movie, I am not comfortable that it was written by an atheist (which I found out later) although even this movie does not meet the criteria you set forth.

Karen, agreed. None of them are about religion but morality.

Cube, I too have watched movies like this forever. While I am twisted person, I don't think it is from the books ;-)

LA, I thought of the Exorcist while writing this post. That movie and Rosemary's Baby that Z mentioned I will agree with Ticker on, they are truly about demonic possession. Even with these movies, I have seen both and do not feel attracted to evil. It does come down to the person and the way they were raised. I have always not only been comfortable with my kids reading the Harry Potter books but encouraged them because I knew I raised them well enough to recognize good from evil and, quite frankly, I was thrilled to see a book in their hands instead of a video game controller.

Chuck said...

Finally, thanks to all of you for your comments. I enjoy seeing the different viewpoints. This is the one and only reason I blog.

MK said...

You might not find this hard to believe, but the number of people in Australia who identify themselves as pagans, witches, wizards etc is on the rise.

Not surprisingly, the green vote has also risen.

We may have moved on from the early years, but mans stupidity is always close by.

JMyste said...

It's people like Harry Potter that threaten to end God's reign and usher in the next One. You are very wise to bring this up. First, we have Satanism, which threatens to reverse our understanding of good vs evil, and now, when we finally have that under control, and all our songs seem to be played forward, along comes Harry Potter. It would seem that villains are all around us, and there is little hope. I pray to my current God that the next One will zap Mr. Potter and all his evil minions. I am sure you will agree that we don’t need the Potter Headache before we have even finished burning Huck Fin and other classics.