Thursday, November 4, 2010

Will This Be The Real Result Of The 2010 Election?

McConnell eyes Democrats up for re-election in 2012

Carrie Dann writes: Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell said Thursday that he expects some Democrats –- wary that continued support for Democratic policies will cost them re-election in 2012 -- will "peel off" from their caucus to work with Republicans for the next two years.


There are 21 Democratic Senators up for re-election in 2012 along with 2 independents who caucus with them. Of these, I think one could argue 15 of them will be at risk for losing their seats. Many of them are in states that saw a party change in this years Senate, House, Gubernatorial, and/or state legislative districts.

Will the legacy of the 2010 election be fear? Will Democrats, and some left-leaning Republicans, up for re-election in 2 years start watching how they vote? Will the GOP, 5 votes short of a majority currently, get to set a large part of the agenda?

Keep in ind that the GOP only needs to keep their own Senators in line and peel off 5 Democrats and/or Independents.


Z said...

I believe McConnell's right......what a good thing!
Pris emailed me reminding me there are Black Conservative congressmen now...and she mentioned how upset the Black Caucus people will be. Not so easy to keep secrets from us when Conservatives are there holding peoples' feet to the fire, eh?
ALL GOOD THINGSk since the election!
(okay, except California...I know, BELIEVE me, I know)

Brooke said...

A LOT can happen in two years! The GOP really needs to kick ass and stick to their guns; if they don't they'll be hurting.

Of course, the idiot voters will show in droves to vote for a black president, and fraud is rampant.

We shall see.

Ticker said...

People will continue to re-elect fools like Kerry, Chucky and Blubber lips Fwanks as well as Pelosi and Boxer. It's going to be tough to knock off 5 in the Senate especially IF the Republicans don't follow through with their promise and also not allow Obama to use the VETO pen and then claim the GOP did nothing.
He will govern by use of judicial diktat, executive decree and regulatory agency laws without allowing one vote in the legislature and then claim among the moonbats that he was successful in fulfilling his agenda this buying votes for his minions in 2012.

Always On Watch said...

Nothing means more to most politicians than getting elected.

We might actually see this kind of peeling off happening. I hope so!

Chuck said...

Z, let's see if the Congressional Black Caucus allows the black GOP members in

Brooke, resting on their laurels will cost the GOP the House in 2012

Ticker, I think the GOP retakes the Senate in 2012 if they take care of business now. Obama is done. He will get the libtards to vote for him but he is losing the independents, women, and men

AOW, to some extent. Most of these people are pretty arrogant and truly believe they are right