Thursday, December 2, 2010

Get Over Yourself

Antrel Rolle compares booing players to booing soldiers coming home from Iraq, later apologizes


Mr Rolle plays for the New York Giants and seemed to take umbrage at being booed by fans who, as he points out, paid about a gazillion dollars (the current price for an NFL ticket) to do so. He seemed to think booing an NFL player (who makes more than the gazillion dollar cost of a ticket to play a game) was tantamount to booing troops returning from a war zone.

Oh, and he apologized - as soon as team officials made him do so.

We have a little middle-aged Hispanic lady who cleans up blood and vomit in our trauma rooms after big cases and does it for not a whole lot above minimum wage. She doesn't complain, just comes when we need her and does a helluva a job.

Quite frankly, I have more respect for her than I do for this meatsack.


Ticker said...

What would that overpaid POS know about how it would feel to be booed coming home from a war zone. The fool has never served a day in uniform and if he thinks that being booed by the people on the sidelines is in any way shape or form similar the he is indeed a bigger fool than one could imagine.
I know what it is like to be booed from the grandstands and I dang sure know what it feels like to be booed, jeered, be splattered with feces, rotten tomatoes, spit on , punched and shoved and called "baby killer" and there is no comparison.

Somebody needs to kick his overpaid arse up between his shoulder blades so high he has to take off his tee shirt to pee! Apology my butt!!!

Chuck said...

Ticker, well put. I have long ago lost my awe of celebs and athletes like him. Walking through blood will do that for you.

MK said...

It's a free country Chuck, everyone is entitled to think themselves as gods and we are off course free to inform them that they really are just sacks of crap. :)

Chuck said...

MK, right. I certainly don't want to devalue his delusion

cube said...

I echo your sentiments. I would only add, "Shut up and play football. You aren't overpaid to give us your uninformed opinions. If you insist on sharing your moronic viewpoints, we will proceed to throw facts your way that will reduce your arguments to the mumblings of an idiot."

Chuck said...

Cube, or we could just post his IQ