Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Just Another Liberal Hollywood POS

Michael Moore Says He Made $20K Available for Julian Assange's Bail

Read the article if you have the stomach.

Ever wonder if there is a bottom to the hatred that men like Moore, Danny Glover, and Sean Penn feel for America?

When they are not aiding and abetting terrorists like Mr Assange they are wiping the fecal matter from their nose after meeting with Hugo Chavez. Too bad we can't put all of these POS' on plane to somewhere more suitable for them.


Karen Howes said...

Michael Moore? NOT Michael Moore! Why, I'm just shocked!


Pieces of sheise stick to each other, Chuck.

Mustang said...

There is nothing more American than criticizing our government; I do this quite a bit, in fact. Not as eloquently as Twain, Rogers, or Hope—but I think our institutions deserve critical commentary. I think bloggers, as new-age pamphleteers, are the people to provide it. We are replacing journalism in this country, and while partisan in our views, there are enough of us on the left and right to provide balanced commentary. Yet, I see an important difference between individuals having a right (and responsibility) to criticize institutions, and those who hate America. The people you mention hate the country, which I find astounding. Is it possible for any of these bozos to live their opulent life-style anywhere else? They bite the hand that feeds them, and despise anyone who disagrees with their socialist agenda.

Ticker said...

Moore is another one of those that should have met the same fate as many of us wished on Jane Fonda. Nuff, said on that.

Chuck said...

Karen, I know I was stunned

Mustang, let these wipes go to Venezuela and see how life is

Ticker, I lived in Flint when he started there. I have wanted him to shut up for decades.

cube said...

What a bunch of a$$hats. They take advantage of the opportunity this country offers, but would ruin it for the rest of us.

MK said...

"Ever wonder if there is a bottom to the hatred that men like Moore, Danny Glover, and Sean Penn feel for America?"

It's a bottomless pit Chuck, and i'd chip in good money if we could ship those vermin off to a North Korea and tear up their American passport.

Apologies for not stopping by sooner, been sick and busy as anything with work.

Z said...

I'd be SO ashamed were I M Moore

Chuck said...

Cube, it's called freedom of speech - it's something the left gets (at least so I've heard)

MK, glad your back. North Korea would be a good taste of their precious communism wouldn't it?

Z, you couldn't be Michael Moore - you have intelligence.