Sunday, December 12, 2010

Quote Of The Week

Warning, this blog contains a fair amount of simulated swearing. If you are offended by either simulated swearing or immaturity you may want to leave and find something less risqué to do.


"f -- the president"

Unidentified Democratic lawmaker.

Three things with this.

One, it's funny. Who among us hasn't said "f -- the president"? Here we have someone who went and did it publicly.

Two, where's the outrage? Remember this old classic - "You lie"? The Democrats made Rep. Joe Wilson stand in front of the House and be admonished for saying this. Forget that Obama was actually in fact lying when Wilson said this, we have to maintain respect for the office.

Maureen Dowd actually made an attempt to turn it into a racist statement. The left had their panties in a bunch. Evidently saying "f -- the president" isn't as bad as pointing out that he is being less than truthful.

Third, this does not bode well for Obama and the Democrats in 2012.

While it was funny and all, these two words hold a lot of danger for the Democratic party.

The remark was in response to Obama's compromise with the GOP on the tax bill pending before Congress. I have a lot of issues with the bill and quite frankly think it should be voted down. With that said, the Republicans and Democrats will have to work together over the next two years if they are going to get anything done.

The Democrats do not want to work with the Republicans. Their definition of compromise has been for Republicans to shut up and do what the Democrats want. With Republicans retaking Congress, it is a whole new ballgame and the Democrats are not going to get everything they want. In fact, considering everything they want is very far left, it will be more likely they will get nothing they want.

Herein lies the trap for them. It is becoming clear early on that they are not going to handle this new Congress very well. A lot of Democrats lost in this last election. The problem for them though is that most of the ones that were lost were the moderates, leaving mostly far-left ideologues behind.

In addition to them mostly being far-left ideologues, most of them are also delusional. They are still convinced, even after the voters said "f--- you" to them, that the public wants them to continue.

I believe they will dig in, have several temper tantrums like this over the next two years, fight with Obama when he compromises, and generally act like idiots. All of this will make them look exactly like the idiotic pathetic little people they are and cost them and Obama re-election in 2012.

So, in conclusion, while "f -- the president" may just sound fun now, it also could be exactly what they will be doing over the next two years.


Mustang said...

Krauthammer's view is this is exactly where Obama wants to be. The far left represent about 20% of the voting public, so if Obama can be seen as cooperative with conservatives (as did Clinton), moderate Democrats will see him as the New Reformed Obama and he could be reelected in 2012. I suppose this will depend on who the GOP pushes forward to challenge Obama. So far, it looks as if Obama has it in the bag.

Always On Watch said...

Good point about Joe Wilson and his outcry of "You lie!" I can still see the expression on Pelosi's face. LOL.

Mustang may well be correct about the strategy, but you can bet that BHO didn't come up with that strategy himself.

Brooke said...


Perhaps the undercarriage of Obama's bus has become large enough to fit him!

Chuck said...

Mustang, interesting point. Hard to doubt Krauthammer although I agree with AOW, not likely Obama's idea.

AOW, agreed

Brooke, it seems like there's a lot of room under there

Sam Huntington said...

There simply isn't enough beer in the world, Chuck ....

Ticker said...

Mustang you are on the money my friend. The GOP sit's on it's collective asses and wrings it hands thinking that in January all things will be great but.... They will blow it by compromise and failing to control the conversation. When Obama can claim that the Republicans were holding the American people hostage and not one single whimper much less a scream was heard from the so called leadership (Bonehead and McConnell) he's won already. Then there are those on the nutty right who believe Palin "might win" but even if she can't she needs to run to make a statement. WHAT F'n STATEMENT pray tell, is losing an election to a known socialist!

Chuck said...

Sam, I will give you that

Ticker, sometimes you feel like you've fallen down the rabbit hole huh?

DaBlade said...

As Joe Biden might say in front of an open mic, "This is a big f*&kin' deal". I too enjoyed this post and your comparison to the Joe Wilson deal. More hypocrisy.

As for Obama trying the Clinton strategy of triangulation, it won't work this time. As obama moves slightly right of Marx, he loses his left-wing kooks faster than he picks up any so-called moderate independents. At least so far it appears this way. Too early to call 2012 of course.

In the meantime, I say "f -- the president".

Chuck said...


slightly right of Marx