Sunday, December 26, 2010

Quote Of The Week

What better quote for the day after Christmas than one about Christmas, sort of.

And I was at -- forgive the expression -- a Christmas party at the Department of Justice and people actually (were) really worried about this.

Nina Totenberg, NPR


Just so you have a little context, she was talking about the federal budget.

This is one of the best examples yet of the contempt that many on the left have for Christianity. She treats the notion of a Christmas party as akin to vulgarity. One could almost imagine she would have the same reaction if she had just farted or dropped the f-bomb.

Any bets that she would not say the same thing if she were talking about attending a Feast of Ramadan?

I think the only obvious question left is whether NPR will fire her and release the following statement:

"His, Her remarks on The O'Reilly Factor this past Monday were inconsistent with our editorial standards and practices, and undermined his her credibility as a news analyst with NPR,"

Come on NPR, show some consistency. I already did the editing of the statement for you, just cut and paste.


Always On Watch said...

Well, even years ago in some public school systems (Northern Virginia), we weren't supposed to utter the words "Christmas party." "Holiday gathering" was the preferred phrase, if I recall correctly.

Mustang said...

An update: I am still breathing.

I suspect those who deny our Lord may not receive His recognition on their day of judgment. I personally do not care what Totenberg thinks; I support the notion she is entitled to her own opinion, I simply do not understand why the American people have to pay to hear it.

May God bless you and yours throughout the new year, Chuck.

Chuck said...

AOW, our kid's school has winter festivals now

Mustang, I agree she has the right to say this, just as I have the right to think she is stupid git.

Thanks and here's hoping you and your family had a great Christmas and good New Year.

Brooke said...

Our kids' school has a 'winter holiday break' now.

WTF is the holiday, exactly?!?

I'm so done with this PC nonsense. You are spot on, Chuck!

Ticker said...

I'm still stuffed. And Yes Mustang I totally agree with you. De fund NPR.

Chuck said...

Brooke, isn't it funny that the "holiday" is always CHristmas but they can't actually say it?

Ticker, agreed. The time is long past for us to stop funding NPR although it will not happen right now with the Dims in control of the Senate

MK said...

NPR wouldn't have the balls or the integrity Chuck. Liberal cretins are that way.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed

Ticker said...

Chuck I believe that all funding bills must begin in the House where there will be a majority of conservatives then it goes to the Senate The Senate has to act on it , revises it and send it back to the House for changes or let it be sent to the POTUS who of course would veto it unless he knew he would be overridden and then he would sign it to avoid conflict with his narcissistic personality.

Chuck said...

Ticker, correct. The problem is that the Dems control the Senate. The only real recourse for the Republicans is to dig in and not pass a budget bill that has funding for NPR. The likely result of this is no budget which would shut down the government. The press will tar and feather the GOP for this.

They need to pass a bill out of the House with no funding for NPR and then publicly demand that Democrats defend funding them. I think a large part of the public will be against funding public television and/or radio with our current economy, especially if the argument is framed correctly.

What is more likely though is that the GOP members in the House will piss their pants and continue the funding. If history is any judge.

cube said...

NPR will not be defunded because the MSM will scream CENSORSHIP and the GOP will just run screaming.

Chuck said...

Cube, sadly I think you are right