Friday, December 17, 2010

Remember My Post From Yesterday?

For anyone who did not read my post yesterday, it was about an Austrian man who was fined by a judge for yodeling. The reasoning, according to the judge, is that the yodeling was like the Muslim call to prayer and so he could offend his Muslim neighbors.

Well, now coming to a town near you...

Feds Force Okla. Bank To Remove Crosses, Bible Verse

PERKINS, Okla. -- A small-town bank in Oklahoma said the Federal Reserve won’t let it keep religious signs and symbols on display.

Specifically, the feds believed, the symbols violated the discouragement clause of Regulation B of the bank regulations. According to the clause, "...the use of words, symbols, models and other forms of communication ... express, imply or suggest a discriminatory preference or policy of exclusion."

The feds interpret that to mean, for example, a Jew or Muslim or atheist may be offended and believe they may be discriminated against at this bank. It is an appearance of discrimination.


We have now moved on from fighting actual discrimination in the United States, a practice we would all agree is abhorrent, to preventing the "appearance of discrimination".

I don't have an easy answer for this but we better wake up soon or at some point we're going to get out of bed one morning and not recognize our country anymore.


Ticker said...

Wells Fargo/Wachovia tried that stunt and depositors threatened to take their money elsewhere. Guess the secular humanist progressive liberals had to call in reinforcements. Hmm now who is the Fed chiefs boss? OH... the "Idiot in Chief" himself.
My My, wonders never cease.

Gramma 2 Many said...

I heard tonight the Feds were backing down. We need to stand up and fight every time we are faced with this.

Greywolfe said...

Yeah, this one had my eyeballs bleeding. Of course, the bastards that pulled this stunt were from Kansas. My personal never-to-be-humble opinion is that there are probably less than a million brain cells in all of Kansas.

Tis the season to bash Christianity.

Linda said...

Ah, come on, Greywolfe, I have more than a million brain cells! Of course, I live in a VERY SMALL town, and haven't seen this happening!

I am thankful that we can still worship without fear of some government official closing our church doors. I an thankful that we can still testify as to what our Lord means to us.

I do hate the 'double standard' that is being shown in our country. We are a Christian nation, not Muslim.

We did find out that our library personal aren't supposed to say 'Merry Christmas' because they are a 'public' organization. We say it to all of them though.

Chuck said...

Ticker, Obama will not even read the Declaration of Independence properly. They had Mao on the WH Christmas tree last year. I think secularist is the least you can call him by a long shot

Gramma, good news and agreed. These bastards run like cockroaches when the light is turned on.

Greywolfe, I thought about you when I wrote this. Had a feeling you would be having a brain aneurysm about now. The really scary part is that we do not know where this ends.

Linda, your library staff needs to fight for their right to free speech and right to practice Religion as they see fit.

Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech

Mustang said...

How does Christianity discriminate? They are, after all, a collection of sinners who have (1) accepted Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, and (2) asked for (and received) forgiveness for their sins. Anyone can apply ...

Karen Howes said...

This IS discrimination, actually, kinda like affirmative action.

Muzzies are the new "blacks", evidently.

Always On Watch said...

For pity's sake!

This madness about being so easily offended has got to cease.

Ticker said...

Well AOW , I am offended that they are offended, now how does that grab em?

Chuck said...

Mustang, yes but are they willing to strap on a bomb and die for their religion (along with a bunch of innocent people)? You can see why other religions look down on us.

Karen, NAAMP?

AOW, I'm with Ticker - I'm offended that they are offended. The only real solution then is to ban the federal government because we find it offensive

Brooke said...

If the bank did not accept porkulus bailout money, the Fed can shove it, IMO.


Chuck said...

Brooke, good point. Maybe since the feds are supporting the banks they get more control. Kind of signing a pact with the devil

MK said...

If the bank were one of those sharia banks, i'm 100% sure the Fed would mysteriously lose its previously swinging balls about religious offense. Gutless cretins.

Chuck said...

MK, agreed