Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Yet More Hatred From The Left

EXCLUSIVE: Bristol Palin Responds to Kathy Griffin's 'Fat' Attack

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Basically, D-lister comedian Kathy Griffin appeared at a USO show on VH1 for some troops and made cracks about Bristol Palin being fat.

"She's the only contestant in the history of the show to actually gain weight,"

"No, come on, come on. She gained like 30 pounds a week, I swear to God, it was fantastic,” Griffin said. “She's like the white Precious."

When does this get old?

We can discuss Sarah Palin's qualifications to be President all day but why is this constant stream of hatred from the left about her, her children, her son with Down's Syndrome tolerated by the media and the so-called "women's rights" groups?

I can only assume everyone remembers the rending of clothing on the left when Carly Fiorina made a crack about Barbara Boxer's hair?

Then of course we had Jerry Brown calling Meg Whitman a whore. NOW was so outraged at this debasement of women that they endorsed him for Governor but refused to endorse him for the California Sensitive Male of the Year award. That will show him.

I could care less what the media reports, they have no credibility left and the public realizes this. It would be nice though to see some accountability for people spewing hatred like this.

For instance, let's take the USO. Personally, I blame them for this whole episode. They knew what they were getting and brought her in anyways. The question is though, where do they go from here? Will they condemn her remarks? Will they continue using her?

One positive came from this whole thing:

Even after the troops' loud booing, Griffin continued the attack.

Seems like a bunch of what the left would view as dumb grunts has more brains than a broken down 'never-was'.


Ticker said...

Griffin has got a "fat mouth". The hate from the left never ceases to amaze me. Of course much hate stems from fear, fear of being removed from a high place on the ladder or pecking order so to speak. Just like a bull will fight another bull when it gets into it herd and heifers are in season the leftisit will do what ever they can to insure they have contol of their herd .

Z said...

I have always found Griffin coarse and hateful.. She should never have gone there and should never have insulted Palin's daughter. She knew what she was going to hear in response and i was so proud of the servicemen for not falling for the ugly stuff. At one point, it almost sounded as if she was insulting them back, but I forget the comment right now.

Chuck, also, I wanted to ask you something about Elizabeth Edwards' death. How do people die a day after a doc says they have 'days to maybe a month' to live. Can't a doctor tell more accurately? I know you don't know the facts of her particular case, but something happened awfully fast and it always astonishes me when someone dies so much faster than predicted. Is it usually a case of lungs filling or...? If there's a kind of easy explanation, would you let me know? I'm very curious. thanks, resident blogger medical expert :-)
funny, my word verification is 'bledd'!

Gramma 2 Many said...

Chuck, re Z's question, I have been asking that on FB all day. I think she either gave up and willed herself to die, or............the news said he was with her, can't help but wonder, did she have a little help? Of course I know you do not have the answer to the last part of the question. Just an assumption on my part.
Cathy Griffin is so insignificant. She truly is a vicious has been. I am hoping also that the USO do or say something, but I suppose holding my breath while I wait might not be a wise thing to do.

Chuck said...

Sorry all, had a little trouble with the internet last night and could not get in to my blog

Ticker, I think mostly she's just stoopid

Z, I was proud of the troops too.

As far as Edwards, there are a couple of possibilities.

One, she could have had something catastrophic happen that sped up her demise. When Doctors give a prediction it is nothing more than a best guess. It is really difficult to predict when someone is going to die. We actually rarely give much of a solid estimation in health care.

Two, we could be the "victims" of poor information. I have victims in quotations because I could not think of a better word. We, as I know you agree, don't really have a right to the info, it's a family matter. I have always suspected that when this info is released by a family and/or medical facility about someone like this it is intentionally vague. Possibly to protect the privacy of the family, possibly to keep the press vultures at bay that would be there if it were announced that death was imminent.

Gramma, it is really hard to determine what happens when someone dies. It is incredibly complicated. I do believe that some people do finally give up. Having a long term illness like cancer is amazingly draining and if you think of the stages of grief, the last stage is acceptance. I wonder if in the end people resign themselves to their fate and give up the fight for the peace they know they will have.

As far as giving someone help. This is complicated too, it is tough to define what it means. Obviously giving someone a massive dose of narcotics with the intent of helping them die is euthanasia. Beyond that though are conscious decisions to give higher doses of pain medicine, choosing optimal pain control against the risk of over-dosing, knowing that it may have the chance of speeding death. It's an ethical dilemma people have when working with the dying.

As to the USO, time will tell...

Ticker said...

Z, Chuck is right in a lot of ways when it comes to the time in which people die. I have seen individuals live well beyond the time that doctors had predicted and have experienced just the opposite. Do some just give up? Possibly and yes, but does that speed up the dying process. Based on just psychological training I would say more than likely that is the case. However I am convinced that we are not in control when it comes to the end of life, unless of course one chooses to end their life by suicide, but that there is a higher power who is in control and knows exactly the number of days of our life. It is He who will decide when our time has come. Doctors may say, days, or months but when He decides it is our time, the doctors have no say or clue. I know many doctors who will agree with me on this subject as well as those who will not but that is where I stand on the subject. It was Elizabeth Edwards time to depart this earth and her Creator took her from her earthly body.

Z said...

thanks, Chuck....I just wonder physiologically what happens to shut down so badly that death suddenly ensues if the docs didn't see it coming that fast...they did say it had hit her liver and that's when they said she's finished as far as any further treatment, but I've had breast cancer friends who survived breast cancer, got liver cancer years later, and lived four fairly healthy months more. SO, I was curious. Maybe pneumonia... who knows.

Ticker...I couldn't agree with you more on GOD being the only one who knows when we're going, which is pretty comforting, frankly.
..the articles sounded like she'd been told she was a goner yet had some more time the day before she died, and that's probably not true and, as Chuck said, it was nobody's business but hers anyway.
thanks, guys.
I do think she was a very courageous woman

DaBlade said...

Different set of rules for sure when it comes to the children of conservative politicians. I love how PETA went ape sh*& over Sarah bagging the elk.

Mustang said...

Griffin has far worse than a fat mouth. She is this: uncouth. She is not this: a lady.

Chuck said...

Z, I've seen a man with brain cancer given a short time to live and last for 5 years. You never know.

DaBlade, gotta love a woman as attractive as her that can bag an Elk

Mustang, agreed

Randy said...

I gotta disagree with you a little on the Bristol/Griffin thing. I think Bristol gave up her rights as Sarah Palin's daughter when she went on Dancing with the Stars (or whatever show it was, I didn't watch). She's now a "star" in her on light and Griffin has the 1st amendment right to say whatever she wants.

I agree the comment was ugly and undeserved and glad the soldiers booed her. Maybe if the USO and other organizations stop using her, she'll realize that exercising one's 1st amendment rights is not always the smartest thing to do.

I've never heard Griffin before and now that I know her political bent, will likely never hear her again.

MK said...

I saw a bit of this on the tele the other day, the highlight was when the troops booed her. They should have just walked out, their boos just bounced off the stupid tart's thick skull.

Best medicine for liberal vermin is a good ol' whipping, if not that, then just leaving them to prattle by themselves is good too. They thrive on the attention you see.

Chuck said...

Randy, I never said Griffin did not have a right to say what she did, I said she was an idiot for saying it. She has a right to say what she wants and I have a right to be critical about it.

MK, unfortunately we cannot whip her. As far as leaving her alone, she has managed that on her own with her career.