Friday, December 30, 2011

Yet More This Can't Be Good For Obama

The 2008 Presidential election win for Obama was a culmination of a perfect storm.

The GOP brand was tarnished, some of this was fair, some of it was manufactured by the media.

Obama was viewed by enough people as being charismatic. A sad and pathetic indictment of the American electorate in which we often elect style over substance.

Race had a hand, he garnered a historically high proportion and turnout of the black vote.

He captured states that the Dems usually do not.

Finally, he was able to get a significant segment of the youth vote.

Read the following article.

Have the youth given up on Obama?

The relevant part of this article is that the employment rate of the 16 - 29 year old age group is only 55%. Just over half of the people from 16 - 29 have jobs. Anyone want to guess at what the rate is for minorities? They traditionally have a higher rate than whites so a large portion of these could be Hispanics and blacks. I noticed CNN did not put that in the article.

I have written at least three different posts on warning signs for an Obama re-election.

There are some who think that the next election is in the bag. Through cheating, media interference, and even incompetence on the right, the re-election of Obama is going to happen. I have a tendency to agree with all of the above with the exception that I think Obama faces a very significant hill to climb for re-election.

The problems keep mounting. More and more it seems as if the groups that put Obama over the top in 2008 are falling away a little at a time.

Remember, the GOP doesn't need Obama to lose all of the black vote, or Hispanics, young, women, moderate Democrats, etc. A few here and a few there will add up.

A swing of 2 - 3 percent of the electorate could be huge. It could mean the loss of key states like Florida, Ohio, Pennsylvania, Michigan. Just as importantly, the traditional GOP states Obama took in 2008 will swing back to the GOP.

I am thinking the 2008 election is the GOP's to lose, what are your thoughts?

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

This Is What The Democrats Have To Offer?

The unemployment rate in South Carolina last month dropped to 9.9% from 10.5% in October. While this was a historic single month drop, it is still pushing double figures. What are Democratic lawmakers doing for this in the state?

Democratic Lawmakers Seek to Ban South Carolina Cheery Greeting Mandate

On one hand this can be dismissed as just a juvenile stunt, both parties pull idiotic stunts like this.

On the other hand, this is quite telling when it is coming form the Democrats. It can be viewed as highlighting two glaring issues they have had:

-The Democrats have been absolutely clueless when it comes to what to do about the economy.

-The Democrats have been showing a propensity in recent years to control speech.

So, is it idiotic, indicative about the Democratic Party, and a little scary all at the same time?

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Salute: A Man Who Keeps His Word

Former Michigan star Braylon Edwards honors promise he made to 8th-graders in 2005

Read the article

As some may know, I am huge fan of the University of Michigan Wolverines.

Former player Braylon Edwards did the University, and all men, proud by standing by a promise he made in 2005.

That year he told a 100 8th graders that he would give them each $10,000 for college if they maintained a 2.5 grade point average, did 15 hours of community service, and remained exemplary students.

He is now keeping that promise to the 79 kids that met the criteria, even though it means it will cost this years salary.


Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Know Your Enemy

Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy.

Joe Biden


Picture credits #1, #2, #3 & #4

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"I stole your car,"

Michael Pratt

A 27 year old man in Florida went on a date with a woman. While at a movie, he told her he had to get something from her car. Concerned when he did not come back, she called him. He then informed her he had stolen her car.

Fortunately the genius is now in jail.

Only one question - would you give your car keys to this guy?

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Pity The Atheists

Atheist Messages Displace California Park Nativity Scenes

Read the article.

I don't think about atheists much because they are not really worth thinking about. Quite frankly, I have always taken the "each to his own" approach. I think they are wrong but have the right to be so.

Read the above article though. There are times when they show themselves to be a miserable and pathetic lot.

The man sponsoring this attack on Christianity, and one cannot call it anything but that, went to a of trouble to do so.

This begs the question - why?

Why does he care what Christians think?

I have always wondered if they are truly secure in their beliefs. If they were, they would care less what Christians think. Or Buddhists, Jewish, Hindu, etc.

Why are they so bent on pissing on everyone else's beliefs? What are your thoughts?

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Investigate The NYPD, Not The Justice Department

NYPD Pushes Back Against Calls for Probe Into Police Conduct at Occupy Wall Street Protests

We have a Democratic Congressman, Rep. Jerrold Nadler, D-N.Y, calling for the Justice Department to investigate the actions of the NYPD while arresting the Occupy Wall Street protesters.

At the same time we have other Democrats in Congress ridiculing the investigation of Eric Holder and the very same Justice Department for their role in the death of a border patrol agent by Mexican drug dealers that they armed.

So let's recap: according to the Democrats we need the Justice Department to investigate police officers for arresting people who are effectively operating as domestic terrorists but we cannot investigate corruption in the Justice Department for arming drug dealers. Any questions?

I guess then it will not surprise anyone then that the Obama administration considers the attack at Fort Hood by an Islamic terrorist as work place violence.

Lawmakers Blast Administration For Calling Fort Hood Massacre 'Workplace Violence'

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

What Does The Country Do With This?

Indiana 2008 Presidential Primary Election Fraud Probe Heats Up


I have read about this issue before but it appears the investigation is becoming more and more significant and there is the real possibility that they will uncover fraud in the 2008 Presidential election.

It seems many of the signatures on petitions for placing Obama on the Indiana primary ballot were forged. It is is also possible that there were enough forgeries that he would not have in fact qualified to be on the ballot in Indiana.

If this is true, there are two very relevant questions.

-Is this the only incidence?

-What should be done about it?

As to the first question, I have to think it is highly unlikely that it is an isolated incident. One has to look no further than ACORN for the answer to that question.

There has been accusations starting during the campaign that there was fraud ongoing. The media and the rest of the left worked overtime to downplay the significance of this fraud. The story was always that yes, there was some fraud but it could never actually effect the outcome of an election. Right...

Finally, we have the constant push from the left to fight any kind of legislation requiring identification for voting. The charge form the left is that these rules are implemented to disenfranchise minority and lower-income voters. I have always believed it was a concerted effort to facilitate the fraud that has been rumored for years to be happening in Democrat-leaning districts. I think this investigation is going to go a long ways towards proving me right.

The second question is a little more complicated. I am not a constitutional expert, that would be Obama, but I am not sure this would disqualify him as President - yet. If this turns out to have occurred in other states, or leads to the discovery of fraud in the general election, we could be looking at a potential constitutional crisis.

What do you do with a sitting President that was not legally elected?

Reality is that it is not likely anything will happen in this term. I would think the only real remedy provided in the constitution is impeachment. That will not go through with the Senate controlled by the Dems. Also, there is the whole issue of who is then President. If Obama was elected fraudulently then Biden would have been too. We don't vote for Vice President, only President.

This is more likely to effect the next election, maybe even to the extent that Obama would be essentially forced to step down and not run for re-election. At the very least it would be virtually impossible for a President to be re-elected after winning a first term with fraud, whether they were involved in the fraud or not.

The most likely scenario is that this will lead to major congressional hearings next year. This will almost certainly be one can of worms the Democrats do not want opened. As I have said, there are years of anecdotal evidence of voter fraud on the part of the left. Paying the homeless with cigarettes and even cash for voting, going in to nursing homes and adult foster care homes and "helping" the residents fill out their ballots, people voting multiple times, the dead and infirm voting, and "finding" ballots in the trunks of cars (think Minnesota Senatorial election).

Stick around folks, this could get interesting.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"Our kids are going to be fine,"..."And I always tell Malia and Sasha, look, you guys, I don't worry about you . . . they’re on a path that is going to be successful, even if the country as a whole is not successful. But that’s not our vision of America. I don't want an America where my kids are living behind walls and gates, and can’t feel a part of a country that is giving everybody a shot."

Barack Obama, November 30

I find this to be one of the more bizarre statements he has made.

It is removed from reality and at the same time is a glimpse at the elitism that is Barack and Michelle Obama. Bush retired to a ranch, the Obamas see themselves living in a gated community, removed from the peasantry.

What is that nonsense we always here about Democrats being for the little guy and the GOP for fat-cats?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

What WIll The Feds Do?

Initiative would let illegal immigrants work in Calif. legally

So, the Justice Department is suing Arizona and Alabama for passing immigration laws that run contra to federal law. Will they sue California?

What are your thoughts?

Finally, reading this article, I saw this at the bottom.

The proposed initiative would apply to illegal immigrants who have lived in California for four years, have no felony convictions, are not suspected terrorists, pay a fee to administer the program, and can speak English or are learning it.

Why the hell can't someone speak English after living here for 4 years? If they can't, why in God's name should they expect to be hired for a job?

Friday, December 2, 2011

The Idiocy Of The Left - International Version

Amnesty International Under Fire for Demanding Bush's Arrest During Trip to Africa

Read the article

George and Laura Bush are in Africa marking World AIDS Day and raising awareness for breast and cervical cancer.

Amnesty International is effectively dismissing this work and calling for the host countries to arrest Bush for crimes against humanity.

So basically they are ignoring all of the work Bush has done for AIDS, something even hyper-partisan Barack "it's all Bush's fault" Obama lauded him for in a speech, and are demanding his arrest because he poured water in the face of a few murderous bastards.

I will say it yet again, liberalism is a mental disorder.

I was a curious though as to why this group is so bent on Bush's destruction. I poured over the article. Read it top to bottom, bottom to top, and side to side. It was a little obscure but I came up with this.

Amnesty International's U.S. chapter is backed in part by Bush-basher George Soros' Open Society Foundations, which under its prior name Open Society Institute has donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to the group. OSI donated $500,000 to Amnesty International USA in 2009 for an anti-torture campaign. At least another $250,000 was approved for the same project in 2008.

I keep thinking there is something to this. It's still alluding me, can you make the connection?

Thursday, December 1, 2011


This may be one of the creepiest things I have ever seen.

Man Busted For Secretly Filming Woman In Bathroom. Oh, The Woman Was His Mother-In-Law.

Read the article

Monday, November 28, 2011

The Fascist Left Is Alive And Well In Richmond, Virginia

Tea Party Alleges Double Standard by Occupy-Friendly Mayor in Virginia

Read the article.

I'm sure most who read my humble little blog have been following the events in Richmond, Virginia in which the local Tea Party affiliate is demanding a refund of the thousands of dollars it paid for a rally while the city has let an Occupy (insert city here) occupy the city's park for free.

The Tea Party group presented the city government with an itemized bill for reimbursement claiming a need for fairness.

Well, things have gotten ugly. Read the above article. The city is now auditing the Tea Party in what appears to be a very thinly disguised punishment.

It's good to be here in the Republik of Amerika.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

I miss you saying "Merry Christmas"

-Jesus Christ

Billboard along I-75 north of Flint, Michigan.

What do you think about this? Just curious.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is This Enough?

Jimmy Fallon Apologizes for Show's Controversial Musical Message to Michele Bachmann

Read the article

Michelle Bachmann appeared on the Jimmy Fallon show. While coming on stage, the house band played the music to the Fishbone song "Lyin' Ass Bitch".

Soon after the show Fallon tweeted in humor that the band leader is grounded. Bottom line, he thought calling a woman a bitch was funny.

Now, while NBC has been silent, Fallon has apologized - sort of.

"I'm honored that @MicheleBachmann was on our show yesterday and I'm so sorry about the intro mess. I really hope she comes back,"

I say sort of because, while he did apologize, he never actually said the actions of the band leader were wrong. We have not heard from the band leader. Finally, as I said above, NBC has not said anything about it.

This wasn't really an apology IMHO, it was a CYA move and nothing else.

This all leads to the inevitable questions. Would they have done this to Hillary Clinton? Or Michelle Obama? Or Nancy Pelosi?

Would NBC apologize if it had? Would the band leader still have his job?

The most important questions are these: Do you watch his show? and Why?

Conservatives bitch enough about the liberal slant of the media, the press, and Hollywood/television. What do you do about it?

Do you continue reading the liberal slanted papers? I dropped mine a couple of years ago.

Do you still watch the net news?

Do you still go to movies with people like Alec Baldwin and Susan Sarandon in them?

Yes, these businesses are slanted far to the left. They are businesses though. Stop buying their product, they will change it.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Yet Another Case For Banning Tenure

Couple Bug Disabled Daughter, Record Teacher, Aide Bullying Her

We keep hearing public service employee unions rattling on and on about needing to protect public employees.

Read the above article.

Likely because of a combination of union protection and insane teacher tenure laws, this witch is able to continue terrorizing children as long as she participates in a class on how not to bully children you are entrusted to.

It seems at times that life cannot get any more bizarre.

We need to have tenure reform and find a way to end union protection of incompetent and even dangerous teachers.

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Is Solyndra This Generation's Watergate?

Read this article about some of the info coming out of the WH e-mails concerning Solyndra.

I think Obama's in deep doo on this and sinking.

The article lists several donors that got money for suspect companies.

We have a drug manufacturer headed by an Obama donor that got a grant.

Finally, it was revealed today (the above linked article touches on it) that Solyndra was asked to wait until November 3, 2010 to announce it was laying off employees. This was the day after the 2010 elections.

At some point this story is going to be too big for the far left fringe media to contain. Once Obama loses that protection, he may find it hard to keep afloat.

Monday, November 14, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

I want to be clear up front, I place the entire blame for the mess at Penn State at the feet of the coaches and administrators involved. They had an assistant coach who was using their locker room for a playpen with little boys and they covered it up.

I do have to wonder though, have college sports fans helped set the stage for this?

Not the sexual assaults, coach Sandusky owns that one in it's entirety.

I am talking about the cover-up and the apparent feeling among the coaches and administrators that it is okay, maybe even expected, to protect the program and it's revered head coach at all costs.

Think this is absurd?

For decades schools have let kids play for them for 3 - 4 years without making any real effort of working towards a degree.

It is unlikely there is a college in the country that doesn't let it's players hold no-work "jobs" for money.

For decades kids have had others do their school work for them and even sit in on tests.

Players physically and sexually assault their female acquaintances with impunity and continue playing.

It often seems drunk driving arrests are a rite of passage for a college football player.

Alcohol and drug related crimes are endemic.

For decades players have openly driven cars, lived in apartments, and had walking around money that a typical college kid, especially one from an impoverished inner-city family, doesn't have.

None of this is a deep dark secret. A school gets caught doing any of the above, there is the proper level of shock displayed, a tolerable penalty is applied by the NCAA, and everyone feels like we are cleaning up college sports. Then it happens again on another campus, maybe in another year, maybe that same season.

What happened at PSU is an aberration, it's horrific even for college sports. Look around you though.

-Reggie Bush from USC is rumored to have gotten over a half a million dollars while playing college football.

-It's a pay-to-play scandal a week at Ohio State

-The University of Miami. A booster has come out and claimed he has paid for prostitutes, bounty money for good hits, an abortion for a players girlfriend, on and on.

This is but a sampling of what is happening right now.

While Penn State's allegations are the most shocking and disgusting, the above list does put it into a little perspective.

Some of college football's problems are related to money. There is so much money available to programs that are successful.

A lot of it's problems though are directly traceable to it's fans.

One final thought. Fans rioted at PSU over the firing of Paterno. Fans were devastated and depressed when coach Jim Tressel stepped down from Ohio State. Pete Carroll ran off to the riches of the NFL. Have you heard of any protests yet over PSU's allowing the sexual assault of children? Anybody marching in the street of Miami to condemn the actions of the players? How about downtown Columbus Ohio?

Sunday, November 13, 2011

Quote Of The Week

But we've been a little bit lazy, I think, over the last couple of decades. We've kind of taken for granted -- well, people will want to come here and we aren't out there hungry, selling America and trying to attract new business into America

Barack Obama

Am I wrong. Isn't this kind of his job?

This comment was proceeded by this one

The way I think about it is this is a great, great country that had gotten a little soft, and we didn't have that same competitive edge we needed over the last couple of decades. We need to get back on track. But I still wouldn't trade our position with any country's on Earth. We still have the best universities and scientists and best workers in the world. We still have the most dynamic economic system in the world. We need to bring all those things together

Read them again and see the connection. There is a common phrase between them, in verbatim

over the last couple of decades

This isn't about stirring people to action. It's not a call to restore America to it's glory days. It's not even about America. Why would it be, he doesn't care about her?

It's about Barack Obama.

The exact phrasing is not an accident. It's just more of the, "these problems are not my fault, they are because of previous Presidents".

He can have his version. Me, I'll just look at his record.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some Things To Ponder On The Cain Allegations

I have been a little suspect of the accusations against Herman Cain from the beginning. There are just too many things that don't seem to add up.

I have not read Ann Coulter much in the last couple of years. I think there have been times when she gets a little too far out.

She makes some really good points here though.

David Axelrod's Pattern of Sexual Misbehavior

Read the post, it's worth the time.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Joe Pa, What Are Your Thoughts?

I grew up with college football and have been following it closely for over 30 years.

I have always thought Joe Paterno, the head football coach for Penn State, was a good and honorable guy. He seemed to run a clean program.

This has all changed of course in the last few days. Along with the child sex abuse scandal going on there, we have been hearing that all may not have been well at Penn State. Stories have come out about a man who ran roughshod and ignored the wishes of college administrators. Whether this is true or not is not very relevant at this point, just mentioning it because it shows that everything is not always as it seems.

For those who have not followed the story closely, this is a good article on it.

Basically an ex-assistant coach ran a camp for boys and would bring them to the football facilities to meet players and coaches and use the workout equipment. The coach was sexually assaulting these young men, some as young as 10.

The coach has been charged with sexual assault of children and the Athletic Director and a VP of the college have been charged with covering up the abuse and lying to a grand jury. The cover-up charges stem from an instance of assault in the locker room in 2002. There are now allegations that 2 other instances occurred in 1998 in which college officials knew about and did not report.

Initially it appeared Paterno was simply guilty of a bad choice in his coach and friend.

Then it came out that he knew about the assault but continued his association with the coach for the last 9 years. The assistant coach was banned from bringing kids onto campus but was still a regular visitor there, being seen working out on the campus as recently as last week when the story began to break.

Now it seems Paterno may have been a part of the cover-up.

The story on the 2002 incident is that a graduate assistant heard sounds of possible sexual activity in a shower/bathroom (I have heard 2 different accounts) that the assistant coach was in alone with a 10 year old boy.

Paterno notified school officials, not the police, and the alleged cover-up began.

He now claims he did not know the extent of what had happened in the room with the child. Wouldn't you ask your friend about this? He apparently did not and not only continued his association and friendship with the assistant coach, he continued to let him visit the facilities - as long as he didn't bring children with him.

Now we have this

But Paterno -- who has not been accused of any criminal wrongdoing -- showed me all I need to know about him as a man when he waited a full day to relay a witness' account of rhythmic slapping noises emanating from a shower occupied by Sandusky and that poor 10-year-old boy.


The interesting thing here is this. At the top I told how rumors are coming out that Paterno did as he pleased on campus. Ran over the administrators. Now he is hiding behind them and saying he notified the administration of the abuse and is escaping legal jeopardy so far. Is this believable considering that it appears he ran things in the athletic department?

Also, a little irony. The very same administration he has supposedly spent the last decade or two running over are now convening a special panel to decide his fate. Maybe a little payback time?

So, what do you think about this? Is retirement enough? Should he be allowed to finish the season? What about criminal charges?

Politics As Usual

How many times have we seen this story in a Democratically controlled large city?

Car Of Philadelphia Mayoral Candidate Vandalized

Read the article

A candidate for the Republican ticket in the mayoral race has had her car vandalized, for the 10th time by her count.

This is the real kicker though:

Brown says her car has been vandalized at least 10 times. So far, no arrests have been made.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Quote Of The Week

While I am not a fan of Rudy Giuliani as a presidential candidate, I like the man himself. This was especially true on and after 9/11.

This quote of his nailed it.

"Barack Obama owns the Occupy Wall Street movement, it would not have happened but for his class warfare."


Sometimes, one short simple sentence can say so much.

Barrack Obama does own this protest. He embraced it. He supports it. He owns it. I have said from the beginning that he would come to regret supporting these lazy, unwashed, communistic little bastards and I still stand by that.

The real kicker though was the second part of the sentence. Obama has set the stage for this with his class warfare.

His failure on the economy has been profound and destructive. He has no defense for his actions, and inactions, since taking office. What little accomplishments he and his fellow Democrats have had will be felt by the rest of us for decades to come. Health care reform that will destroy a system that has lead the world in innovation. Trillions of dollars in debt that our children will pass on to their children. Regulations to insure that American industry cannot add jobs to assist our children in paying down this debt. The list is endless.

In short, Obama cannot run on his record.

What is left? Demonize those that have prospered and become successful. In the twisted mind of a liberal, anyone who is wealthy must have cheated, stolen their wealth from society, and gotten where they are by climbing on the backs of those who work for them.

The absurdity of all of this is beyond belief. This is coming from a left that demands that society provide a living to people whose career paths have been to not get a college degree, do drugs, have or father children out of wedlock, drift in and out of the correctional system, drop out of high school, and spend their lives on their asses playing video games and watching TV.

When their not out protesting the evil transgressions of successful people that is.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Ya Gotta Love This

ACORN Officials Scramble, Firing Workers and Shredding Documents, After Exposed as Players Behind Occupy Wall Street Protests

Read the article.

All we heard for 8 years under George Bush was how he ran the federal government as a tyrant. He ran the government in secrecy. He ignored and even punished all who dissented with him. He used propaganda to get his message out and build support for his evil doings. He had no respect for privacy, he wanted to see what books we were checking out from the library for God's sake (although I never heard of a single incidence of this).

The very people that were helping expose the evil Bush regime to the light of day are discussed in the above article. Read it and look at some of the things they are doing.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Media Bias - Local Edition

Read this article:

Senate Democrats charge Republicans with creating a license to bully

There are three quotes from Democrats, none from Republicans. A full explanation of the Democrat's position, no rationale as to why the Republicans voted this way.

My suspicion? It is to protect the free rights speech of children. What is likely, reading between the lines of the story, is that the bill the Dems wanted would have made it a crime for a student to say publicly that he/she disagrees with the homosexual lifestyle. Maybe make illegal any comment about race, gender, class, country of origin, etc.

What the author of this news article is likely not saying is the Democrats were probably trying to push through another of their thought crime laws.

But we can only guess, reading this article.

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Zombie Obama Image Provokes Outrage in Loudoun County

What do you think? Over the line? Would it be okay if it were Bush (to you, we know the media would be okay with it)?

What are your thoughts?

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"[Slavs, Latin, and Hebrew immigrants are] human weeds ... a
deadweight of human waste ... [Blacks, soldiers, and Jews are a] menace to
the race."

"Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need ... We must prevent
Multiplication of this bad stock."

-- Margaret Sanger, April 1933 Birth Control Review

Herman Cain is being attacked for suggesting Planned Parenthood is operating a "planned genocide" to kill unborn black children. Read the article here.

His assertion was a little inaccurate because he said that there was a higher placement of Planned Parenthood abortion clinics in predominantly black areas. As it turns out this is technically not correct although the rate of abortions for blacks is 5 times higher than for whites, Hispanics are double the rate of whites.

Considering that a clinic may be blocks to just a few miles from a predominantly black neighborhood and a higher proportion of blacks are visiting the clinics, this turns into not much more than a discussion over semantics.

Add to this the numerous times Planned Parenthood has gotten caught in stings agreeing to take donations to be used only for aborting black children.

Or, we could simply go back to the beginning and let the founder, Margaret Sanger, speak for herself.

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Views From An Alter-nate Universe

I have always thought that Jonathan Alter was an idiot. He has outdone himself now though.

Obama Miracle is White House Free of Scandal: Jonathan Alter

I have nothing to add, the article speaks for itself.

(As a bonus, look at the comments)

Friday, October 28, 2011

What Would You Do?

New prenatal test accurately detects Down syndrome, but should parents use it?

Read the article here. (Warning: cute kid alert, proceed at your own risk).

A business has developed a test that can detect Downs' Syndrome as early as 10 weeks into a pregnancy with a 98.6% accuracy.

The test has a false negative rate, saying a child has Downs' when they do not, of 0.2%. This seems small, and it is, but it means that it is wrong once every 500 times tested.

The rate of Downs' is 1 in every 691 live births.

Would you have the test? Would you want your wife to have it? I have a definite thought on this, just curious what you think.

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Further Down The Rabbit Hole We Go

Muslims say crosses at Catholic University Violate “Human Rights”

Read the article although this sentence here sums it up fairly well.

Banzhaf said that it is technically not illegal for Catholic University to refuse to provide rooms devoid of religious icons. (note: Mr Banzhaf is the lawyer for the Muzzies)

What do you think the odds are that a court in an Islamic country would take this case?

More importantly, do you think a Christian would live long enough to go to trial if it were accepted?

This is just another absurd case of Islam, the most intolerant religion in the world, demanding tolerance from us.

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

A Protest Looking For An Outrage (Or Rebels Without A Cause)

I have felt from the beginning that the whole Occupy (insert location here) movement was nonsense.

It has seemed to be nothing more than a bunch of bored upper middle class liberal kids out wasting their time. It would seem like an unproductive use of their time until one considers that it is likely most of them are not interested in working and instead live off of their parents.

After seeing a seeming endless series of interviews with these idiots a couple of things are clear:

-They have no idea how the real world works. The demands we get from them are a steady string of "we want ( ) free" with no real plan as to who will pay for it.

-There is no cohesive message. The Tea Party has intentionally not organized as a national group so they can stay grass roots. They still, however, manage to stay on point. There is an underlying message.

This article is a must read however. If there has been an indication that this movement is not what it seems, this is it.

‘Occupy Norfolk’ Struggles to Find ‘Definitive End List’ for Movement

This paragraph summed it up.

“We’ve been here around the clock, working toward finding a common end goal,” he told CBS Washington, adding that an official mission statement is in the works, and should be finalized soon. “I think it’s sort of misguided to say we lack direction. We don’t have a definitive end list of things that we’re trying to accomplish, but we definitely have a great head on our shoulders about what we’re doing.”

They have been working on it around the clock for a month, no plan yet.

We are asking the wrong questions about this movement. It is irrelevant why they are protesting, they don't know. The real question is who is funding it.

Rumors have swirled around the usual suspects, the Obama re-election campaign, George Soros, along with a host of far-left political action groups.

So this is the question I close with.

Do you think this is a grass roots movement or are these people stooges for the professional left. Is the real goal here getting Obama re-elected next year and reclaiming the House?

Or, alternatively, is this a distraction designed to take away attention from Team Obama and just how much they have destroyed our economy?

Keep in mind, this was not like the Tea Party in which a reporter on CNBC made an off the cuff statement and protests sprung up. This spontaneous movement took months to plan. I myself have been seeing articles about it for at least a couple of months before they began.

Who planned them?

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"I guarantee it's going to be a close election because the economy is not where it wants to be and even though I believe all the choices we've made have been the right ones, we're still going through difficult circumstances."

Barack Obama.

Sometimes I have to look, dig, and scramble to find a quote of the week quote. Sometimes, like this one, a quote raises it's hand and says "Ooh, ooh, pick me".

Put another way, if I were getting paid for my blog I would think I shouldn't get paid for this one.

"all the choices we've made have been the right ones". Hmm. Think it's true?

As a bonus, look at this line. the economy is not where it wants to be "It", not "me" or "we" or "I" but it.

Some will say that this is nit-picking or a simple slip of the tongue (if recent history is an indication, I will be visited by someone accusing me of taking it out of context).

I do not think this is a slip of the tongue so much as a continuation of Obama's distancing himself from the economy. The economy is in no way, shape, or form Obama's fault. Ever. Period. End of discussion.

For an interesting read, go here. This blogger has a looong list of decisions by Obama that may have not been quite the right ones.

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Child Support

I think I have written on this before but there is an update.

Man living as an ‘adult baby’ is cleared of Social Security fraud

Read the article.

Any more questions as to why our economy is in the toilet?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Under this bill, when the Republicans vote for this bill today, they will be voting to say that women can die on the floor and health care providers do not have to intervene if this bill is passed. It’s just appalling.

Nancy Pelosi on the Protect Life Act before the US House of Representatives

Okay, that was easy. We all know by now that Pelosi is an idiot.

What is really disturbing is this:

The religious right is making a desperate all-out effort to roll back women’s reproductive rights, and a bizarre fetus-worshipping circus took place today in Congress as the fundamentalist loons put on an emotional ultrasound show for the right wingers about to vote on the falsely named “Protect Life Act:”

This is from Charles Johnson at Little Green Footballs.

The absolute hatred the left shows for unborn children is scary at best, sociopathic at worst.

I've said it before and you can trust I will say it again - liberalism is a mental disorder.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Truer Words Have Never Been Written

My brother posted this on Facebook today. I just had to share

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Need I Say More?

We have Obama and all of the other Muslim apologists rattling on and on about them being peaceful, productive members of our society.

They have a right to be here.

There are moderate Muslims who are different than the extremists that have hijacked their religion.

To suggest otherwise is downright racist and intolerant.

Alleged Iranian Terror Plotter Was Well-Known Texas Used Car Salesman

This man has been working in Texas for over 25 years.

Need I say more?

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Read this article (actually the first part tells you most of what you need to know).

Can a blood test really tell you when you'll die?

The science on this is a little suspect, if not completely off base.

It does bring up an interesting question though - would you want to know how long you were going to live?

Basically some are claiming they can do a DNA test a give a statistical answer as to how long you will live, if you live to die of natural causes. Obviously it cannot predict untimely deaths such as trauma, etc.

I see a lot wrong with the science and think there are way too many variables in determining health.

With all of that said, would you want to know when your expiration date is?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Quote Of The Week

“Wall Street didn’t write those failed policies, Wall Street didn’t spend a trillion dollars,”...“Wall Street isn’t asking to spend another $450 billion. It didn’t work with a trillion. It’s not gonna’ work with $450 billion. You can demonstrate all you want on Wall Street. The problem is 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue!”

Herman Cain suggesting the demonstrators move from Wall Street to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.

Makes sense to me.

Friday, October 7, 2011

Those Crazy Judges

We have seen some idiotic things from the bench over the years. This has to be one of the more idiotic ones.

Judge Grants Illegal Immigrant Work Privileges in Jail Sentence for Drunken-Driving Incident

Read the article.

Yes, you read the title of the article right. A judge granted a man, who is not legally allowed to work in the US, work release from jail.

This would be laughable if it wasn't the most incredible part of it.

The judge sentenced him to 11 months in jail, on work release, for being at 3 times the legal limit for blood alcohol level while driving the wrong way on the expressway, while being in the country illegally.

I have a question about all of this. Does it seem like the illegal immigration faction is winning in this country? It seems as if illegal immigration has become less of a taboo than it was in the past.

These people used to have to hide in the underground of the US society. Sneak around surviving as good as they can, viewed by society as being the criminals that they are.

Now they have gone mainstream.

The media has transitioned from calling them illegals to now calling them undocumented workers.

We have sanctuary cities hiding them from immigration authorities.

We have a federal government who is lax, at best, on enforcement.

There are organizations that help them cross the border, get food and water, get legal help.

They have their own phone apps for God's sake.

Finally, think the solution is voting Obama out? Depends on who votes him out.

Romney is saying the right things but has a bit of a credibility problem. Will he follow through?

Perry is almost weaker on immigration than Obama having set up a Texas version of the Dream Act for state colleges.

WHat are your thoughts? Are we nearing a point of no return on illegal immigration?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


Sarah Palin has dropped out of a Republican race that she never really joined.

Chris Christie has said no thanks, again.

Rick Perry has talked himself out of contention.

Michelle Bachmann was never really in it.

Ron Paul is still crazy.

What is left are Mitt Romney, Herman Cain, and a few others not worth the time to type.

In my mind, the race is now Romney's to lose. Cain is coming on strong but I just don't see him overtaking Romney in votes, money, or party support.

Realize this is not an endorsement, just observation. I am not a huge fan of Romney by any stretch of the imagination but will certainly pick him if the other option is Barack Hussein Obama.

Give Romney credit on one thing, his "last man standing" strategy is working. He has not played to win, just to not lose. While I am underwhelmed with this as a strategy and think that the country should demand more from a President, he will likely get the nomination and very possibly the Presidency with the strategy. So, I ask, who is the dummy?

His unwillingness to commit to well, anything, in the campaign so far cuts down on the baggage he has to shed during the general campaign. Keep in mind that this is a man who already has a lot of baggage.

Again, I view it as a pathetic strategy but it may very well help him beat Hussein and quite frankly that is my one and only goal for this election.

So back to my original question. Assuming the nomination goes to Romney, what about Cain as a running mate?

Until now the assumption was that Marco Rubio was the VP of choice but he said yesterday that he would likely say no if asked. I realize these types of statements are to be taken with a grain of salt but what if he really means it?

I have outlined my case for Rubio in a previous post:

-would help with the Hispanic vote

-Tea Party darling

-Would bring home Florida, this is big

Which of these does he have that Cain does not?

-not a help with the Hispanic vote but may bring in just as much of the black vote. Obama is vulnerable with the black vote due to unemployment and the fact that not all of them are lock-step liberals. Many black voters are fairly moderate to slightly conservative. The lure of voting for the first black President was too much for them. We have already crossed that bridge and many of them are disappointed now that they are on the other side. Cain may be a good alternative. He will not win the black vote but this is going to be a close election. Losing 10 percent of the black vote could do some damage to Obama's reelection hopes.

-he will help bring home the Tea Party. Sarah Palin and/or Ron Paul may decide on a 3rd party run. The GOP needs a conservative on the ticket and Romney ain't it.

-will help deliver Florida. The GOP loses a bit here with Cain instead of Rubio but Cain won the straw poll so we cannot dismiss his ability in Florida. Further, I think Florida may be similar to the black vote as I described above. Obama will not win Florida in a landslide, if he does at all. A shift of not a lot of votes could be the difference between winning it and losing it.

-look beyond Florida. Rubio helps in Florida but not as much as Cain in some of the other purple states. Think about the black vote in some of the biggest swing states this year - Ohio, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Virginia. Again, a few votes could go a long way. Remember that a vote that swings from one party to another counts twice - it's a -1 for Obama and a +1 for the GOP.

I think Romney/Cain could be a winning ticket. What are your thoughts?

Sunday, October 2, 2011

Quote Of The Week

I have seen women walk right past a TV set with a football game on and - this always amazes me - not stop to watch, even if the TV is showing replays of what we call a "good hit," which is a tackle that causes at least one major internal organ to actually fly out of a player's body.

Dave Barry

Fall is here and football is back. My Michigan Wolverines are 5-0 and I suspect the Detroit Lions will be 4-0 after today (first time since George Halas was a boy I believe).

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Irony Is Alive And Well In Colorado

Student Says She Was Forced To Drop Class After Seizure

Read the article

This young lady was booted from a college class because she had a seizure. It was determined the seizure was disrupting and she could have more.

The class she was in?

An emergency medical technician class.

Friday, September 30, 2011

Journalists Keeping Jihad In Perspective

Course Instructs Journalists to Take Note That Jihad 'Not a Leading Cause of Death'

A new online journalism course on Islam appears to downplay the threat posed by global jihad groups, suggesting reporters keep the death toll from Islamic terrorism in "context" by comparing that toll to the number of people killed every year by malaria, HIV/AIDS and other factors.


Hmm. Let's put Jihad in perspective, according to this site.

More people are killed by Islamists each year than in all 350 years of the Spanish Inquisition combined. (source)

Islamic terrorists murder more people every day than the Ku Klux Klan has in the last 50 years. (source)

More civilians were killed by Muslim extremists in two hours on September 11th than in the 36 years of sectarian conflict in Northern Ireland. (source)

19 Muslim hijackers killed more innocents in two hours on September 11th than the number of American criminals executed in the last 65 years. (source)

Finally, they want to divert attention away from jihad by focusing on how many people are killed by Malaria or HIV or other factors. What do you think the odds are that one of the other factors they would mention is the number of babies killed by abortion?

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Is There A Bottom For The Left?

Mother of Shark Attack Victim Says PETA Campaign Is 'Over the Top'

Read the article here.

PETA wants to run this ad in an area in which a gentleman lost his leg recently to a shark attack while fishing.

Is there any bottom for these people? Every time someone from the left opens their mouth you think they cannot get anymore hateful or retarded. Next thing you know, one the bastards open their mouth and you realize there is always more down for them.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

More From The Gestapo Left

Yesterday I posted about those crazy guys on the left wanting to solve our gridlock problems in Washington by effectively declaring a dictatorship. The problem, it seems, is we have too much democracy.

Now we have the follow up:

GOP: No 'Joke' for North Carolina Governor to Suggest Suspending Elections

Read the article

The Governor of North Carolina has proposed we not hold Congressional elections for 2 years to give the current Congress time to work on getting the country's fiscal house in order.

The thinking is that the members of Congress would not feel pressure and would then be able to accomplish something. More on that in a bit.

Have these people ever heard of the Constitution of the United States?

Article I, Section 2:

The House of Representatives shall be composed of Members chosen every second Year by the People of the several States, and the Electors in each State shall have the Qualifications requisite for Electors of the most numerous Branch of the State Legislature.

What about election for President? If we are going to trample on the Constitution why stop at Congress?

The real question though is, why shouldn't they have pressure on them? This goes to the heart of a democracy, people get to elect representatives that look out for their interests. We have now decided that this is not true? We want them to govern as they see fit without the pesky citizens bothering them? Is this not a dictatorship?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Who Gets To Decide?

Too Much of a Good Thing


Peter Orszag, Director of the Office of Management and Budget, Obama administration wrote an op ed in The New Republic that maybe we need less democracy.

He says our government has it's hands tied because of gridlock. His proposal is we do with less democracy and instead have our lives governed more by appointed commissions and automatic policies.

These guys are always so full of horse manure.

Let's examine this:

Mr Orszag would be okay with one of these commissions if it had been appointed by President Bush I assume?

Maybe he would be okay with automatic policies that would cut entitlement programs to balance our federal budget?

No, he is advocating socialism with a touch of dictatorship.

Yawn, just another Obama official talking out of the wrong hole.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Quote Of The Week

“I hear all this, you know, ‘Well, this is class warfare, this is whatever. No. There is nobody in this country who got rich on his own — nobody,"

Elizabeth Warren (Dummy-Massachusetts)

Often these quotes stand on their own. The liberal mind at work.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

A Tale Of Two Schools

Texas School Punishes Boy for Opposing Homosexuality

Read the article

Teacher calls local Tea Party president a Nazi

Read the article

These both happened in Texas, the student in Fort Worth and the teacher in San Antonio.

The student was in German class and the teacher was talking about religion and homosexuality in Germany.

The kid turned to friend and said he was a christian and thought homosexuality was wrong. There is no indication that it was a taunt directed at someone, it was a kid expressing an opinion.

This German teacher has a history of pushing homosexuality in class including posting a picture of two men kissing on the wall. The mother rightly questioned why a German teacher was pushing homosexuality in class.

In the ultimate irony, school officials said the kid should be more careful about where he expressed his views on homosexuality. He should do it in the hall and not in class.

Why would he express his view in a class while the teacher is trying to indoctrinate the students on the topic?

Finally, does anyone believe he would not be in the same position had he said this in the hall and been overheard by this teacher?

This kid was given one day in-school suspension and two days full suspension, with the two days dropped after an outside organization got involved.

No word on what the punishment for the German teacher was.

In the second case a teacher in San Antonio went to a town hall meeting in which he called the local Tea Party President a Nazi because of the president's support of deporting children here illegally.

This teacher was on his own time but he did invite students to attend the rally so this blurs the line as to whether it was an official teacher function.

The teacher was given no reprimand.

I realize these are different districts but how any times have we seen this played out? A teacher expresses views that are from the left and they are forgiven, a student expresses views that are from the right and they are punished.

When are we going to take control of our education?

Thursday, September 22, 2011

Off Scott-Free?

Read this article:

Man who picked up 12-year-old girl he met on-line pleads guilty to child enticement

This man got 10 - 23 months after pleading away 3 counts of 1st degree Criminal Sexual Conduct. I believe in Michigan 1st degree CSC involves penetration.

He raped a 12 year old girl and will be out before she is old enough to drive? WTF?

Also, look at the comments. One idiot woman only wants to talk about punishing the child. What a world this is becoming.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

The Racism Of The Left

Cleaver: If Obama wasn't president, we would be ‘marching on the White House’

Read the article.

This is from the Chairman of the Congressional Black Caucus, Rep. Emanuel Cleaver (D-Mo.).

So, basically if we had a President who was not black they would "march on the White House'?

What a bunch of racists bastards.

Monday, September 19, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Pat Robertson has come out and said that it is okay to divorce your spouse if they have Alzheimer's disease. His stance is that the spouse is gone, at least mentally and it is permissible to move on with your life if you so choose.

What is your stance? I know mine, I just want to here from others.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"Free speech in a designated time, place and manner."

Employee of Northern Arizona University when asked to define the 1st Amendment.

Definition: you are free to speak your mind when we tell you that you are.

Could you find a better example of the view of free speech on a public university campus?

This is the disdain shown to free speech on campuses today. Free speech is defined by the university. And no, they do not see the irony of these types of statements.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Give Me Your Thoughts On This

I'm not going to write about this, I want to see where people go with it without my input.

Read this article and tell me what you think.

Class warfare may reignite Civil Rights effort, Michigan Rainbow Coalition president says

Read the article here.

What Does NY-9 Tell Us?

We have had a couple of days now to reflect on the Republican victory in the New York 9 House race.

This was a district that had a Democratic Congressmen for over 80 years. It is heavily Democratic (3:1 ratio), working class, pro-union, and has a high concentration of Jewish people, all groups that tend towards the Democratic candidate.

It is easy to simply say that this was a rebuke of Obama's policies and move on.

Look deeper though and there could be real trouble for Obama.

-A pro-union electorate. The significance of this is being downplayed by the left because the unions did not get heavily involved in the race.

First, that is a problem in itself. There has been rumors that the unions will not be as heavily involved in the next national election in 2012. Obviously they will support Obama and work for him. Word though is that they may choose instead to focus on local races and campaign for their cause on their own.

Unions accounted for over $400 million in support last election, if that is decreased that could be a concern for Obama.

Second, so what if the union were not active? Are we to believe that union members are so stupid that they are unable to decide how to vote if the union apparatus is not telling them?

-Jewish voters. Some of their vote was possibly diminished because socially conservative orthodox Jews were unhappy with Democrat Weprin for voting for Gay Marriage. With that said, at the end of the day few people decide their vote on one single social issue.

I think this may be a significant danger sign for Obama. The Jewish vote is a pretty reliable one for Democrats. Obama has spent his Presidency bowing to countries that want to destroy Israel and at the same time pissing all over Israel. To me it seems almost inevitable that he will lose ground on the Jewish vote.

This election was made to be about Obama. An upstart Republican candidate with no experience beat a seasoned Democrat in a district that is 3:1 Democrats over Republicans by 8 points. Pay attention to who you vote for in the Primary election folks, this election is ours to lose.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

New Sex In Australia

In a story that is sure to drive our Aussie friend MK of Down Under On The Right Side crazy, Australian passports will now have an "other" option to the standard male/female choices for sex on their passports.

Australia passports allow transgender 'x' option

Australian passports will now have three options for sex: male, female, and indeterminate. What in God's name is indeterminate? In my mind this implies one does not know what sex they are.

How could one not know this? Just lift up the skirt or pull out the front of your jeans.

This was covered for me in the first day of nursing school. Men and women have different parts. Look and see which part you have, compare it to the chart, this will tell you what you are.

I do take a little solace in realizing that all of the idiots in the world are not just in the US.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Rick Perry, Post Debate

What do you think about Rick Perry's performance in the debate?

I didn't see it, I tend to only watch the debates in the general election. Maybe this is wrong but I have a life, a job, and a family - I can't watch every debate.

The point is, did his performance change your opinion on him? To the good or bad?

This is not an idle question.

I, so far, have been a bit of a supporter of Perry. A couple of things that came out in the debate give me pause though.

-Mandating the use of Gardasil. Gardasil is the immunization against HPV (human
papillomavirus). HPV is a sexually transmitted disease that can lead to cervical cancer.

For the record, I support the use of the vaccination and will have my daughter immunized with it.

We could discuss the ethics of a vaccine for a sexually transmitted disease (I will not) and in a perfect world boys and girls will wait until they are married to have sex and will only have one partner. Further, my children have been raised not to be promiscuous. With that said, I am not going to condemn my daughter to cervical cancer if she makes a mistake, or even if she does not, if her future husband did.

My point though is that I am not comfortable with government mandating health care. This action by Perry is a bit big brotherish.

-Having a Texas version of the dream act. He signed a law allowing illegal immigrants to receive in-state tuition rates. Why the hell can't anyone understand that these people are criminals and should not even be here, let alone receiving state-funded benefits.

I haven't written him off yet, he just has some explaining o do.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Your Prez Is Watching

Check out this site.

Are you okay with this?

Would we have heard it from somewhere besides Drudge if this were Bush?

Monday, September 12, 2011

Get Out And Stay There

The Years of Shame

Read this article by Paul Krugman.

I'm not spending a lot of time on it, there is really so much to despise in such a short article.

My only real question is if Mr. Krugman hates the US so damned much, why doesn't he get his ass out and stay out? Maybe he can go to one of the communist shit-holes he and all of the others on the left wax so nostalgically about.

Short of that, just shut up.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Quote Of The Week - 9/11

One of the lessons of 9-11 is that evil is real, and so is courage...

George W. Bush

That sums the day up for me.

We had evil perpetrated on us. I know there are many on the left, lead by Barack Hussein Obama, that want to minimize the threat from Islam.

They are really our friends and it is a religion of peace.

This administration has bent over backwards to appease the Islamic world. I guess birds of a feather...

We had courage that day.

The passengers who brought down Flight 93 to prevent the murderous bastards from flying into the White House.

The firefighters, paramedics, and everyday citizens that ran towards a burning World Trade Center to look for survivors.

The men and women who dug through the rubble of the Pentagon looking for anyone to help.

And yes, George Bush, who stood tall and helped keep a nation calm.

Ten years on we need to remember, both the evil delivered upon us and the courage shown.

Friday, September 9, 2011

How Do You Get To This?

Police: Dallas mom glued daughter's hands to wall

This POS kicked this child, beat her, and glued her hands to the wall - over potty training.

The child is now on life-support. I can say from experience that once a person goes on life support it seldom turns out well. At the very least the kid will have disabilities.

How do you get so far gone that you glue a child's hands to the wall. Who the hell even thinks of something like that?

How do you stray so far from humanity that you are capable of doing a thing like this to a child?

What do you do with a person like this? Is she even able to be salvaged to be fit to live in society again? Can someone this depraved be rehabilitated?

Thursday, September 8, 2011

No Educational Value

Group Calls to Ban Pledge of Allegiance at Massachusetts Schools, Citing No Educational Value

Read the article

Their rationale for banning the pledge is because it makes some kids uncomfortable and has no educational value (according to them).

I wonder how these liberal bastards feel about gay pride day in schools?

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Chuck Thinks Right Turns 1000

Welcome to the intial blog of Chuck Thinks Right. My intentions are for this blog to be primarily political and entirely right leaning.

Chuck, March 28th, 2008

That was the opening to my first post. I had no one commenting until my 16th post. The two people who commented no longer visit.

My first regular back then was the wonderful Z. Even then she was coming by to see if we were writing about the same thing.

Then Brooke and Cube stopped by, and thankfully kept coming back.

From there I had more and more great people drop in and were able to tolerate my ramblings enough to keep coming back.

I have met some great people along the way (some others, not so much).

I have made friends and probably some adversaries. I prefer the friends but have never been afraid of the adversaries.

I have had some people with opposing viewpoints over the years that I have enjoyed to debate with and genuinely miss their absence.

While I feel I am getting a little burned out from time to time with this, and I find myself blogging less due to this and the fact I am working more, I will still continue doing at least some blogging.

There is one simple reason for this, I enjoy the company I have had over the years.

Thanks for stopping by and here's to getting to 2000.

Monday, September 5, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Ugly? You May Have a Case

Dr Daniel S. Hamermesh, professor of economics, University of Texas, Austin has written an article in the New York Times proposing the notion that ugly people should get protection under the law the same as race, gender, etc.

What are your thoughts?

I may have a bit of a different take on this, I was just wondering how everyone else saw it.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"There's no question the president will want to keep returning to jobs," ... "I don't want to downplay the speech [next week] -- it's going to be substantial. But the idea that this is the be-all and end-all is wrong."

White House aide

Translation: "Don't look at us, we don't what the hell we're doing."

All we have heard about is Obama's speech on jobs.

He did the psuedo-bus tour. Remember the tour where he flew a bus made in Canada from location to location, rode a couple of miles (avoiding minority communities) at each stop, and got out and said...what? Does anyone remember what he said at these stops?

He was going to do it after he got back from vacation. In my mind the implication was that he was working on it while on vacation and was going to come back with a masterpiece.

Then we had all of that drama over the WH scheduling the speech at the same time as the GOP debate. Boehner gave Obama the public smack-down and Jay Carney was stunned that we would delay, by even a day, the opportunity to save American workers.

Now that he has built it up and got everyone's attention, nothing.

I suspect that this is not an accident. Notice the build up was huge but the talk down is not only quiet but unofficial? Do you think the media is reporting on the notion that he won't have much to say? Are they doing it at the same level as they were the build-up to the speech? What will the reporting be after the speech? That the non-existent plan is wonderful?

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Is This Relevant?

While I am not always a fan of polls, this one has some interesting aspects.

I do have one issue with it in that it is a poll of registered voters. I have always thought that polls of registered voters, instead of likely voters, are not very good indicators.

For one thing, some of the registered voters do not vote. This then makes their opinion on a candidate useless information. Maybe that's harsh but, there it is.

Second, Democrats are traditionally a softer voting block than Republicans so it has a tendency to skew the results when compared to the actual election.

All in all though, the poll is a good early look at where voters are on the Republican nomination and fairly good look at who has no significant chance.

Te focus of this post though is this:

For the key voting bloc of independents, Bachmann (19 percent), Perry (17 percent) and Palin (14 percent) are the Republican contenders most frequently mentioned as being too extreme to be seriously considered. Five percent of independents consider Romney too extreme.

The article takes the above as a possible danger sign for Perry. The reasoning is that while he does enjoy fairly solid support of Republican voters, Independents, who will largely decide the election, may see him as too extreme.

Is this relevant? Does this spell trouble for Perry? Or, are these independents that lean left anyways and were not likely to vote for the Republican candidate anyways?

Simply put, do you think Perry will play well in a general election or is he too extreme for the middle?

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Facebook For Dummies

North Texas Juror Tried To ‘Friend’ Defendant

Read the article, this was just too funny and probably more than a little indicative of our present day culture.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Whatever Happened to Code Pink?

August: Deadliest month for U.S. in Afghanistan


Heard anything from Code Pink lately? How about Cindy Sheehan? Tim Robbins? Susan Sarandon? Danny Glover? Sean Penn? Alec Baldwin? Ben Affleck?

Just curious.

Monday, August 29, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

I was watching Fox today and the discussion was about Marco Rubio as VP choice.

The arguments were:

-He could deliver Florida. This could deliver the election with a lot of Midwest states, Western states, and other large states like Pennsylvania turning away from Obama and Perry, if he is the nominee, likely delivering Texas.

-He is Hispanic. I do not like to see affirmative action candidates. All we have to do now is look at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to see where that gets us. Bottom line though, he is Hispanic. This will not hurt, and again, could deliver the election by making a dent in a group of voters Obama was counting on. This would also shunt the criticism from the left that the GOP, due to immigration reform, is a bunch knuckle dragging, anti-Hispanic racists.

-He is likable. He plays well on stage. He's personable. Picture him on stage against Joe Biden in the VP debate.

-He's a Tea Party favorite. This is a big one. Not only would he draw in the Tea Party voters but he could also either prevent or limit the damage of a Ron Paul 3rd party candidacy.

So, what are your thoughts? Rubio a good choice? Do you have a better thought?