Friday, January 14, 2011

The 2012 Presidential Campaign Has Begun

I did not listen to Obama's speech last night, I never listen to his speeches. It does sound though like he gave a good one and some of the quotes I have heard, although coming up far too short of calling off the dogs on the left, were good ones.

I do have a couple of questions though.

First, what took so long?

I know this may sound petty to some but hear me out.

The shooting happened Saturday. Obama knew about it Saturday. Since then we have had some of the most divisive rhetoric from the left that you will ever hear from anybody anywhere in one 4 - 5 day period.

The dialogue from the left has been as hateful as it has been false.

We have had everyone from the local sheriff, who was supposed to be spending his time investigating this horrendous crime, to national media personalities, bloggers, tweeters, columnists, Senators, Congressional members, etc attacking Sarah Plain, Rush Limbaugh, Glen Beck, and company for a crime that they had not even a remote connection to.

We have had an ex-Congressman who has previously called for the shooting of a Republican candidate for Governor of Florida penning an editorial condemning the violence on the right.

It has been an orgy of hate from the left.

Why wasn't Obama making these comments Saturday to head all of this off? It would be hard to argue he didn't see it coming.

Why didn't he make the comments Sunday when the hateful attacks were in full throttle? Or Monday? Or Tuesday?

Why did he wait 5 days?

Why didn't he make the comments before we had this?

Palin Targeted in Violence-Tinged Tweets Following Arizona Massacre

I have an answer. He didn't want to. It really is as simple as that.

This is an old tried and true strategy for Obama. Let surrogates on the left attack the right while he stays above the fray. Come in later and make a couple of tepid remarks about bipartisanship and unity and look Presidential.

In short, the left was doing exactly what he wanted them to do.

There is a second reason, another tried and true modus operandi for Obama, don't say anything unless the cameras are rolling.

Obama is the most ego-centric, self-absorbed, self-serving president we have ever had. There has not been one moment in his Presidency in which he has done something simply because it was good for the country.

If he had made these comments Saturday, or Sunday, or even Monday, they would have been lost in the noise of the tragedy itself.

No, Obama had to save them for a time when a few days had gone by and there weren't as many distractions. He had to wait until it was just him on the stage with all of the cameras trained on him.

This was an incredible tragedy and he was going to be damned if he was going to waste it.

Finally, I have one more question about all of this - why the t-shirts?

No folks, this was not a defining moment in Obama's Presidency, it was merely the first political rally of the 2012 elections.


~Leslie said...
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~Leslie said...

Obama had to wait five days because he had to see what side to take first. Rather like a testing of the waters and gaining a perspective of what would be the most popular mood, tone, and point of view to portray which would match that of the highest voting block.

I did not listen to the speech either, mostly because, I don't believe Obama has one sincere cell in his whole body. He is led by what will make him most popular and what will gain him cheers, votes, and political points.

A true leader and one that is genuine would have commented shortly after the tragedy took place -with honest dialogue and genuine sentiment. It isn't brain surgery --how long does it take to realize that a guy going on a shooting rampage and killing/injuring people is a bad thing -regardless of what political "side" he supposedly represented.

People died. People where injured. And it was a terrible thing to happen. This should have been the whole focus in covering this event.

Ticker said...

Why? The answer is simple, Never let a good crisis go to waste.

He took advantage and stayed out of the flay thus making him appear to be "innocent". He has always done that, it's like voting PRESENT.

Pretty simple isn't it.

Mustang said...

We do not appear to have an appreciation of Barack Obama’s political genius. For his first two years, Obama tightly embraced the liberal agenda and encouraged Pelosi and her band of socialists to “get the work done sooner rather than later.” Pelosi did that and now a statue of Pelosi appears next to that of Vladimir Lenin and Joseph Stalin. I recently heard a rumor that her embalmed body will rest next to Lenin’s whenever nature takes its course.

Not long ago, Obama was telling Republicans they have to sit in the back of the bus. He threatened that if the GOP brings a knife to the fight, he’d bring a gun. Now, pundits are telling us that Obama has seen the light. Now he is moving toward a more centrist position. Hallelujah. Now, his position is much stronger for the 2012 elections.

Are we stupid? Barack Obama is a politician who has a keen sense of which way the wind is blowing. I do not think we have ever seen Obama sincere, except for when he is promising to make fundamental changes to the United States of America. Let us imagine that Obama (and his leftist masters) understood from the beginning that he would never be able to impose soviet style government in a mere 4 or 8 years. As we evaluate the history of progressivism in this country since 1900, what we see are a series of small, almost unnoticeable steps in the direction toward socialist totalitarianism. We never seem to “reverse course.” Are we incapable of reversing our course toward fundamental (un-American) change?

I agree: Obama’s 2012 campaign has begun. It began last November when voters rejected Barack (and Michelle). Now, liberal pundits want everyone to think that Barack is a born-again centrist. Balderdash. Barack Obama is an accomplished politician; he will allow no crisis to go to waste.

cube said...

BO has a history of lying low while his minions go out and push his true agenda. This pep rally had more to do with his reelection campaign than the Tuscon victims. Case in point: look at the genesis of the totally tacky t-shirts.

MK said...

"First, what took so long?"

I think he was waiting to see how it plays out, don't get me wrong, we know he'd like to join the lowly weasels and soft-fascists on the democrat side to smear and persecute us, but he wanted to know if the public were buying it. If he jumped in too early and the public turned off, he'd get the blame too and he can't afford to piss off any more people after the recent overwhelming rejection of his party at the polls.

Either that or there was a problem with his tele-prompter, one of those windows fatal errors and they had to call the indian helpdesk, his incident report got lost in their service desk system, it happens you know. :)

Chuck said...

Leslie, if he had cared

Ticker, agreed


I recently heard a rumor that her embalmed body will rest next to Lenin’s whenever nature takes its course.

I'm confused, I thought she was already embalmed.

I do disagree about Obama as the centrist though. I think logic says he will do this but I think he is too arrogant to keep it up. He will follow the script for a few months but then he will be back to normal.

Cube, he did this during the first campaign. Surrogates would attack and then, after a couple of days, he would call for calm.


Either that or there was a problem with his tele-prompter, one of those windows fatal errors and they had to call the indian helpdesk, his incident report got lost in their service desk system, it happens you know. :)

Z said...

I've been getting a beating at my place because I didn't hate the speech and I think the Tshirts are about Tucson's recovery and appropriate, and I don't think it was meant to be a funeral so I don't understand why people are so angry the audience actually cheered first responders, etc., so DON'T ASK MEEEE :-)

Always On Watch said...

the first political rally of the 2012 elections


I am beyond disgusted with this administration and the man himself.

Always On Watch said...

The speech itself wasn't all that bad -- except when one researches the source of some of the words.

Always On Watch said...

Obama's tactics are straight out of Alinsky.

LASunsett said...

Obama's re-election campaign began with his Inauguration Address.

Brooke said...

I got here late and because of that, I won't say more than I could not agree more with these brilliant comments.

Chuck said...

Z, the t-shirts were supplied by Obama's re-election committee. It was a campaign rally. I think the idea of a memorial is great and I think his speech sounds like it was good. It would have all been nicer if they had really meant it.

AOW, agreed

LA, okay - be a stickler ;)

Brooke, welcome anyways :)