Tuesday, January 18, 2011

If Only We Could Get Rid Of That Damned Democracy

MICHAELS: China-style dictatorship of climatologists

The nation's most prominent publicly funded climatologist is officially angry about this, blaming democracy and citing the Chinese government as the "best hope" to save the world from global warming. He also wants an economic boycott of the U.S. sufficient to bend us to China's will.

"I have the impression that Chinese leadership takes a long view, perhaps because of the long history of their culture, in contrast to the West with its short election cycles. At the same time, China has the capacity to implement policy decisions rapidly. The leaders seem to seek the best technical information and do not brand as a hoax that which is inconvenient."

"After agreement with other nations, e.g., the European Union, China and these nations could impose rising internal carbon fees. Existing rules of the World Trade Organization would allow collection of a rising border duty on products from all nations that do not have an equivalent internal carbon fee or tax.

"The United States then would be forced to make a choice. It could either address its fossil-fuel addiction ... or ... accept continual descent into second-rate and third-rate economic well-being."

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You're paying this dude's salary folks.

Do you ever wonder if idiots like this stop to think what his job would be like in a communist dictatorship like China?

Everything is wonderful there.

Does he think he would get to be this critical of the government if he lived in China?

One wrong word and he is permanently re-assigned, to a prison camp.

Further, what does he think happens to his job if we become a second or third rate economy? Think we will be able to afford luxuries like NASA?

Just more proof that liberalism is a mental disorder.

There is good new for him though. Obama is planning to do the very thing he has proposed. Now that the people have spoken and thrown out the Democratic majority in the House, Obama has gotten the message, ignored it, and will pass rules on climate change by executive order.

So see, this scientist gets his dictatorship after all.


Ticker said...

Fire his arse or put him on one of those expeditions to Mars that they are so desperately trying to sell. Maybe he can get the Martians to go along with his BS.

And that reminds me. It's time to cut out NASA and it's waste. How many billion?

Mustang said...

The ability to implement policy quickly and without the handicap of democratic dialogue is one of the chief benefits of a totalitarian regime. This isn’t lost on Obama or any of his henchmen, nor of Mr. Hansen or his biological son, Ducky. Meanwhile, China’s illustrates its real worth in its official title, where you will find three massive lies in the space of five words: People’s Democratic Republic of China. China is a Democratic Republic like Ducky has intelligence, and nothing of that nation belongs to the people. If this is Mr. Hansen’s aspirations for America —he (like Ducky) is no American.

Ticker said...

Mustang, Yep!

Always On Watch said...

When a man is on public salary and makes such a public statement, he should lose his job. Period.

Z said...

Sorry to be off-topic, CHuck, but I thought I"d post this here so everybody'd be sure to see a European/German impression on that article you found about the EU calendar omitting Christian holidays and including Muslim and Jewish holidays. Here is my adult stepson's finding: "I searched around on the internet and found articles about this story with comments where people were saying that this must have happened deliberately and was no mistake. But we didn't hear anything on "public" news on TV or the radio. There must have been articles in the papers, but it seems that it was not such a big issue for top headlines.
Why is it that the west is bowing down for everybody else and denying their own culture and religion?"

S0, basically, it's like us; most Germans, anyway (don't know about France, etc.) aren't even hearing about it but bloggers/people interested in truth and honesty, are not happy. The EU gets away with it.

Back ON TOPIC, I feel the same as the others BUT, I'm feeling WORSE about this China trip and how Obama's given HU a 21-gun salute, this huge dinner, etc., and I just heard China and Obama give opening speeches which pretty much raise China to our equal, or even better, the country we have to BEG TO. no great America over the conniving, sneaky, nasty Chinese government. It gives me chills to think our country's in Obama's hands when dealing with anything let alone outside powers like this, seeing him get his and the rest of the leftwing's wish that America not be exceptional anymore.
Trump's right...start taxing the Chinese 25% on everything they bring in. Problem solved.

cube said...

This guy is yet another useful idiot who parrots the commie line without knowing just how hideous life under a communist regime would be. You can't swing a dead cat without hitting one of these useful idiots...they're everywhere.

MK said...

At one point they were calling for dissenters to be jailed. That's how loony and zealous these warmist cretins are.

Like i always say folks, underneath the social justice, kumbaya facade of liberals is a totalitarian fascist just looking for a reason. And it's not a good reason, just one they can live with.

Brooke said...

This kind of idiocy is amazing. Michaels is living in Fantasyland.

I'd like to see this buffon last two minutes under the Chinese government.

Chuck said...

Sorry all, been a little busy lately out making money to pay for Obamakare.

Ticker, I'm actually a fan of NASA, just not the waste or the venturing into global warming (I thought their job was to focus on stuff away from the Earth)

Mustang, Duck does have a dad huh? Being liberal and all I wouldn't think he knew who he was

AOW, very much agreed. Except in this case he'll get a cabinet post

Z, so European media is a lot like the US'?

I don't think China's economy is actually strong enough to survive a trade war with us. I think it's a house of cards

Cube, like I said - let him move

MK, they can live with a lot

Brooke, agreed