Sunday, January 2, 2011

Quote Of The Week

“That burns,”

“Any soldier that gets killed in action, you’d think the president would be calling someone in the family. There’s no politics in it. His predecessor did it."

Patrick Collins, father of fallen soldier, Sgt. Sean Collins, who lost his life in Afghanistan.

First, our prayers to Mr. Collins and his ex-wife Linda. May they find some strength to get through what has to be any parent's worst nightmare.

Read the article, it is just one shinning moment after another for the Democrats.

This is what the quote was referring to specifically:

The other slight came when Patrick Collins called the White House and asked to have President Obama call his ex-wife, Linda, to talk about their son.

He was told that Obama did not regularly make phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers.

Later, Patrick Collins read a story about Obama’s phone call to Philadelphia Eagles owner Jeffery Lurie. Obama reportedly praised Lurie for giving quarterback Michael Vick a second chance to play football after serving time in prison for running a dog fighting ring.

So our President can make a call in support of a thug and convicted felon but does "not regularly make phone calls to the families of fallen soldiers."?

Their words, not mine.

Mr. Collins said it best himself, our former President made these calls.

Here's to hoping that 2 years and 21 days from now we will be saying "Former President Obama...."


Always On Watch said...

So, Obama has the time and the empathy to take up for the vile Michael Vick but no inclination to call soldiers' families?

BHO is not fit to be commander-in-chief. He obviously doesn't give a damn about our military.

Mustang said...

This story is disgusting on so many levels, Chuck. It does speak volumes about what kind of a man Obama is and is not. In leadership, the only reason anyone would follow Obama is out of idle curiosity.

At the same time, there is another important point. Our soldiers, airmen, sailors, and Marines aren't dying for the president. They are dying for the American people: to keep them free. They serve the United States Constitution, not some jackanapes temporarily occupying the White House.

~Leslie said...

Disgusting is not a strong enough word... I could find stronger words, but then it wouldn't be lady like for me to say them.

What a completely despicable person we call the president of this country.

Chuck said...

AOW, Charles Krauthammer back before the '08 election, called him the single most unqualified candidate for CIC in history. He was dead on

Mustang, I think you are exactly correct on the men and women of the armed forces. He could show them some respect though. At least it seems...


it wouldn't be lady like for me to say them.

Don't worry, what happens at Chuck Thinks Right stays at Chuck Thinks RIght. We're like Vegas in that way.

Ticker said...

My words are unprintable!

LASunsett said...

When it comes to anything military, very few Democrats can prove to me that they have their heart in it. They may have lip service for the cameras and the press, but deep down the loathe it which can usually be evidenced by tracking their votes.

In my view, Cantwell doesn't really give a damn about the military. But let there be an announcement that Ft. Lewis is closing and she will be on every news cast stating she will fight it.

Randy said...

While I agree with the sentiment, there are a few parts that aren't completely accurate. Pres. Bush did not call soldiers families after their death. Also, I believe I read that Pres. Obama does send a letter to each family, unlike Pres. Bush.

This does not make him any more qualified to be Commander in Chief, nor does it make Pres. Bush less qualified.

Chuck said...

Ticker, don't worry - I don't print any of this ;)

LA, agreed. All of the sudden the military is important to a Dem when they mean jobs in their district

Randy, no Bush did not call every family of a fallen soldier but he did go visit many of them. Sitting and listen to them grieve, vent, etc. He still goes and greets returning soldiers - without the gaggle of press that Obama requires whenever he does something like this. The point is that Bush showed true support for the troops, Obama shows disdain and disrespect.