Monday, January 3, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

U.S. Navy to Probe Lewd Videos Shown to Carrier Crew

NORFOLK, Virginia – The Navy said Sunday it will investigate "clearly inappropriate" videos broadcast to the crew of a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier in which a top officer of the ship used gay slurs, mimicked masturbation and opened the shower curtain on women pretending to bathe together.

I have thoughts on this but I would like to hear from some of you first, especially some of the former military members among you.

Is this too much sensitivity in the military? Is it different because it is an officer? Should they let these men blow off steam? What are your thoughts?


Mustang said...

According to the article, "...officers and other leaders "are charged to lead by example and are held accountable for setting the proper tone and upholding the standards of honor, courage and commitment that we expect sailors to exemplify." That is a good summary of what is wrong with the captain's horse play.

Here is a man responsible for the morale and efficiency of over 5,000 sailors. He is responsible for literally billions of dollars of government property. There is not a single thing that occurs on aircraft carriers that is not dangerous in the extreme. His behavior, given his awesome responsibility, is unacceptable.

In looking for an officer to command the ship, the Navy appointed a clown. This is as much the Navy's mistake as the captain's, who dishonored his rank and the fine traditions of the U. S. Navy.

Brooke said...

Blowing off steam?


This is some SHIT.

Blowing off steam is an enlisted man having two too many Beasts and then sleeping it off.

This is some SHIT.

Ticker said...

As an enlisted man(NCO) I totally concur with Mustang. His conduct was that unbecoming and officer much less a gentleman. Can his ass!

EM's can blow off steam when they hit the beach and hit the bars and the strip joints. If they want to see some raunchy videos and "blow off,there are plenty available which they can play on their computers,DVD's etc IN PRIVATE!

Chuck said...

I agree. If this were an enlisted man then I think they get a little bit of leeway. An officer needs to show some respect for the position he holds, especially one with this high of a rank.

Leadership isn't just having the rank, it's conducting yourself in a manner that makes people want to respect and follow you.

Further, good point by Mustang in that this man is responsible for billions of our dollars and has the lives of these men and women under his control.

I agree that he needs to go.

LASunsett said...

I'd throw them all out. Leaders are not given over to these kinds of sophomoric antics and debauchery.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang's comment is spot on.

The mainstream media is all over this story. In my view, the media's motive is to discredit our military. And this crap with the video gives the media ammunition to do so. **sigh**

Chuck said...

LA, agreed

AOW, this is the way the media works. If someone they support screws up, they explain it away for them. If it is someone they do not, they are crucified. The media uses the military the same as the rest of the left does, for convenience. They only portray them positively;y if they need a good "human interest" story.

Z said...

I think if I was on a sub I'd have to do stuff like that or I'd be opening a porthole and trying to drown myself.
He was nuts for doing this and for releasing it!
Maybe he needs to go but I hope he's replaced with someone else with at least a sense of humor.

The media's loving this because he's military. He couldn't have made them happier.

Chuck said...

Z, when I first read the article my thoughts were that this was political correctness running amok. But I re-read it and realized that this man is commanding an aircraft carrier, he has a duty to his men and to us (the owners of his boat) to act professionally.

I do agree that the media is using this for their own gain.

cube said...

This is one more cautionary tale... don't pull these stunts if you are in command. When are they going to learn?

MK said...

The military wouldn't have to probe anything if the officer could behave himself.

Chuck said...

Cube and MK, very good points