Monday, January 31, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Dallas Teen Fined $637 for Foul Mouth

Basically, a high school teenager used a profanity loudly in class. She was given detention and subsequently given a citation for disorderly conduct/abusive language and failure to show for a hearing by the schools police officer.

I'm not sure what transpired with the failure to show for the hearing but what do you think about fining a kid for swearing in school?

Was the detention enough? Was the fine overkill? Why does it seem that all of a sudden schools cannot seem to take care of their discipline problems themselves without involving the police?

I myself have written several posts in which schools have called in the police for what seems to be minor offenses.

Why aren't the schools taking care of these themselves?

This girl doesn't sound like some unruly beast. According to the article she appears to have taken responsibility for what she did and is getting a job to pay the fine.

Credit to her for owning up to this and accepting responsibility but did it really need to go this far?

What do you think?


Sam Huntington said...

Words can incite violence, so I’m not sure of your conclusion that the student wasn’t “unruly.” I seem to recall in the past that you take a lot of abuse form the people you wish to help, and it occurs to me that you don’t deserve that kind of treatment. Neither do teachers deserve students telling them to eff off. What we need to realize is that by the time we get to the eff-word, lack of parenting has already done its damage and so now, what is left is determining a suitable punishment. I think the fine is appropriate, and if this happened more often, students would refrain from telling teachers and principals to go stuff themselves. As to why campus administrators aren’t dealing with the problem —it is because 99.9% of school principals are spineless worms who will do nothing to upset their career path.

Ticker said...

It's called a teachable moment.

When it hit's you in the back pocket, bill fold, purse, you get the point, it gets your attention.

This got her attention , at least for now and until she pays off the fine. It it really got her attention she'll clean up her mouth.
North Mesquite High is a large school with school resource officers present each day. It is not exactly a "peaceful" school. They have killed a rival school's mascot( a chihuahua) and Mesquite High ran a horses head up the N Mesquite flag pole. And you question why there are cops involved? I know this school and it is not one that I would want my grandkids going to believe me.
As for her comment and excuse, "She was gettin on my nerves". It doesn't cut it. Failure to appear would be consistent with the attitude and then one of submissiveness until such time as she can get you in the back somehow.

cube said...

If I cursed at the teachers who got on my nerves, I'd still be cursing. Truth is, we all get annoyed at school and teachers, but we must hold our tongues.

At least that was how it was at my house. If I ever pulled a stunt like this girl did, the punishment would be way worse than a simple fine and I knew it. Hence I behaved.

So many kids today don't get the discipline that should start at home. I can't expect schools, in today's litigious society, to discipline the overwhelming population of brats they have to deal with each day.

Funny thing is, the liberal teachers union was instrumental
in setting into play the very programs that decimated the teacher's abiility to control the classroom and, thus, growing even brattier kids.

Z said...

I'm from the old school; it hurts me big time for society that a high school girl would use language like that in front of anybody..(of course, so MUCH WORSE is happening in schools that this language thing seems unimportant but that says a lot, too, doesn't it?)
I'm totally with Cube...I'd have been wallpaper had I used any foul language...we couldn't say SHUT UP in our house and my folks didn't, either, that's the ticket....we didn't hear it.
And, in those days, kids had respect for their parents (what the heck's happened since?) and didn't want to embarrass them by getting into trouble.
Ya, I swear now. From time to time. But NEVER in front of my parents or any kids.

Chuck said...

I have a tendency to think the girl needs to be punished although I think it is a little unclear if she were talking to the teacher or a student, the article doesn't actually say that. Also, I do not get the impression she used the F word but instead said "shit", for what it's worth. Not sure if a matters much but it does a little.

I am still not convinced however that this rises to the level of a civil infraction.

Where do we draw the line in society? It seems to me that we are having too much police intrusion into the schools.

If this is truly a horrible school like Ticker says (and I do believe him) then the police likely need to be there but when did we stop disciplining kids in school and call the police instead?

Even if this were aimed at the teacher, I am not convinced an in-school punishment isn't enough. If the girl resists this, or becomes physically defiant, then call the police. And saying it's better to have the police there to prevent problems does not cut it. Any kid could go off at any time. Do we call the police every time a kid acts up?

As Sam says, I work in a dangerous environment. We have people swear at us all of the time. We just have to get over it, we're adults. We can handle a couple of bad words.

Do we deserve to be spoke to this way? No. Should we call the police when it happens? No.

If it is that much of an issue we kick them out. If they resist, we call the police.

Why can't the schools do this? Why do we need to give a criminal record for swearing in class?

Further, I do believe this is a societal problem like Cube says but again, do we use the police to solve society's problems?

Chuck said...

Z, I agree the girl should not act like this and she should be punished but the police? Not convinced this was the best solution.

BB-Idaho said...

Seems lately some kid making disturbances in class dropped out and shot a a judge, congresswoman,
little girl and others. I'd be a bit suspicious, but then, I'm an old cynic...

Chuck said...

BB-Idaho, good point but maybe a bit of a leap. The problem is that we always have extremes with schools. Underact (like the Tucson shooter) or overreact.

cube said...

"The problem is that we always have extremes with schools. Underact (like the Tucson shooter) or overreact".

Good point, Chuck.

Ticker said...

From what I gathered she was talking to another student who was "gettin on my nerves". She may have backtalked a teacher but the article didn't allude to that. My daughter says it was clear on the TV news either other than that she was spouting off at another student.

Chuck said...

Cube, thanks

Ticker, thanks for the clarification

MK said...

A fine seems too much in this case, if she was a constant potty mouth then yes.

Always On Watch said...

When I was teaching in the traditional classroom, we (the administration) didn't fine students who used foul language. If the problem persisted, we expelled the students.

But expulsion rarely occurred as the parents took care of most discipline.

Chuck said...

MK and AOW, agreed. If she was a true problem, escalate. Until then though, take care of it in school.