Thursday, January 6, 2011

Yet Another Backdoor To Amnesty Opens

Judge Orders U.S. to Supply Mentally Deficient Illegal Immigrants With Lawyers to Fight Deportation

I want to say up front I am not a cruel and heartless person. I don't want to see the US government railroad a mentally retarded individual.

With that said, why can't their own country's government to pay for a lawyer to represent them? Why can't they access their consular system?

It is not about representation. If it were, the groups pushing this scheme could just as easily harass the Mexican Embassy to help the individuals. This is about nothing less than chipping away at the immigration laws.

The left has learned well from it's work on gay rights, abortion, and environment fights. They are patient. A harmless law here, and harmless law there. Attach heartstrings to the laws so that people that are opposed are portrayed as soulless monsters.

Talk about women who have been raped, are victims of incest, or have their lives endangered by giving birth. Eventually we have more than a million babies killed a year when abortion becomes birth control.

Teach kids that polar bears are dying because their parents drive an SUV. Get them to recycle, who thinks polluting is a good idea? Next thing you know, we have job killing legislation to stop the mythical global warming.

Still a work in progress, gun control. They have spent years passing "harmless" laws to regulate guns, all in the name of protecting us. They are taking their time to work on getting our guns away from us.

I leave you with the words of one of the activists in this case.

"They may be actually able to stay here, and I think any society is judged by how they treat those who are without ability to help themselves,"

Michael Steinberg, Attorney for one of the plaintiffs.


Mustang said...

I don't want to see the US government railroad a mentally retarded individual.

Me either; otherwise, we'd loose 99% of Congress. On the other hand, we need to learn some important lessons from recent history. When Castro released 'mentally challenged' persons from prison and institutions and floated them over to Florida, the US ended up paying out billions to take care of these people. We cannot sustain this irresponsible behavior, and neither can the taxpayer who ends up paying for them.

I do support railroading them: right back to their country of birth.

Brooke said...

How long until none of us are able to help ourselves; until we all must become subjects of the government?

I couldn't agree more, Chuck.

Ticker said...

Mentally retarded or not what the hell part of Illegal is so hard to understand that it requires a lawyer to defend deportation. You are legal or your are not. Illegal, no question deport their butt along with their momma , daddy, grandma, uncle, grandpa(which may be one in the same) brothers, sisters and multitude of cousins(see comment above re grandpa). Deportation hearings are not required that I can find for illegals. I don't remember any deportation hearing when Ike, Truman and Hoover shipped the illegals back to where they came from do you?

Karen Howes said...

I don't want to dis mentally retarded people, but I also don't want to pay for Mexico's.

Mustang's comment was great!

Chuck said...

Mustang, I had not thought about the fact that Mexico is dumping their mentally ill on us, good point

Brooke, not much longer - don't worry

Ticker, this is exactly what I was thinking, why are we even having trials? If they are illegal send them back

Karen, agreed - send them back and let Mexico deal with them

Always On Watch said...

This is about nothing less than chipping away at the immigration laws.

Little by little, the left is winning this propaganda war about the poor, mistreated illegal invaders.

Playing on sympathy is an effective modus operandi. Ugh.

MK said...

The left will only stop when America is no longer worth sneaking into.