Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Britain Waking Up To Extremism Threat?

Muslim Students in Britain Reportedly Taught to Chop Off Hands of Thieves, Hate Jews

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The BBC is running a program on Islamic extremism being taught in private schools in the UK and the Education Secretary has come out and said extremism will not be tolerated.

This is the second article I have seen in the last few days in which a British official has questioned the country's very liberal tolerance of extremist Islam.

This weekend we had PM Cameron come out against Islamic extremism in the country and the previous government's support of it.

David Cameron speaks out against Muslim extremism

Prime minister David Cameron has today (Saturday) pledged to end the acceptance of those who hold extremist religious views.

Are we seeing a change of heart in the UK? Will it rub off on us eventually?


Z said...

HOLY COW...GOOD news for a change?
But, of course, did you see my post on the Brits teaching GAY MATH AND SCIENCE? They're not out of the kook woods yet, but I have always admired Cameron and hope he keeps it up!
thanks, good news is rare on the blogs these days!
Oh, re; could this happen here? Well, we haven't the huge percentage of muslims here that they do yet...once we do, we won't dare speak out against them but if we DO, we'll be able to speak out in Arabic, since our gov't is pushing for mandatory Arabic classes in elementary school, had you heard? it's been put on hold as of today, but........THAT bugged me!

Alligator said...

They could start with Anjem Choudary, a former solicitor.That was the guy Hannity had on his show the other night. Choudary would dance and obfuscate but when he finally would respond, he was very unabashed about the goals of Islam in the west. I just marveled that a guy like him could get away saying these things in a country where "offending" someone is practicably a capital offense.

Bear in mind, even with Cameron's talk, there is still an ingrained PC doctrine in the British bureaucracy, judicial and education system.

Hey Chuck! Your little pop up window was gone when I logged on!

Ticker said...

Let's just hope that the Brits are not a day late and a dollar short as they have been so many times in history.

The US is the ones who had better be more aware of what is slowly creeping in, just as it did in Europe and the UK.
Example is teaching of Arabic in schools as a primary language. Mansfield Texas is proposing such a thing saying that Arabic is the language of the future. My friend over at Right Truth had a great article on this on Feb 08.

That's how the camel gets it's nose under the tent flap. BE AWARE, VERY AWARE.

LASunsett said...

My hope is that all of Europe can seriously assess the situation as it stands right now. Some people are starting to wake up....a little here and there. But the thought police in Europe are always quick to cry xenophobia, when statements like these are made.

The birth rate of Europeans is far less than the Muslim immigrants. Making laws right now might help...for now. So what is going to happen someday, if and when Muslims out number native Europeans? Can you spell "s-h-a-r-i-a"?

BTW as an aside, the word verification letters for this comment I am posting are p-a-n-i-x. Pretty fitting for the day we wake up and realize, we waited too long to address this problem.

Mustang said...

First, I think this is a poorly written article. Shall I explain?

The article begins, “One textbook given to 15-year-old students outlines physical punishments for violating Shariah law, according to BBC.” Is this information true? Yes. Did the teacher tell students that this is what they should be doing as part of the Islamic community? The article doesn’t say.

I suspect that we could find this same information in US textbooks distributed through the USA public school system. I doubt if any teachers, whether public or private suggest that students go around cutting off one another’s hands. If this is happening, I would like to see an article that makes those charges, and I’d like to read how authorities intend to deal with it.

As to claiming that Jews are transformed from monkeys and pigs, is this part of an instruction that tells about ancient fables, or does the book actually suggest to students this is a scientific fact? Again, I would like the press to break it down for me because telling students about Gremlins and Trolls is not the same thing as suggesting they are real (even if we suspect it is true about members of Congress).

Finally, anyone who ever attended my step-grandmother’s church will have heard the preacher say, “…people who don’t believe in Jesus will suffer “hellfire” in death.” We are talking about private (religious) schools. Should we be surprised? Isn’t this why people send their children to religious schools? Do we advocate doing away with religious schools entirely? Be careful what you ask for …

MK said...

This is the UK we're talking about, i wouldn't put money on them waking up to islam that fast. I hope they do, but i'm not putting my money on it. Either way it doesn't really matter.

You see the problem is that all the UK politicians can waffle on about the threat of muslim extremism, but just try and deport one of these savages and you'll see what'll happen. If the UK courts don't stop them, then the EU courts will stop them.

They stopped being a sovereign nation a while ago when they joined the EU.

You lot on the other hand are largely independent and can decide your own destiny, but not if the leftards get their way.

Always On Watch said...

Eurabia is in dire straits as the people have known for quite some time. Until now, most of the European leaders have been in denial as to the very real threat of losing their civilization and culture.

At this point, America as a whole is snoozing. **sigh**

Brooke said...

This is all lip service, IMO. When an offense/test balloon by the Islamists is SO egregious that it cannot be ignored, the officials come out to condemn it and placate the normal populace... But will anything actually be done?

I doubt it.

Chuck said...

Z, Gay math and science. WTF?

Alligator, I don't think the UK will change over night.

The pop-up just disappeared yesterday.

I don't know what caused it to appear or disappear.

Ticker, I agree. We need to worry more about America than the UK. For one thing, the US is closer ;)

LA, I think it is getting near time to panix

Mustang, I would not defend a Christian school that was teaching hatred anymore than I would a Muslim school doing the same. I'm not certain I would support banning the schools but I would damned sure support not providing government funding for them and speaking out against them.

MK, I agree on the EU. I knew when they started it that it was a death knell for the sovereignty of the countries. There was a little noise after the formation of the EU of Canada, Mexico, and the US doing the same to combat the "power" of the EU. Fortunately saner heads prevailed.

AOW, agreed

Brooke, I'm not sure much will come of it but I think Cameron may be the real deal

cube said...

Cameron's speech is a small step in a long race.

shoprat said...

Look how long it took them, and the French, to wake up to Hitler. Some people are so afraid of war that they resist it until it is almost too late. World War II could have easily been nipped in the bud but no one wanted to repeat WWI so they let it happen instead.

Z said...

Oh, yes, Chuck...check it out, you'll HOWL at the Brit writer's sense of humor, I promise :-)

Chuck said...

Cube, very well put

Shoprat, and another good point

Z, funny. I love I Hate the Media