Saturday, February 5, 2011

Misplaced Priorities?

Govt asked to explain failure to stop fatwa

The High Court of Bangladesh had previously ruled that extra-judicial punishment was illegal. The focus of the ruling was to stop the practice of village arbitration leading to fatwa. This is all good and is at least an attempt to stop the practice of using barbaric Islamic law. That is ban the use of it without the consent of the ruling government. The article did not say if the government wants to ban the dispensation of Islamic justice or regulate it.

Since the ruling a 14 year old girl, Hena, was lashed to death in a village. Her crime? She let a 40 year old relative rape her. For this she was sentenced to 100 lashes. After less than 80 lashes she lost consciousness. She was then taken to a health clinic where she died.

Hena was lashed and died the day after she was raped. So in the last 24 hours of her life she was raped and then lashed almost 80 times. The only tolerable moments of the last day of her life were when she finally lost consciousness and was no longer feeling the blows from the whip.

The High Court is demanding an answer as to why this was done and why their ruling was not followed.

Perhaps I should give the High Court kudos here for attempting to curb the practice of local fatwas and I do realize this is only one article. With that said, I walk away from this article thinking that the real issue here is not a 14 year old girl being raped and then beaten to death for it but the matter of the High Court's directives not being followed.

We have children raped and beaten to death here in the US as in any other country in the world. We don't usually have children beaten to death because they were raped however and we certainly do not have village counsels handing down verdicts demanding such.

The point is this is not a problem with the High Court's rulings being ignored, it is a systemic cultural problem and it is not being addressed. Even giving the federal government credit for attempting to stop this, if they really are, (the High Court didn't step in and ask for answers until the press reported on it) this case illustrates the fact that they are ruling over a citizenry made up of savages.

We hear time and time again where there is official outrage in countries in which this happens but it still continues to happen.

As long as Islamic law is practiced around the world, girls like Hena will be raped, tortured, and murdered by it's adherents.


Ticker said...

Sounds like something that Westboro Baptist Church would adhere to. Beat her or stone her in the name of "gaaawwwd!

Always On Watch said...

Shari'a law trumps usually trumps other portions of the rule of law in Islamic nations. Why? Because shari'a law has the authority of Allah written all over it.

Brooke said...

I should say that the high court hands down rulings that they know will not be followed to save face internationally.

Bottom line is, if they wanted their rulings enforced they would ENFORCE THEM.

As AOW said, Sharia trumps all.

LASunsett said...

Chuck, I am afraid you are not getting this.

This is merely a cultural and artistic expression of their feelings, based on their social mores and customs. Try not to be so insensitive towards other people's cultures.


Chuck said...

Ticker, nutjobs of a feather....

AOW, agreed

Brooke, this is exactly where I'm at on this. I think it's for show

LA, thanks for steering me straight. I can be an insensitive person

MK said...

"....this case illustrates the fact that they are ruling over a citizenry made up of savages."

Yep and the only way to get rid of such savagery is to do what the British did in india to rid them of their glorious culture of burning widows.

cube said...

What barbarism. And to think it's not an isolated case, but a part of their culture only makes it even more despiriting.

Meanwhile Uncle Abdullah gets to live to rape another day.