Sunday, February 13, 2011

Quote of The Week

"I say we start looking at every government agency and program that's been created in the last ten years, and let's start making some hard choices,"

Rep Alan West (R-FL)

From what I have seen so far, I like this guy.

I agree with this quote too. Let nothing be sacred. I think if there is a lesson to be learned (because it hasn't been learned yet) is that making cuts doesn't have to hurt.

What I mean is that we could, for instance, cut the budget for veterans benefits. This could be done without cutting one single service for them. I would bet my next paycheck that with all of the waste in our government, we could cut 10% and never miss it.

10% of the 2010 federal budget of $1.3 trillion is $130 billion. Think we can use an extra $130 billion dollars in our pocket?


Mustang said...

Let’s not be led into thinking that our military veterans impose some sort of blood sucking obligation upon the United States government. Head start programs are essentially something for nothing. In contrast, veteran’s military retirement/health care benefits are “earned entitlements.” I do not know of a single retiree who, after twenty or thirty years of service, does not have a service-connected disability of one kind or another. How many years of service does it take to blow out knees, or shatter the muscles in your lower back from carrying so much weight? How long does it take to lose your hearing after working as gun crew on a 155mm Howitzer? Does shrapnel eventually go away, or work itself out of a wounded body? All I am saying is that veterans and military retirement benefits were “part of the deal” when men and women signed up to go into harm’s way. Do we want to cut these “earned entitlements?” I don’t think so.

Ticker said...

Lets go back to all the programs of the 60's which were created with monies stolen from Social Security. As Mustang mentioned, HeadStart, one of the many created with SS dollars. Check out all the programs that have Title (so and so) in front of their creation. It continues to say of the SS act of 196X etc. That will take care of one of the biggest drains on the US budget and put some support under SS, unconstitutional as it was/is.

You are right Mustang, Vet programs are not "entitlements" they were earned, the hard way in many cases. We all signed a blank check the day we took the oath. Some filled it in with their blood others with their life. For Vets ,cashing the check is not an entitlement but calling in of a debt owed.

cube said...

10% waste is a conservative figure.

Chuck said...

Mustang, I did not say we should cut the benefits, just the waste. I think we could cut 10% off their budget and still provide the same services.

Ticker, I was using the Vets programs as an example. Some of these other programs could be cut altogether.

Cube, I thought so too

Phill Senters said...

All entitlement programs are "sacred" to those who are their recipients.
They are only sacred to the politicians because they fear loosing their cushy positions if they try to cut them. There is waste & fraud which could be reduced/eliminated in every govt program if only the politicians had the intestinal fortitude.

Chuck said...

Phil, I am okay with some. I just want them to cut wasteful spending.