Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Scientists Find Lost Tribe, And Photograph Them

Does anyone else find this a little ironic?

This tribe is minding their own business. Not bothering anyone.

They get discovered.

They are primitive. They appear to be content. At least no one seems to show any evidence they are suffering in any way.

So what do the scientists do? They buzz them with a plane and photograph them.

My thoughts are they should leave them alone. For one thing, they may be one of the few societies left on the planet that hasn't managed to completely F' itself up.

What are your thoughts?


Mustang said...

If they were photographed, those people are so screwed. Now their souls are inside the camera.

But at least we can't call them the lost tribe any more.

MK said...

I wouldn't be so quick to call assume they're happy and all that. It's something no one really talks about in the west anymore, but when the white man brought civilization to the faraway parts of this world, they didn't just impose civilization on wonderful people.

A lot of the savages were quite barbaric, making war on each other, raping and pillaging and sometimes worse, human sacrificing, child murdering and slavery.

I remember a while ago, this tribe was discovered in the Indonesian archipelago, turns out the bastards were cannibals and the fellow who found them had to smuggle a small child whom they're accused of being a witch or something and was scheduled to be eaten in the near future.

The west isn't perfect and whitey hasn't got everything figured out, but at least he ain't eating his own. That's gotta count for something.

cube said...

This brings to mind the Tasaday tribe back in the 1980's. Turns out it was a hoax.

In any event, you can't unring a bell. If this is a true lost tribe, the damage has already been done.

MK does have a point about uncivilized societies being less than ideal. As for me, I'll take
civilization every time.

Gramma 2 Many said...

Thinking if they are a "lost" tribe, leave them lost.

Brooke said...

I dunno. Seems scammish; I think I've seen this pic before.

Anywho, if there really was a lost tribe they could be observed from a distance, I would think.

Chuck said...


But at least we can't call them the lost tribe any more.

I did think about that


A lot of the savages were quite barbaric, making war on each other, raping and pillaging and sometimes worse, human sacrificing, child murdering and slavery.

Realize you are describing a typical ME neighborhood.

Cube, civilization isn't all it can be cracked up to be.

Brooke and Cube, one thing I found interesting is that the caption for one of the pics had an awful lot of info about making bread, etc. There are accusations that this is a stunt to push the save the rain forest agenda.

Gramma, that was kind of my point. If it is real, leave them alone IMHO

Alligator said...

Here is a web site about these people

They really aren't lost, they've been known about for a long time, just uncontacted. They have metal items they obtained in trade from their neighbors, who have contact with the outside. Also, they have been displaced by illegal logging operations in Peru. So, contact may not be "formal", but they have already been impacted by the outside world.

A fascinating read is "1491: New Revelations of the Americas Before Columbus" by Charles Mann. Archaeological and historical evidence is emerging that the Indians of the Amazon were as culturally advanced as the Incas, Mayans and Aztecs. The Spaniards in the 1500s brought smallpox, measles and cholera and the resulting pandemics devastated whole populations and the Indian societies broke down. It only takes the rain forest a few decades to obliterate traces of your civilization. Evidence has revealed roads, temples and cities and farm fields under what is now considered "pristine wilderness".

By the time Europeans began writing about native peoples in earnest in the 18th century and onwards, what they were describing were pandemic survivors who had retrograded to a simpler sustenance lifestyle. Because these later reports were at odds with the earliest Spanish reports, historians had assumed the early Spanish were spinning yarns to impress their superiors in Madrid. However, the belief that the Amazonian Indians have always lived in a simplistic state of nature, unchanged for millennium, is turning out be a romantic fallacy. National Geographic Channel recently had an excellent show about the current archaeological finds in the Amazon.

In all honesty, I don't know how you can completely isolate these people from the outside world unless someone erects an impenetrable force field around their neck of the woods. Humans aren't stagnant creatures. We are always changing and adapting to some degree, even people living in remote rain forests.

Phill Senters said...

I say leave em be...Look what happened to the American Indians.

Chuck said...

Alligator, good points. I have to wonder how many places on Earth don't at least see a jet flying overhead occasionally.

Phil, I agree

Z said...

I'm not upset over our being photographed; I'll be upset when that big bug with huge wings lands and weird people with some kind of stuff on their body I think I heard were called 'clothes' try to butt in and make our lives different.
As long as that big bug with the huge wings flies away...fine :-)