Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Starve Health Care?

Republicans Plan to Choke Off Funding for Health Care Law

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How far do you think this will go? Will the Dems over-rule it? Will Obama be able to veto it and have the veto hold up?

Interestingly, there are some Dem Senators who are facing tough re-election campaigns in 2012 that are signaling a willingness to buck Obama. Is there a possible redo of Obamakare in the works?


Mustang said...

Senate democrats cannot overrule House appropriations. There is nothing the Senate or White House can do if the House elects not to fund certain aspects of Øbama Care; there is nothing to veto … the House simply withholds that funding from the budget. The Senate has no authority to add in appropriations, and the president’s only authority is to sign the legislation, or veto it —at which point the president, not the House, shuts the government down. Not even Øbama is that stupid.

I think the House is playing a dangerous game, and one in which they are damned (by some) if they do, and they are damned (by some) if they don’t. Republicans ran on economic reform, including spending cuts. It is possible to argue that they have a popular mandate to cut federal spending. But in doing that … if they expect to maintain credibility with the American people, they almost need a full time PR effort to keep explaining what it is they are doing, and why. I say full time because the average American requires constant reminders. Moreover, House Republicans cannot afford to give democrats a steady voice.

There is a downside to turning the Senate over to republicans in the next election. It brings forth the probability that Obama will achieve reelection. Americans like the idea of checks and balances. They no more trust republicans than they do democrats, who the people just spanked. They will not want to give the White House, and the Senate, and the House back to Republicans … Beyond this, I do not see a single republican who is popular enough to win the White House.

These are just a few thoughts. They show up about twice a year.

Chuck said...

Mustang, good points. I think the big one is PR. The GOP is already swimming upstream against the media. They need to sell what they are doing.

The bottom line is they will not be able to repeal Obamakare. I doubt that even with control of both chambers and the Presidency, they cannot have full repeal. I think the solution is to leave out the funding and then force the Dims to open the bill to negotiations and get a bill that we can live with.

Health care reform is not all bad and I even have a tendency to think providing health care for everyone could be cost effective in the long run if done properly. The problem is that socialized medicine is not the solution. It has never worked and never will. I would be more amenable to subsidizing people to buy private insurance.

I happen to believe this could save us money in the long term because we would be paying for preventive medicine instead of the long term and very expensive cost of chronic disease management.

Always On Watch said...

Call me cynical: I think this is show-boating on the part of the House.

Ticker said...

Reid and the Dems are chomping at the bit to "redo" NOCARE. They want to take out the part that states that all must purchase insurance. By doing that they basically undo all that the courts have ruled on so far which is the Commerce Clause does not allow the government to force individuals to purchase anything.
If they can take that out it will kill any SCOTUS ruling on the bill, the rest of OBAMANOCARE can be put into place that is unless it is defunded.

Brooke said...

I sort of agree with AOW...

I think at this point it is triangualation. If the House Dems won't bend for re-election , then the GOP'ers will try to defund. After all, we have a pResidential election coming...

Are those on the right truly opposed and will do what it takes to stave off socialism, or as AOW says, is this all showboating?

We shall see.

Chuck said...

AOW, I tend to agree but think they need to do it.

Ticker, interesting thought

Brooke, agreed

MK said...

If nothing else, it'll force obama and the dems to stake their positions clearly to the American people. And that position is they're totally opposed to your will.