Thursday, February 3, 2011

Why Isn't This Guy In Jail?

Rise of Freedom: Consumers, Pols Rail at So-Called 9/11 Coin

Read about this dude.

The allegations are that he is flat out ripping people off. He is selling commemorative 9/11 medallions and according to the article appears to be lying about every single thing about it from the content of the metal to the source of the metal to every thing else.

He over billed one gentleman for over $600.

There's no indication that the state Attorney General has done anything although it appears everyone knows about it. The FTC had this to say: "We agree that these allegations are enormously troubling, and will determine what action by this agency may be appropriate," while refusing as of now to investigate.

I have written this week about a high school girl fined by the police for swearing in class. I have written previously about a middle school child cited by the police for possession of a permanent marker. I posted about a woman here in West Michigan that was investigated and fined by a local agency for advertising for a Christian roommate.

This man seems to be scamming people though and the authorities and various agencies don't have any interest in investigating?

Am I the only one that wonders what the Hell is going on here?


Mustang said...

We are becoming "the lost tribe," Chuck. As we disappear from the face of the earth, and as investigators from The History Channel attempt to discover what happened to those people called Americans, they will no doubt learn it was a case of mass suicide, the weapons of our demise were political correctness and flat stupidity, and that we probably had it coming.

cube said...

Mustang's comment made me think of a term I first heard during a
class lecture in Anthropology back in the day.

The teacher wrote the word "Nacirema" on the board and lectured about how future anthropologists found traces of this lost tribe and how their ways had caused them to become extinct.

Way to scare the devil out of me, Mustang ;-)

cube said...

Sorry, Chuck. I got so worked up over Mustang's comment, I forgot to answer your query.

The seller of the fake coins is a despicable human being and I, in no way condone his behavior, but if we put away every shyster, snake oil salesman plying his wares, we'd have no room in our prisons for the violent criminals.

Caveat emptor works for me.

Ticker said...

"A sucker is born every minute" and people like this take advantage of such. As Cube said, Caveat emptor. Or as my granddaddy use to say, if it looks like a cow pile, smells like a cow pile then don't go pokin it.

Always On Watch said...

We are living in the Age of Inversionism. Surreal.

Phill Senters said...

He's not in jail because the "Authorities" are too busy harassing little school kids.

Mustang said...


Is it just me, or is anyone else getting a pop-up sign in window for while loading Chuck's blog?

Note for Cube: Are we bonding, then?

Chuck said...

Mustang, PC is killing us. Pure and simple

Cube, agreed. I'm not against caveat emptor but I don't think someone should be able to commit fraud

Ticker, same as above but the saying is funny

AOW, agreed

Phil, easier targets

Mustang (and all), I don;t know what to think of that. I get it to and cannot seem to get rid of it. I researched it a bit and it doesn't seem to be a virus. Maybe I'll try to e-mail blogger. I don't get it with another blog either.

Z said...

Mustang can do that, Cube :-)

This coin guy SHOULD go to jail...

Chuck said...

Z, I agree

Alligator said...

This is what happens to a society that rejects all knowledge of God. There are no more moral foundations, and everything becomes "relative." The state becomes "god" and government officials are acting almost totally on personal whim, e.g. we will stick it to a school kid while a con artist goes free, we will prosecute you if you mention God or the Bible in school, but we will sponsor classes in Islam. Or how about DOJ and DHS warning us about "right wing" and "Christian" terrorists while they blatantly ignore the people who have killed thousands and daily say they want to kill more in the name of their "religion". Surreal times.

MK said...

"This man seems to be scamming people though and the authorities and various agencies don't have any interest in investigating?"

It's a matter of who is easier to punish, the school girl and the woman posting an ad will most likely go quietly, while this sack of crap will lawyer up and make the aforementioned authorities get off their buttocks to do some actual work.