Tuesday, March 15, 2011

I Find This Fascinating

Why is there no looting in Japan?

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Seems that Japan isn't having as much trouble with looting as we do here in the West whenever, well anything, happens.

In the meantime, this seems to be one of the more haunting pictures I have seen. I have seen countless pictures of destruction, razed buildings, and the obligatory boats on building pictures. This is a cute kid and it is easy to imagine that he will have a rough life if he is contaminated.

Seeing the pictures of kids makes the whole thing real I guess.


Always On Watch said...

Those poor children!

The sight in this photo breaks my heart.

LASunsett said...

Why no looting?

Some cultures are taught the lost principle of honor, from a very early age. And... it carries on with them for a lifetime.

Others are taught get what is rightfully yours because "the man" is keeping you down. Those who are taught that approach, internalize that principle for a lifetime too.

Chuck said...

AOW, it is sad isn't it?

LA, right. Keep in mind not all people in the West loot. I would not. You would not.

Z said...

that really is a heart breaking picture...afraid to look at more.

No, not all people in the West loot....but the Japanese have ethics and dignity and lots of people in the West do not, sadly.

Chuck said...

Z, agreed

MK said...

"Why is there no looting in Japan?"

No democrats, leftists, liberals, hippies and other such vermin.

The best thing for the Japanese right now is for the foreign media to please @#$% off from their country.

Forget the radiation, i'm 99% sure that no one will die or at worst far, far less will be affected by it than were killed by the tsunami. The most damage being done to Japan right now is by the hysterical world media and gutless foreign leaders shouting for all to abandon the country and flee for their lives.