Friday, March 25, 2011

Is There Something Odd Here?

My first reaction when I heard this is that this is just another example of local liberal idiots using their position to push their political agenda.

Iowa Safety Drill Portrays Mock Shooter as 'Anti-Immigration' Pro-Gun Student

An emergency drill set to take place in an Iowa school Saturday is drawing outrage after organizers revealed the mock scenario involves an “anti-immigration” pro-gun student shooting dozens of students in a racially-motivated shooting spree.

Read the rest of the article for the full scenario.

As I said, I quickly jumped to the conclusion that this was nothing more than a slam at gun rights and a chance for liberals to push their theory that anyone that is against illegal immigration is an angry white racist.

To be clear, I did not know the political persuasion of the people putting on this scenario but it was an easy assumption because it is done over and over again in local governments across the country.

So when I originally read this on via Drudge I dismissed it as just more nonsense.

Going back and re-reading the original article and reading the above Fox article, it also did not appear as if anyone knew about the scenario until just the last couple of days. So if it was an attack on conservatism, it didn't appear to be a coordinated one. Maybe a few people at most.

Then I read the above article again at Fox and saw this:

In a follow-up memo distributed Wednesday afternoon, Doug Reed, the lead exercise planner for the county’s Emergency Management Agency, said the scenario was only constructed for the purpose of securing Department of Homeland Security Grant funding, which requires the drill simulate a terrorism scenario.

So this is the question. Is this a case of idiots pushing a liberal agenda or is it something else?

Think about the current inhabitants of the White House and the Department of Homeland Security. Think about the fact that our director of Homeland Security views any of us on the right as potential terrorists.

Think about their stance on illegal immigration and their refusal to work towards putting a stop to it. Their refusal to secure the border or capture and deport the illegals already here.

Think about their stance on racism. Think about the Holder Justice Department and the NBPP case from Philadelphia of 2008.

Is this a case of local idiots or is this a case of local officials who know that the best way to get a grant approved by Homeland Security is to have a scenario like this?


MK said...

If they want to simulate a real terrorist attack the shooter would have to be a muslim or a leftist. I think they just acting out their fantasy and it's only in there that mass murderers are right-wingers.

Chuck said...

MK, Muslims and leftists are about the only ones that have been committing terror for the last decade or so.