Thursday, March 10, 2011

Is This A Good Thing?

US 'heartland' near historic shift from Midwest

I realize some deride Midwest values as hokey and charming. I realize we are considered "fly-over land".

I am from the Midwest and think life here is great. I think our values are definitive of what America is. And yes Obama, we do cling to guns and religion.

Read this article though and tell me what you think, especially for those of you who are not from the Midwest.


Brooke said...

Chuck, I often think I should mover further west than Ohio. One of the Dakotas, or Wyoming, perhaps.

Interesting article. I don't know if you can define the midwest by population as opposed to values, if I'm reading into the article correctly.

Mustang said...

I find it amazing that we have “sociologists” who think, “Geography shifts.” Populations may shift; we may discover new demographics within various regions of the United States, but I feel two things will remain constant: Earth’s geographic features will essentially remain where they are now, and the heartland of America will continue to be the United States’ “center.” This is where the heart is ... in the center.

Now honestly, people who continue to divide Americans by race or ethnicity bug the heck out of me; if these people of Hispanic and Asian extraction are citizens, and if they embrace America in the same way that our ancestors did, then they are plain and simply Americans, and not surging Latinos and Asians. Thus, this article causes me to wonder about the purpose of the article, and the agenda of sociologists. Fact, the geographic center of the United States is Missouri and the heartland of America is within America’s center region. This will not change unless we suddenly begin adding states to the west of California.

cube said...

No offense, Chuck, but this article sounds like agenda-driven drivel to me.

Akin to the reports yesterday that Wisconsin Governor Walker was ready to back down to the union.

Our news needs to be real and not manufactured.

Chuck said...

Quite frankly I think the whole thing is horseshit.

If there is one profession we could do without, it's sociology.

There is an interesting part to this whole story in that maybe the fact that we are being over-run by illegals could be changing our country. This would be especially true if we legalize them and give them the vote. This would be millions of new Democrats added to the rolls.

Brooke, I have actually considered that I would like to live in the West but I have too many family ties.

Mustang, notice they divide by all races except Caucasian, except when it's beneficial.

Cube, no offense taken. I think you make a good point.

MK said...

I think it's noteworthy that much of the population shift is away from liberal-run states to conservative-run ones. Something tells me that there's a hidden message in there somewhere.

Chuck said...

MK, very good observation.

Ticker said...

Sociologist and Community Organizers all belong in the same cage. Both feed off the other. Both are useless.

Chuck said...

Ticker, agreed

Z said...

MK, I wish you were right...I think it's just that those states are on a pipeline directly up from Mexico! To come to California, they have to come too far left (smile)..I mean WEST! But, it is an interesting observation.

Ticker, I'd throw in THE MEDIA with that...I think you would, too. (or throw OUT the media!)

"This would be especially true if we legalize them and give them the vote. This would be millions of new Democrats added to the rolls."
Which, of course, is why we're so lax at our borders and Obama's doing so little. the media tells us we're more protected than ever, the people who live there say it's never been worse.

Chuck, I want to go live in a Thomas Kincaid painting...the little town square with the church steeple, the honest butcher and baker...the schools where teachers actually taught and it was a good thing for kids to do well....I could go on, but I'd be weeping :-)
And, yes, Mustang...if some of the people walking that little town square are legal American citizens with Mexican and Asian backgrounds who leave their culture at home but speak English in public, that fits just fine, too.