Sunday, March 13, 2011

Quote of The Week

While shar’iah means God’s law too many Muslims, the reality is that when it is applied by government it is manmade law. We must convince Muslims that governments and legal systems based in reason and the separation of mosque and state are preferable to those based in shar’iah. No matter how “democratic” a shar’iah based system is presented, its entire foundation is predicated on a supremacist ideology, familiar only to Muslims, that is incompatible with the US Constitution and universal religious freedom. The purest practice of Islam is one in which Muslims have complete freedom to accept or reject any of the tenants or laws of the faith.

Dr. M. Zuhdi Jasser, founder and President, American Islamic Forum for Democracy

Dr Jasser testified in the King congressional hearings on Islamic radicalization scheduled for Thursday.

If there is one real positive outcome from the King hearing, it is getting voices like Dr Jasser's out in the public.

I am one who, while I strongly support this hearing. does not have a lot of confidence that it will accomplish much. I do not blame this on lack of effort by Rep King, I think his desire to make these hearings count is sincere.

The issue is with the current inhabitant of the White House. In the end, Congress cannot do much more than shed light on an issue. The responsibility for enforcing the nation's laws, setting international diplomacy, and providing for national security is entrusted to the Executive branch.

If the hearing accomplishes nothing more, it may finally start a national conversation about radical Islam and put a stop to the death by political correctness that has become our national policy.


Always On Watch said...

I'm hoping that these hearings will cause more Americans to do their own research on Islam. The truth about Islam is easily available on the web.

Mustang said...

I think part of the issue resides with the administration, but IMO, our states have equal responsibility because that is where the rubber hits the road. We are living in a federalist republic; we must not forget that our states are sovereign and that they have the right and responsibility to act against radicalized Islam.

Notwithstanding what Jasser tells us, the Koran is the instrument of radicalized Islam; Shar’ia demands adherence.

Z said...

I got to see Jasser speak a few years ago and have found him sincere since but he did say something very recently that bothered me a lot...I'm sure you're glad I shared that with you because I've completely forgotten what it WAS :-)

I think the hearings are really important and that the left and muslims are pitching this like McCarthyism and I think that's EVIL. It's evil for us not to take every precaution to keep ourselves safe and I think these hearings are part of that; he's exposing extremists not attacking all muslims...he had many muslims testifying that their children were radicalized and killed abroad when there to train to kill Americans!

Chuck said...

AOW, it would be nice

Mustang, whether they want to admit it or not, the Koran is the root of this. It may be twisted a bit to suit their needs but it doesn't appear that it needs to be twisted much from what I have heard of it.

Z, hopefully we won't have to wait four decades to find out King was right all along.

MK said...

And if nothing else Chuck, it'll force obama and his leftist lackeys to take a stand and make a damn choice instead of waffling around pretending they really give a damn about America.

Always On Watch said...

Mustang said: we must not forget that our states are sovereign and that they have the right and responsibility to act against radicalized Islam.


But every time a state tries to pass and enforce a law against shari'a, along come CAIR and the ACLU to file a law suit. **sigh**

Chuck said...

Mk, no - quite frankly he will either ignore them or attack them for their racism. He has already sent out an emissary to soften the blow for Muslims.

AOW, or immigration, or abortion, or gay marriage, or....