Friday, March 18, 2011

She May Be Onto Something Here

When I first read this headline I was really pissed.

Clinton pushes for jobs, reform in transitioning Tunisia

Then I read the first paragraph.

US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton pledged Thursday to help Tunisia create jobs and undertake reforms to keep the momentum behind the revolution that overthrew its president two months ago.

I thought hmm, she might be onto something.


Mustang said...

I'm not a leftist, so please forgive my confusion. I was just wondering if the administration should first do something about American jobs, before worrying about employment in Tunisia …

Z said...

Mustang, as if they WANT us to succeed?
Who wants to make a bet that we'll have computer problems or copy machine problems and now get someone in TUNISIA on the other line instead of INDIA?? :-) Sure would be nice to get New Jersey for a change.

Chuck said...

Mustang, you are always so selfish and demanding. Clearly the people of Tunisia deserve a job more than the people of the US.

Z, right.

LASunsett said...

Great idea.

Do they have an ACORN, unions, a car company to save, banks that are failing, shovel ready jobs that are not really shovel ready, planned parenthood, leftists lobbyists who helped Obama get elected?

Because if they don't, what's the use of trying to create jobs?

Chuck said...

LA, we will work on this. Rigged elections, corrupt government, and abortion-on-demand are just among a few of things the left in the US export to "help" other countries become civilized.

MK said...

Yeah I think they should look at jobs and all that, so long as they're doing on their own dime. I for one think we in the west have given enough money to all these 3rd world savages for not much in return.