Thursday, March 31, 2011

What Is Your Take On The AARP?

Read this article.

AARP’s Non-Profit Status Under Fire Over Insurance Income

I have been wondering about the money they have been making on insurance for awhile. $657 million a year.

I've also wondered about their political advocacy.

In my mind they have become like most other advocacy groups, raising money and spending it not on what they claim but primarily for the sole purpose of paying to raise more money and spending it on political advocacy.

Further, this is not an attack on their politics. I don't agree with them but I see the same thing in Right to Life. I haven't had any real respect for them for years.

What is your take on this? Should something be done about it.


Always On Watch said...

Sometimes the AARP does offer insurance policies impossible to find elsewhere.

Brooke said...

The AARP is a racket! I usually don't agree with Beck, but he is right on this one.

Chuck said...

AOW, I agree that they do provide some services but I'[m closer to Brooke on this one.

Brooke, agreed.

cube said...

I don't like the political advocacy of the AARP but, as AOW pointed out, many seniors join up because they need the insurance policies ASARP provides.

I would like to see the conservative "AARP" (can't remember the name) gain membership and clout.

Chuck said...

Cube, I'm not disputing they provide a service. Should it be tax free?

Z said...

They're like NPR and Planned Parenthood..liberal agenda-driven and lying about it.
They expect to make ONE BILLION this year and they don't pay TAXES? What do they think they ARE, GE?? :-)

Yes, they do fulfill a need but WHY NO TAXES? They're not GIVING away insurance, are they? (if so, let me know!!)

Chuck said...

Z, right

cube said...

I agree. Political entities should not be granted tax exempt status.

Ticker said...

Non profit my butt! What do they do with all the billions they make.

They stand to make $1 billion in the next 10 years from the health care takeover. Now that Medicare Advantage has been eliminated that law would bring "more business to AARP's insurance division..."
AARP hasn't been shy about lobbying the federal government either. Its $27.9 million in advocacy are third only to the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and Exxon Mobile.

Since 2003, Uncle Sam has doled out $390 million for AARP's job-placement program. This just shows ObamaCare for what it is: a product of dirty dealings and backdoor buy-offs.

And they call this NON-PROFIT? TAX THEIR ARSE!

Chuck said...

Cube, that is the point I was trying to make

Ticker, same with Planned Parenthood.

Always On Watch said...

Let me clarify...I despise the AARP.

But Mr. AOW may indeed have to take one of AARP's "Medicare gap" policies if we cannot find adequate and affordable coverage elsewhere. Right now, well over 1/2 of Mr. AOW's monthly SSDI check goes to pay his monthly premium with Blue Cross. **sigh**

~Leslie said...

I am laughing because I wonder if they are hard up for members, since the other day I received a membership application in the mail. I laughed out loud in the post office and said, "AARP? Good grief, I'm only 36..."

I think the AARP contributes greatly to mis-information and scare tactics toward the elder population.

Chuck said...

AOW, don't worry - Obamakare will be here soon


I think the AARP contributes greatly to mis-information and scare tactics toward the elder population.

I agree