Saturday, March 26, 2011

Why Do Liberal Protests Have To Turn Violent?

Anarchists blitz the Ritz and occupy Fortnum & Mason: Yobs break away from anti-cuts demo as HALF A MILLION peaceful protesters march on London

Basically people were out protesting budget cuts in what was effectively a march for organized labor. During the protest, in which the vast majority were peaceful, a bunch of the protesters became violent.

They smashed windows, assaulted police, and generally caused mayhem. Sound familiar?

I have two questions.

Why is it that every time you get more than a few liberals together in one place a riot breaks out?

Why don't the police break some heads and disperse these crowds?

Maybe send in the National Guard to disperse the crowd. If every time these little bastards show up to riot there is a contingent of soldiers with attitudes and permission to break up the crowds by any means possible, we won't be seeing pictures like this anymore.


Brooke said...

It's amazing. Tea partiers are portrayed by the MSM as beasts and morons, but as you say, put a few leftists together and you get total chaos.

Chuck said...

Brooke, but we're the angry ones right?

Mustang said...

I think that group activities frequently produce the kind of behavior seldom seen by individuals. Perhaps they think that being in a group shields them from being seen, and ostracized. We see this sort of thing by perfectly normal people after championship games; we see it during civil riots, particularly when they are race riots. I’m not sure it has to do much with political persuasion, but it could.

I don’t think governors want to call in the National Guard unless or until local authority states emphatically that local, county, or state police cannot control the crowds. Nor do I think we want to employ NG or reservists against American citizens. Unless governors want to see their careers come to a screeching halt, they will be very judicious in using Para-military forces against civil demonstrations.

I’m not suggesting that authorities ignore civil riots or instances in which people do harm to personal property. We need accountability for such behavior. The problem may be that too often, local police agencies are slow to respond to a civil disturbance. I think it is true that the longer police departments allow disturbances to percolate, the more likely it is that serious turmoil will ensue. Police should be making arrests, and the disposition of these cases ought to be widely disseminated. Otherwise, why not have a riot and destroy property?

Always On Watch said...

Why is it that every time you get more than a few liberals together in one place a riot breaks out?

In large part, the entitlement mentality. Add to that the emphasis that liberals put on feelings; having tantrums is the next logical step.

Also, in large groups, people have the idea that they are anonymous and cannot be held accountable.

Chuck said...

Mustang, these people are never convicted. If they are, they typically get a fine. In my mind this is terrorism and should be charged as such. Conviction should bring lengthy prison sentences.

Bottom line, if this were Tea Partiers they would be racist, terrorists. If it's liberals, it's kids blowing off steam.

We need to put a stop to it. As I said above, this is terrorism. If we had terrorists rampaging through the streets would call out the NG wouldn't we?

AOW, agreed on the anonymity. Take that away. Convict them an put their pictures on the front page of the paper (if you can get the damned papers to report on it at all that is). A lot of these kids are from the upper class. Let their parents explain to their friends why they raised a little bastard like this.