Tuesday, March 8, 2011

You Just Can't Make This Up

Look at these excerpts from two different articles on FoxNews.com about NPR

NPR Exec Caught on Camera Slamming Tea Party, Republicans

Schiller described that movement as "white, middle America, gun-toting," and added: "They're seriously racist people."


Ron Schiller, (Former) Senior Executive of NPR

Ron "resigned" after these remarks.

Then we have an article about Vivian Schiller, President of NPR and the person who fired Juan Williams.

NPR President Says Juan Williams Firing Handled 'Badly'

And she said NPR is working to improve the diversity of its staff. At the time he was fired, Williams was the only black man on air at NPR.

According to this Gallup poll, the make up of Tea Party groups closely resemble the American population as a whole. 79% of Tea Partiers are non-hispanic white while 75% of all US adults are.

So ask yourself this about the two groups, NPR or the Tea Party, which are racists?


Mustang said...

I’m more concerned about the treason than I am the racism. I mean, we know the progressives are racist. We know their heroes include Margaret Sanger and Rachel Carson … and probably also the Rosenberg’s …

~Leslie said...

I am sure we can expect NPR and Schiller to play the “spin” game which gives progressive swine do-overs… The interesting thing is that all the progressives have to do is quietly resign and the problem is completely resolved. Now, people who have any sense and actually use their grey cells, will understand that the sentiment presented by Schiller is the whole of NPR. Only, he got caught with the egg on his face. I hope NPR is completely de-funded. No tax dollars (especially in the sum of $90 million) should be going toward a radio station that promotes anti-American ideology.

Always On Watch said...

I avoid NPR like the plague.

Alligator said...

Once in awhile, I like classical music. NPR had hte only station in our area that broadcast it, so I listened. I occasionally would endure their news segments.

With the Internet, I can now get a classical fix without turning NPR on.

Z said...

I heard that guy on the video and my stomach literally turned. The pomposity, the stunning arrogance....

A friend's liberal daughter once told me she listens to only NPR... I told her it was too biased for my taste; she said "you don't have to listen" I said "but I have to PAY for it, you don't have to PAY for HANNITY" she shut up fast.
And the left is SO disingenuous with there "only 3% (or so) of NPR's budget is from the feds.." Yet they neglect to say it's NINETY MILLION DOLLARS like Leslie said in her comment. Gee, what the heck, ONLY 90 MILLION.

Chuck said...

Mustang, I agree.

Leslie, she lost her job today. I think NPR is scared to death about their funding

AOW, as do I

Alligator, this is kind of the point with NPR and public television. With cable, satellite, and the internet they have outlived their usefulness.

Z, very good point on Fox. Don't like it, don't watch. If people don't watch, the advertisers leave them and it closes down. They are doing quite well in this respect. This is one lesson that is lost on libs.

cube said...
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cube said...

Now that they're all unemployed, I can envision a new sitcom...

Schiller, Schiller & Sheen.

It has a nice ring to it, don't you think?

Imagine the hijinks when these three delusional liberals vent the innermost concerns about the vital issues of our day.


MK said...

"...Williams was the only black man on air at NPR."

Now that's what you call a bunch of seriously racist people.