Tuesday, April 19, 2011

I Think This Is Real

U.N. Prepares to Debate Whether 'Mother Earth' Deserves Human Rights Status

Read the article.

I looked at my watch, not April 1st.

I double checked, I wasn't at Cracked.com.

It's not an Onion News article.

It may actually be real.

They might really be serious.


Always On Watch said...

The United States should withdraw from the UN.

Mustang said...

Exactly, Chuck. I had to pinch myself while reading this story. Now every time I read where the UN is concerned about human rights, I recall how the UN observed rampaging Tutsis in Rwanda for six months without doing anything to stop to the massacre of nearly a million people. I also remember that UN peacekeepers raped and murdered 9-year old girls in the Congo. If the UN is resolved to safeguard the rights of Mother Earth, we’d better move our timetable up for colonizing Mars.

AOW is exactly right!

Alligator said...

The folks that say "mother earth" is a sentient being and she is speaking to us through disasters, etc. are disconnected from reality. I know a few of them.
Ask them, why and they will give the usual litany about man's activities harming the environment, etc. But if you were to suggest that God has anything to do with what happens, they will say you are nuts.

Nature has always been unpredictable, violent and merciless. Ask a zebra that gets taken by a lion, ask a bear trapped by lightening caused wildfire or the mammoths frozen in the tundra with food still in their stomachs. That's why early humans strove to make their environment safer, and their food supplies more dependable. In other words, civilization is the result of the forces of nature.

~Leslie said...

Oh dear... I think you are all missing the feel-good spirit of the upcoming celebration of Earth Day. Do try not to spoil the party... Last Year's Hug a Tree event was amazing. This year a new event will be announced: Polar Bear hugging.

It should be quite entertaining. :)

I share AOW's sentiment, the US needs to quickly withdraw from the UN. This just might be the whackiest idea they have birthed yet. Sigh. If "Mother Earth" received human rights, is paying homage through taxes to her coming up next? Oh wait, Uncle Al already has that scheme running...

Chuck said...

AOW, and kick them out

Mustang, Mars it is. Hopefully they don't want to treat "Mother Earth" as bad as they treat humans

Alligator, these people are still mad that we left the caves

Leslie, hopefully they tape the polar bear hugging. That would be entertaining.

Alligator said...

Chuck, they are mad in both meanings of the word. I had a friend who was such an Earth First naturalist that he made the Sierra Club look like corporate industrialists. He was really into becoming "one" with nature in a physical and spiritual sense.

So he went off to the Yucatan peninsula, shed his clothing, and wandered into the jungle to truly meld to his Mother Earth. Mother Earth starved him, fed him to the myriad insects and arthropods, stabbed, stuck and irritated his skin with her plants and to top it all off, she gave him dysentery. He was found by some Indios and taken to their village where they nursed him back to health. While he was recovering he observed how hard a life the people had, how hard they had to work for food and keep the forces of nature from overwhelming them. They were aware of the outside world, and many wanted out of their jungle village for a better life. It radically changed his outlook on life.

He still enjoys and respects nature and wildlife etc., but he understands the falsehoods and deception of worshiping Mother Earth as a benign, sentient being. In fact, he became an ardent Christian. Likewise, I enjoy nature and support conservation, but much of what goes on in the name of environmental protection is about political power, pure and simple. In Al Gore's case, extraordinary wealth from being a prophet of environmental doom. What the UN plans will not enhance nature or protect the environment, it will merely enslave more humans to centralized government.

Z said...

I can't comment on this.
It simply wouldn't be polite.

Chuck said...

Alligator, I grew up camping and fishing. I am a strong conservationist. The problem is that they refuse to acknowledge man is superior and the earth is a tool for us to use. We need to use it wisely but use it we should

Z, not polite is okay. Sometimes it's better.

Phill Senters said...

The UN can't control Gaddafi in Libya, but now they want to control Mother Earth.
I think Earth would be a better place without them.

Z said...

Well, I just told Ducky "shut up or leave" at my blog, believe it or not!...so my "not polite" today (with a cold and laryngitis 2 days before I sing somewhere) might be TOO not polite :-)
I should delete that message to Ducky but it was kind of fun, tell you the truth!

Chuck said...

Phil, I have always said that if they thought the earth was too over populated they could step up and thin it out.

Z, I am not certain how you tolerate him. I think opposing viewpoints are great but he is a mean, bitter little man who uses your site to spread vitriol. (how's that for "not nice"?)