Friday, April 22, 2011

Is The Media Trying To Pull One On Us Again?

LA Sunsett wrote a good blog here at Political Yen/Yang questioning what is going on with the current circus Donald Trump is running and he asks if Trump is a Democratic plant. He also discusses the notion that Trump is viewed by the MSM as being a vulnerable candidate against Obama and therefore may be propping him up in hopes he would get the nomination and then proceed to hand the election to the anointed one, Obama. It is a good read and I recommend you stop by.

My question though is this; is the media doing something even more subtle to damage the Republican's chances to win in 2012?

Notice all of the articles about the "weak" Republican field. The polls showing that not many people can name a GOP candidate. The endless discussions about how nobody is jumping into the ring.

Now, look at your calender.

It's April 2011. Roughly 9 - 10 months from the first primary/caucus, depending on how the wrestling match over "first in the nation" events pan out. 16 months from the Republican National Convention. 19 months from the 2012 presidential election.

Traditionally campaigns don't start heating up until after the summer of the year before the election. I realize we are getting to the point of the perpetual presidential election in which the next election cycle starts the day after the election but it is not even summer yet.

Is there some subliminal messaging here? Is the media saying that there are no qualified or electable GOP candidates. That Republicans are afraid of Obama? Is this an attempt to make Obama appear unbeatable?

What are your thoughts?


MK said...

I woulnt put anything past the slimeball media. As we all know they constantly smear conservative politicians for months and tell us with straight faces that they're unpopular in the polls. Besides Barry is their candidate so they will be desperate to get him over the line and let's be honest here he can't win fair and square anyway.

Always On Watch said...

Traditionally campaigns don't start heating up until after the summer of the year before the election.


But the Dems are trying a different strategy for 2012. They've got BHO out in front with his campaigning in a media blitz -- similar to building the fame of a rock star.

And, of course, the mainstream media are complicit in this strategy: say something often enough, and it becomes the truth.

Ticker said...

Why should a conservative candidate jump out there this early and allow the LSM to crucify them from now until next November?

Remember the saying, "Don't shoot until you see the white of their eyes". Makes sense to me in this political atmosphere. Keep your powder dry and take dead aim when you can see the "whites of their eyes", in other words closer to election season.

If you notice neither Cain nor Bachmann are making a lot of noise like the rest of the wannabe candidates. Smart move on their part IMO.

LASunsett said...

Thanks for the plug, Chuck. The interesting thing is I don't think anyone has said for sure whether they are running. I think there are three who have announced exploratory committees, but nothing official as far as I have heard.

I have it on good knowledge that a lot of heavy hitters are trying to get Mitch Daniels to run, but Mrs. Daniels isn't one of them.

Chuck said...

MK, I think he will have to cheat a lot to win this time

AOW, I'm not sure it will work this time around

Ticker, I think there is something to said for waiting and not peaking too early

LA, I think it will be someone we don't know about yet

Alligator said...

The problem with running a campaign perpetually or at least too early, is that you run out of steam. Overexposure actually leads to people ignoring you. People will get tired of hearing it and will start tuning them out. The time to close the gap is towards the end of the race, not at the beginning. Let the media and Obama start campaigning now. The Repubs need to work on getting their act together. As long as the country club patricians like Rove and McCain are directing the 20102 strategy, I would say Obama will win again regardless of how low his approval rating is.

In the past, Trump has made some pretty left-leaning, pro-Democrat statements. I do not believe he is a true conservative in any sense of the word. On a positive note, Trump has demonstrated what a conservative candidate needs to be: passionate, fired up, and at least in the case of economics and foreign policy he is stating the obvious, which no one else has: China is cleaning our clocks and we shouldn't just hand it to them on a silver platter like we have been.

As far as media complicity in the Obama campaign; "beware the government-media complex." I think that is as appropriate today as it was for "beware the military -industrial complex" in Eisenhower's day. Trumps' rhetoric may well resonate with the populace on many issues, but I think it has more t do with him speaking bluntly and to the point rather than he is a real conservative. People are tired of equivocating, word parsing, over generalizing politicians, Mr. O. being a prime example.

Always On Watch said...

Alligator said:

Overexposure actually leads to people ignoring you. People will get tired of hearing it and will start tuning them out.

I say:

I hope Alligator is right!

LASunsett said...

//Overexposure actually leads to people ignoring you. People will get tired of hearing it and will start tuning them out.

Prime example:

Although I like her and agree with much of what she stands for, I am truly tired of Palin. I think she'd be much better than Obama, but I am not sure she is anymore ready than when she was McCain's running mate. She has refined her interviewing skills a little, but "you betcha" is not going to make it very far.

I am not the only one who feels this way, she is down in the polls.

We need someone who, while communicates his/her vision well, is capable of implementing sound solutions. He/she will need to tell the American people the truth, " it's going to be tough but we can and will get out of this, if everyone is patient enough to give me time to undo the damage that has been done". "We didn't get here overnight, we won't get out overnight."

The problem is, people want instant gratification. They want to feel good all of the time. They are unrealistic about outcomes. Maybe the candidate will need to show some Mad Max-like campaign commercials with a desolate existence in the future. Because that is exactly what it's going to look like if we stay this course, we are on.

Chuck said...

Alligator, I think once people learn about the Donald they will turn away in droves

AOW, I think there is a real danger of peaking too early

LA, I am agreeing about Palin. I like her but some of her problems are self-inflicted. We need someone like Trump that is a real conservative, not one now for convenience, and who doesn't act like an idiot.

cube said...

I wouldn't put it past the MSM to downplay the republicans while boosting BO's chances. I don't believe BO's approval ratings are as high as they report... not even close.