Sunday, April 17, 2011

Quote Of The Week

Republican plans to shrink the reach of government is "not a vision that's impelled by the numbers" but a "choice" to give a trillion dollars in tax breaks to the rich rather than ask those who have been "blessed" to "give a little more," he said.

Barack Obama

The quote this week is not a direct one, I was unable to find the full quote. I wanted to highlight something here though.

ask those who have been "blessed" to "give a little more,

We will never meet in the middle on fair tax cuts with the left and this quote tells you exactly why.

These people did not earn their money, they were "blessed". This is a simple word but says a lot.

The left genuinely believes that the wealthy do not deserve to keep their money. The money was a gift that they were blessed with and they cannot understand why the wealthy don't just share this gift with others.

Give up arguing with them, you cannot argue with a believer. This is not an act of greed, they really believe this IMHO.


Always On Watch said...

The left genuinely believes that the wealthy do not deserve to keep their money. The money was a gift that they were blessed with and they cannot understand why the wealthy don't just share this gift with others.

Yep. Maybe because so many Leftists are trustfundistas?

Anyway, you're spot-on with this post, Chuck. The Left's version of social justice does not recognize the earning of wealth but rather the redistribution of wealth.

Brooke said...

Bullocks. If the left believed that then you wouldn't see such wealthy 'public servants' in our Senate, as they would gladly give away their 'blessings' instead of finding ways to avoid their own taxes.

What they say is a guilt trip to the rich and a pandering to entitlement voters at the same time, IMO.

Have a great Sunday, Chuck!

Ticker said...

Odummer also misses the point when he says "give a little more".

It ain't giving, it's taking so what part of that doesn't he understand. If the tax was voluntary it would be different and his statement would be a partial truth.

Adam said...

I agree with you general breakdown of the left. You see the left really influencing the youth in many places to feel how they do. I am not rich by any means but what I do believe is that if you are rich then good for you. It is no ones right to say well you have more money you should give more. We all know if anyone from the left became insanely rich over night they would change their tune immediately and sing from the mountain how its their money not the governments.

The American dream is not to be taxed into oblivion and the stupid left need to realize that. The latest interview I saw, this morning on fox, had a Democrat saying that the "people" do not want less government and lower spending instead we want more jobs and that we are ok with them spending more to create it. lol.

Chuck said...

AOW, right. Then they get pissed when you call them socialists.

Brooke, you misunderstand. They want other people to share their money. (See Michael Moore)

Ticker, very good point.

Chuck said...

Adam, are these the same "people" who took the House away from them because of their spending? Good comments, thanks for stopping by.

Alligator said...

Production of wealth, in whatever form, predates government. Throughout history it is clearly demonstrated that governments do not create wealth, they consume it. There is a point where government is necessary to maintain an orderly society and nation. But there is also a tipping point where government becomes becomes confiscatory, burdensome and consumes so much wealth causing the society and eventually collapses in on itself. We are hanging our toes over the line now, if we have not already crossed it.

Mustang said...

I do detest more than you can possibly imagine the pedestrian leftist talking points. I suspect they make these arguments because they are betting that most Americans aren’t analyzing how such statements are lies by omission.

“Wealthy persons” place their capital at risk with the objective and expectation that they will eventually increase their wealth. They already do provide an extraordinary percentage of their income under the “progressive” tax swindle. Have we overlooked the fact that these dirty rich bastards also employ Americans, contribute to their social security accounts, fund unemployment and disability insurance, provide a healthy working environment, and pay a portion of health and dental insurance costs? Have we forgotten that these rich bastards also pay state and local taxes, including school taxes, and property taxes? Do we overlook the tremendous amounts of money they put back into our communities through utility surcharges? Doesn’t this “giving back” count in the eyes of the leftists who love to waste our money, simply because they can?

Chuck said...

Mustang, they also "give" in the form of charity - a lot more than Obama and his fellow leftists. This is a documented fact.

Phill Senters said...

If there were no rich (blessed) people, who would the rest work for? Poor people don't create many jobs.

Chuck said...

Phil, therein is the irony