Monday, April 25, 2011

Quote Of The Week

"For over 40 years, our nation has come together on Earth Day to appreciate and raise awareness about our environment, natural heritage, and the resources upon which generations of Americans have depended. Healthy land and clean water and air are essential to the health of our communities and wildlife. Earth Day is an opportunity to renew America's commitment to preserving and protecting the state of our environment through community service and responsible stewardship."

Barack Obama, Earth Day '11

Now the irony of the statement (there's always irony with Obama's statements).

He made these comments at the end of a 3 day campaign swing that logged 10,666 miles, used 53,300 gallons of fuel. None of this includes the use of his helicopter, limo, or 29 vehicles for the rock star's entourage.

All of this according to this article


Sam Huntington said...

I see you’ve forgotten the golden rule again; whoever has the gold, makes the rules.

cube said...

Rules are for little people and we're not supposed to question the status quo.

cube said...

BTW I wonder if Obama gave a shout out to the co-founder of Earth Day... his kind of guy.

Always On Watch said...

Figures that BHO would so honor Lenin's birthday.

Hayden said...

Obama is the definition of hypocrisy, the problem is that too many people fall for his rhetoric crap. It will only get worse as he enters full campaign mode.

You see, he LOVED the Earth on Friday April 22, 2011, but the days prior he didn't give a damn.

Mustang said...

Here is a list of the things I admire most about Obama:

Chuck said...

Sam, right

Cube, let them eat cake right? He gave a proclamation for Earth Day - the Easter one got lost in the mail though

AOW, a fellow comrade

Hayden, just a bone for the left

Mustang, that's a long list

cube said...

Mustang: I would accuse you of copying my list, but mine's longer