Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What Do You Think About This? Part 2

I posted a blog a couple of days ago about schools in Chicago controlling what kids eat.

Blogger friend Cube of The Blog posted a comment that got me thinking.

I hear the lefties chanting, "Keep your hands off my uterus", so why is it open season for the government to intrude on our kids, on us, and all that we do?

Think about the things the left don't want us to exert control over.

As Cube says, stay out of our uterus.

Stay out of our bedroom.

Don't ask for proof of eligibility to vote.

Don't ask for proof of citizenship.

Don't search a criminal's car/person/luggage/purse/etc without a warrant while they are actively committing a crime .

Don't place reasonable graduation requirements on inner city kids.

Don't place restrictions on what children can look at online at the library.

Don't place an age limit on when a kid can get an abortion.

Don't place an age limit on when a kid can have condoms.

Don't place an age limit on when kids learn about sex education, homosexuality, condom use, etc.

So, why is it that a group of people so bent on protecting "rights" is so bent on controlling:

What our kids eat.

What type of car we drive.

What type of toilet we use.

What type of bulb we use.

Where and how we practice religion (only applies to Christians).

What we fertilize our lawn with.

What the hell is going on here?


LASunsett said...

//What the hell is going on here?//

There you go again. You are trying to understand. Did you ask permission to do that?

Yours is not to reason why. When they tell you dig a hole, all you should ask is how wide, long, and deep. When they tell you to defecate, you ask how much and what color.

They know what's best for you. You must trust them, they know more about everything. Do not question authority because you are an insect and they can squash you.


MK said...

When you think about it, it's almost as if liberals are in favor of all things bad and all things that lead to crap. Can't be, can it?

Brooke said...

Bravissimo, Chuck, BRAVISSIMO!!!

Of course, just try bringing this up to a leftists.

Chuck said...

LA, I was going to ask the local Freedom of Speech Office if I could talk like this but they closed it down as part of Obama's openness in government effort.

MK, naw

Brooke, you can't argue with a leftist - they don't understand big words

Always On Watch said...

It's creeping utopianism, which is another word for tyranny.

We're sliding into tyranny via regulations. These regulations also serve to promote mindlessness as the need for decisions is eroded. Of course, making decisions is an integral part of our rights. But the Left disregards that connection between decision-making and rights.

Excellent post, Chuck.

Alligator said...

Regimes like the Communists, Nazis, Fascists, some monarchies and other assorted dictators tend to live high on the hog, practice wild sexual abandon, while maintaining a stranglehold over the daily lives of their "subjects". The American Left is nothing new, simply a continuance of fallen and flawed human beings lusting for power under the erroneous idea that they can create utopia. Meet the new boss. Same as the old boss.

Chuck said...

AOW, it's a fast slide away from personal responsibility

Alligator, good point