Monday, April 4, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Senators Consider Hamid Karzai's Request to Condemn Koran Burning Amid Protests

Read the article here.

The Muzzies are rioting and killing people in Asscrackistan supposedly because a nut-job minister in Florida (they really need to check the water down there) burned a Koran.

Senator Reid and fellow Democrat RINO Lindsey Graham are suggesting Congress may pass a resolution begging the Muzzies to please forgive us and stop killing people.

I think this seems rational to me. We need to apologize for the insensitivity of Americans, even if it is just one of us.

While we are at it, why don't we apologize to China for all of the Chinese buffets and maybe they will let the dissidents go.

Same for the Mexicans for us making Cool Ranch Doritos. Perhaps then they will help secure the borders.

Then there are the Irish and that disgusting Lucky Charms cereal. If we had not made that crap there is the possibility that the whole IRA thing may not have happened.

Or, maybe, we can finally get it through our thick heads that rioting and killing each other over ridiculous reasons is something they have been doing in Muslim countries for centuries and just tell them to go to hell.

What are your thoughts?


Sam Huntington said...

Let us evaluate Pastor Jones’ true accomplishments: he is a former motel manager, so he understands the service industry. He worked as a missionary for more than 30 years in Europe, which tells us that he knows how to fool people in to supporting him through cash donations. He has authored a book entitled, “Islam is of the Devil” which might generate gazillions of dollars in tax-free income. He is also a master of marketing hate, evidenced by the more than 10,000 people who have become his adoring fans at Face Book. Finally, he leads a church of about 24 people willing to support Jones through tithing. These are probably just regular folks who work for a living, but whose combined brainpower couldn’t produce a single spark. I think we should keep our eye on this guy as a potential presidential candidate.

cube said...

Equating the two sides as extremist is a bit disengenuous in my eyes. Pastor Jones is burning a book while the afghan rioters are killing people. It is time to address the fact that islam is driving moslems to intolerance, overreaction and barbaric acts that won't be tolerated by the rest of the civilized world. Appeasing their abhorrent behavior will only embolden them.

cube said...

I, for one, will definitely not ask what would Lindsay Graham do?

BTW the word verification is 'flipskul'... maybe Lindsay is really a democrat.

Mustang said...

As usual, Cube is making a good point. Burning a book isn't exactly the same thing as cutting off people's heads. The fact is, Moslems desecrate the Bible all the time. Our reaction is to shake our heads and add the morons to our prayer list.

But the truth is, I have long suspected a sinister purpose to Lucky Charms –I just couldn’t put it together. So Pastor Jones eats Lucky Charms, causing him to burn Korans, and Muslims, who always appear to resemble a monkey house at feeding time, went ape-sh*t and murdered a dozen or so people. Meanwhile, Lindsey Graham is off his meds again.

Phill Senters said...

I don't believe for a minute that the Muslims' rioting and killing are reaction to anything that preacher Jones did...They wanted an excuse and that was good enough for them. I propose that when they stop blowing up our buildings, burning our US Flags and Bibles, then we might do the same. Then Jones, Reid, and Graham can just go on eating all the Lucky Charms they want. They'll all be replaced soon.

Chuck said...

Sam, I don't know - if we are using Barry as a yard stick this guy may be over-qualified for the WH

Cube, Notice they are saying it is not freedom of speech. Burning he flag is but burning the Koran is not - what a country

Mustang, agreed. See above answer to Cube. Placing a bible in urine is protected, burning the Koran is not

Phil, they don't need an excuse they just pretend to use one. These idiots riot because it is Tuesday.

Phil and Mustang, I am glad that you guys are also seeing that there are concerns with Lucky Charms. Don't even get me started on Apple Jacks.

MK said...

Asscrackistan, I like that one. I'm with telling the savages to go to hell and take their death cult with them

Always On Watch said...

There should be no compromise on our First Amendment.

If Westboro Baptist Church can legally exercise First Amendment rights by desecrating funerals, then Terry Jones has the Constitutional right to burn a Koran.

And there's something else afoot here, too. All those Islamomaniacs rioting and killing over the desecration of a Quran would never have known about Terry Jones's doings unless Karzai had opened his mouth on Thursday, followed by Islamomania on Friday after mosque services.

Think about the ifadas:



It's always some kind of ifada.

Look, if Moslems want to have a law forbidding the burning of the Quran in their Islamic pissholes, that's fine. But Moslems halfway across the world should not dictate what laws should be in a Western nation.

In sum, Moslems need to get over themselves!

Chuck said...

MK, agree

AOW, good point on Westboro

LASunsett said...

I say let them go to hell.

(But I am a blunt SOB when it comes to these kinds of things)

Chuck said...

LA, blunt works for me

Alligator said...

The irony is, Karzai fomented this and yet "his people" were burning him in effigy and shouting for his overthrow. You might wake a sleeping bear, but that doesn't mean you control it. Gadhaffi tried to pull the Palestinian vs. Israeli rabbit out of his hat when the protests first started, but it sure didn't deflect the masses from calling for his overthrow. By the way, do we want him to reform or do we want him out today? I lose track of the position flip-flops.

These people are illiterate, superstitious, and basically know nothing of life except a tribal oriented mob mentality, fueled by the religion of peace. The really smart and well to do ones, for the most part, are just better at developing strategies for inflicting terrorist attacks. This event says volumes more about the "religion of peace" than it does about pastor Jones.

Jones is a caricature, a fringe player who like Fred Phelps, needs to be shunned and ignored. But for our politicians to grovel at the feet of Islamists over this incident and suggest curtailing the First Amendment is in order, is reprehensible. I think it has more to do with using a crisis to find a way to shut their critics down. Ruling elites do not like to be criticized or challenged by the masses. Not in the Middle East, not in Latin America and not here either.