Tuesday, April 12, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Chicago school bans some lunches brought from home

Read the article. Take special notice of where the schools are.

One school does not allow kids to bring lunches from home. Instead they feed them crappy food that a lot of them don't eat.

Another school allows kids to bring their lunch along as they approve of what they have. If the lunch doesn't meet the standards of the school lunch Nazi then apparently the child is wrestled to the ground and the food is ripped from their hands. Fortunately they do this before the kid is eaten so they are probably in a weakened state and do not put up much resistance.

A few things here.

As I said at the beginning, notice where these schools are. They are located in Chicago, the same city that produced the current inhabitant of the White House. A man who aspires to set up his own little socialist banana republic modeled after that of his friend in Venezuela.

Notice in the article that the school gets more federal funding when more kids eat lunch at school. Also notice that the caterer makes more money. Am I the only one that wonders if this whole thing warrants a closer look at the principal?

Finally, it's a brave new world. One in which we have the government to help us with raising and feeding our kids.

What are thoughts on all of this? Aren't you happy we have thugs like this, especially in the White House? Are you happy with where the country is going?


Always On Watch said...

Gah! The food police running wild.

Libtards probably think this policy is great -- a part of "social justice."

I do find this story has some similarities with smoking bans. And most of us did approve of those bans, I think.

So now The Nanny State is moving on to what we eat.

The Nanny State is ever telling us what's good of us. I'm sick of it.

Brooke said...

Chuck, you've nailed it. The criminal implications here are astoundingly bare.

Of course, the nanny state angle is atrocious, too. If I feed my kid a healthy breakfast and dinner and I want him to have a Coke and hot chips for a quick lunch, then SO BE IT. I'm the kid's effin' PARENT, NOT YOU.

Hell, if I want to feed my kid a diet of nothing BUT Coke and hot chips, SCREW YOU I'M THEIR PARENT, NOT YOU.

Sorry, this kind of thing really hacks me off.

Brooke said...

"Principal Elsa Carmona said her intention is to protect students from their own unhealthful food choices."

Again, I'm their parent. My kid doesn't have buying power to make 'unhealthful food choices.'


Mustang said...

Nothing coming out of Chicago surprises me. As you indicated, these people gave us Barack Obama, the Daley dynasty, Al Capone, and provides safe harbor to Bill Ayers. I suspect we can observe the same behavior in Harlem, central Baltimore, or Detroit. I notice that DC police officers arrested the mayor of Washington DC recently; he and Norton must share common genomes. There are parents who would just as soon avoid getting up in the morning to pack their children a lunch for school—and why should they? Isn’t nutrition the responsibility of the nanny state?

America’s non-Socialist population is amazingly patient with what the government is doing to seize our prerogatives as a free people ... but I’m not sure this will continue into a second 4-year term.

Rob said...

It's hard to look at this an say that we have no responsibility in this. These people have eaten the elephant a bite at a time. We are just now waking up when it has gotten so far, I don't know if we can get it back. In the recent local election, the conservative turnout was abysmal which led to a smoking bans smoking in establishments that employ more than 50 people not just restaurants and bars. So what the hell are we up in arms for if we aren't going to do anything about it when we have the opportunity???

Chuck said...

AOW, the Obama administration (read Michelle) is now telling all schools what they can serve

Brooke, agreed. It is nobody's business how we raise our kids

Mustang, America’s non-Socialist population is amazingly patient with what the government is doing to seize our prerogatives as a free people ... but I’m not sure this will continue into a second 4-year term.

I think the patience has ran out

Z said...

man, I had this ready to publish tonight at midnight and here it is :-) Great minds again, Chuck!!

isn't this a PIP? Who the heck do these people think they ARE?
Remember when Hillary was talking about practically eliminating parents and leaving kids to the gov't? YIKES...here we go.

Always On Watch said...

Possibly of interest.

Chuck said...

Z, yeah - Hillary's "It takes a socialist government to raise a kid". Or something like that

AOW, it's scary

cube said...

I hear the lefties chanting, "Keep your hands off my uterus", so why is it open season for the government to intrude on our kids, on us, and all that we do?

Rob brings up a good point about eating the elephant one bite at a time.

I remember years ago, on what may have been 60 Minutes, an African immigrant woman complaining about
her child not getting yams at lunch as though the UK was compelled to provide them for her child.

The culture of PC was just starting back then and we should've nipped it in the bud.

Chuck said...

Cube, very good point

MK said...

Control is what it's all about, they want to control what is taught, what is eaten, what they drink, everything.