Tuesday, April 26, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Arrest of Homeless Connecticut Woman for Enrolling Son in School Illegally Sparks Debate

Read the above article.

This woman enrolled her child in a school district in which she didn't live because it was a better school. Form there the battle lines were drawn.

On one side was the notion that she should adhere to the law and send her kid to the district in which she would pay taxes (if she were to do so).

On the other side is the idea that her child is entitled to the best education she can get for him and anyone who thinks differently is mean-spirited and hateful. The article doesn't mention racism but one has to assume that is card in the deck to played later when here and her supporters get more desperate.

Finally, read how she come to find herself in this position. The left sure now how to pick poster children for their causes.

What are your thoughts on all of this?


Z said...

Looks to me that she didn't think enough of her son to give him a father, but maybe I missed that in the article because I fairly quickly scanned it...for that info.

From the article:
"Moccia also noted McDowell's criminal history, including a November arrest for possession of marijuana and narcotics and an 18-month prison term in 2001 for robbery and weapons offenses."

The deal's over.. Others can't get their kids in better schools and they aren't criminals.
Go back to the end of the line, ma'am...and God help your poor little boy. He does deserve better.

Gad, off topic, I've got TV on in the other room and if I had to hear Sarah Palin's voice another minute, I'd shoot my TV! (Sorry, but......yikes!)

Mustang said...

Having taught school in the lower Rio Grande Valley area, I can tell you this kind of fraud is prevalent among kids who travel into the USA every day to attend school paid for by the American taxpayer. We aren’t talking cents a day here … megabucks. And since they’ve lied about where they live, and lied about loco parentis, receiving SDI payments, free medical care, and free tuition are just part of the perks “they’re entitled to” as impoverished persons. Naturally, giving positive feedback to negative behavior does nothing to reinforce traditional American values. But then, they aren’t Americans, are they? By the way, you won’t find many people who have more contempt for the United States than these people who get something for nothing —dishonestly.

I agree with Z …

Chuck said...

Z, or think enough of him to stay off drugs and out of jail

Mustang, the illegals are killing the states in the southwest

I am starting to feel the same about Palin. I like her but she is wearing thin

cube said...

First of all, this woman isn't paying taxes in any district. And if she really wanted a better life for her son, she would make some different life choices.

When we bought our first home, we didn't actively research the area for schools. Years later, when my first daughter was born, we found out that the public school was very inferior.

I can't tell you how many people advised me to lie about where we lived to send her to a better public school.

Instead, we forked over good money that we could ill afford to send our child to the nearby private Catholic school.

Even when we bought our second home, our girls continued to attend that wonderful school until they graduated.

It cost a lot of money, but the education of our girls was worth it.

Chuck said...

Cube, good point on her not paying any taxes - I thought about that

MK said...

Isn't this what democrats hate, giving children choice to avoid their own school if it's a crappy one.

Mind you, the woman's criminal record and overall parasite-like existence isn't a good look.

Chuck said...

MK, the problem is we try to compare people like this to normal, law-abiding people - they aren't that