Tuesday, May 17, 2011

George Soros ACLU At It Again

ACLU Threatens N.J. High School With Legal Action Over Graduation at Christian-Owned Site

Read the article.

This High School has been using the same auditorium for 70 years, a building owned by a Methodist group. One person was offended last year so the ACLU is suing because of the building's religious symbols.

I will give someone in the school credit for having the stones to tell the ACLU to go to Hell, they say they are going to go ahead and have graduation there anyways.

The real issue here though is the cost to the school district. My suspicion is that they would win the lawsuit but it will cost them. Money that could go to books on global warming and the grade school readers "Bobby Has Two Daddies".

The point is, this is economic terrorism practiced by other far left loons like the Rev Jesse Jackson. I read once where groups like this know they cannot win a lot of the lawsuits they file but they believe, rightly so usually, that the target of the suit will settle out of court for fear of public attacks.

If only the public knew what people like Soros and Jackson were truly up to.

Over 30 Major News Organizations Linked to George Soros

Think any of these news organizations are carrying the above story?


cube said...

We've been talking about these connections for years and have been called paranoid. What do they say now that it's been made public?

**crickets chirping**

Chuck said...

Cube, we'll still be called paranoid

Always On Watch said...

George Soros's tentacles extend far and wide -- and are, in effect, promoting a form of thought control by controlling the news stories released. Do Americans in general know how dangerous Soros is? I think not. **sigh**

Z said...

cube, it's only 'made public' to the conservative venues! I guess "public" means us these days, the term 'informed public' certainly is restricted to us, sadly.

Chuck, when we have things on VIDEO that prove our points, we're called PARANOID! (or racist)
When I read your piece and came to how it would cost the school district, I thought "and of course they'll have to back down and the ACLU will win" ..then I saw that was your point. Exactly right..and revolting.

I believe Islamists are using this same tactic $$$ "We'll take you TO COURT" ya.

AOW, no, they do not, you're so right.

WHAT TO DO?????????

cube said...

The only solution is more conservative venues. I know... easier said than done.

Chuck said...

AOW, Fox reported today that he has spent $48 mil in the last few years on the MSM

Z, thanks. What to do? Keep putting the word out

Cube, we are getting them

MK said...

The school should sue the aclu for full court costs and more after they win. That'll slow a lot of these leftist scumbags down.