Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Math, AP Style

N.Y. Dem Wins House Seat in Heavily GOP District

Read the article.

This is written in typical AP style, not overtly slanted, just enough to get their point across.

Reading through it one sees that this election was won solely on the issue of the Republicans ripping Medicare away from seniors, leaving them to die from lack of medical coverage. This, of course, is different than the Democrat's Obamakare leaving them to die from lack of medical coverage based on decisions by the local/state death panel.

I digress though, this post is about math.

What the AP glossed over the fact that the Tea Party candidate, Jack Davis, was a fraud, and drew off 9% of the vote. Davis is a 3 time Democratic candidate for congress and avid Obama and Pelosi supporter. The AP not only did not report this, they described him as appearently legitimate.

A wealthy tea party candidate, Jack Davis, took 9 percent.

The above was their entire discussion about Mr. Davis.

Now the math. The count was Jane Corwin (D) 47%, Kathy Hochul (R) 43%, Jack Davis (fraud TP) 9%.

What do you think the real story is here (other than there are a few really stupid conservatives in the district)?


Brooke said...

I haven't heard a peep about this story before now.

And so it begins...

Z said...

I'm glad I hadn't heard, it's depressing because it's a harbinger of the 2012 election we will lose to Obama if we are separated by Tea Party candidates and if we try to do the mature thing as Conservatives and make cuts where people don't like them.
We can't be elected. How can we?

cube said...

The MSM will report it as a referendum against the GOP Medicare plan now that the democrat won. Had it gone Republican, you wouldn't have heard anything at all.

Where does Davis get off calling himself part of the Tea Party?

Chuck said...

Brooke, all you will hear is how the Dem beat the GOPer

Z, I think the Tea Party poses a risk for us if we aren't careful

Cube, agreed

Euripides said...

The GOP now has the "conscience" of the Tea Party to push for foundational US principles: political, economic, and social. The Dems have no conscience, nor any qualms about pitting the Tea Party against the GOP in order to split votes.

It's a Gordian Knot for conservatives. The question is how to get power in Washington without dividing up conservatives?

Chuck said...

Euripides, one of the commenters at the article I linked to suggested the GOP fund fake Green Party candidates. Maybe this isn't such a bad idea?

Euripides said...

I like the fake Green Party candidates, but that won't appeal to or split the minority vote.

LASunsett said...

I say two can play that game.

Chuck said...

Euripides and LA, agreed. It won't split the minority vote but it would give white libs that are unhappy with Hussein an alternative

Z said...

Chuck, I love what the Tea Party's tried to do, but I'm referring to it now as the ROSS PEROT OF THE 2012 ELECTION.

MK said...

Don't care much for the AP or any of the other leftist rags.

They can shove their math.

Chuck said...

Z, I agree. I'm a little concerned about them

MK, I don't read them