Saturday, May 21, 2011

This Worked Out Well

WikiLeaks bolsters argument for ‘enhanced’ interrogation tactics

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Whatever else this bastard was trying to do, I believe one of his main goals was to embarrass George Bush. At the very least, he was trying to undermine the war on terror.

Turns out now that he may be giving his supporters ammunition.

This guys even dumber than I thought.


Mustang said...

Yes, it is true that the weenie Assange is an idiot, but admittedly a useful one to those who wish to destroy western civilization. This is indeed a sad story, but it brings forth a valuable lesson. Mothers, if you don’t want your little boys to grow up to be wiki-wankers, don’t let them play with themselves for more than one hour every day.

Z said...

unreal...when it suits the left, they're all over it;
I can't work up much appreciation for Assange, as I know none of your readers can, either.....
"This worked out well"...
I'd love to see Wiki's take on Israel and "Palestine"...Obama sure saw that THAT didn't work well. But, I guess after you kill a muslim, you go on an apology tour and help the islamist side, too.


Chuck said...

Mustang, this would explain his, err, indiscretions.

Z, Obama is blowing any bounce he got with the UBL kill by going on his Muslim Ass Kissing World Tour 2011

Alligator said...

Chuck, the bounce is gone from Obama's bungee as Wallace would say. Too little to help him long term. It's going to be the economy, unemployment and illegal immigration. Of course something could happen that in 24 hours would turn the whole country on end. But no one can predict those kinds of events with any degree of certainty.

It sure seems like the media cherry picks Assange's results on Wikileaks.

Always On Watch said...

Honestly, I haven't paid a lot of attention to Assange.

That said, the killing of Obama and the WikiLeaks about "interrogation tactics" have done more to help the image of GWB than that on Obama.

I'm with Alligator about the economy's effect on the November 2012 election. Unless Obama works some kind of magic, all the media hype about how much the economy has improved will count for nothing. The boots on the ground (the unemployed, the underemployed, etc.) had better head to the polls and toss BHO out of office.

Always On Watch said...

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