Monday, May 2, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

There is only one real topic to talk about today - the death of Osama bin Laden, may he be frying in Hell already.

What do you think about it?

Capture or kill?

Treat his body "according to Islamic practice"?

Who gets the credit? Bush or Obama? Just the military? The investigation started 4 years ago but ended today.

Will this mean more violence? Or, will we be safer?

Share your thoughts.


Mia Cronan said...

I am very confused by the part where we treated his body "according to Islamic practice" and really don't understand the need to do this, unless there is something or some part of the story that I am missing. If it's a simple case of us taking the high road, ok, but it's still a bit odd. Or was it done to avoid inciting more aggression/retailation? Or is someone attempting to align us with that culture in an effort at peace?

I would have preferred to see the Navy SEALs get more credit for this instead of seeing Obummer describe the events unfolding "at my direction...," as he put it.

And what's up with the media use of the spelling "Usama" across the board. For a long time, it was "Osama". Does someone think we're stupid? Is anyone else tiring of our intelligence being insulted? Or am I just looking for more ways to be offended by this administration...?

Thanks, Chuck. You've asked the questions that really need answers!

Chuck said...

Mia, thanks. You bring up good questions too (none of which I have answers to)

MK said...

Hope the celebrations are still going on over there, one thing i wanted to note, for all the bluster from the muslim world about injustice, superiority, bravery and their willingness to die, it was supposedly inferior infidel Americans who reached into their heartland and killed one of their heroes who was really just a sniveling coward hiding behind his wife till the very end. I'm sure the gutless rat would have grabbed a small girl if there was one nearby. I spit on his cowardice and throw my old shoes at his carcass.

I'm just ecstatic that this scumbag was brought to justice. That such an audacious operation was conducted successfully is testament to the lethality of your armed forces. American warriors shot this cowardly vermin and once again did the world another favor. Thank you America.

Alligator said...

After the SEALS tapped Osama in the left temple, he felt his spirit leaving his body. Osama looked down and saw his body and that of his wife he had hidden behind. As his spirit floated upwards he saw a bright blinding light. In the midst of this light, he saw the figure of the angel Gabriel. Faintly he heard his melodic voice say, "Osama Bin Laden. Your 72 virgins await you in heaven."

At first dazed, then awestruck at what was happening, Osama now was excited. "I am receiving my heavenly reward from Allah for bringing death and misery to the American infidels" he thought.

Osama stepped through the gates of Heaven whereupon he was immediately met by George Washington who slapped him hard across the face. "How dare you attack the country that I fought to create" exclaimed Washington. Osama was shocked that he could feel searing pain from the slap.

Immediately, Thomas Jefferson stepped up and punched him in the mouth. Osama felt his lip swelling and bleeding. "How dare you attack the country whose Declaration of Independence I wrote" said Jefferson.

Then James Madison stepped up and said, "How dare you strike the nation whose governing Constitution I wrote." He hit Osama so hard in the stomach, he dropped to the ground.

For hours and hours, famous Americans from throughout history pummeled, punched and kicked Osama until he was a bloody, bruised, quivering, mass curled up in the fetal position. The beating only stopped for a moment when Gabriel walked up to him.

Osama, looked up through the slit of one eye and in a whimpering voice said, "I don't understand. You told me that my 72 virgins were awaiting me." "Idiot" snarled Gabriel. "I said 72 Virginians, not virgins."

Mustang said...

The warrior ethos urges, “Feed him to the fishes in easily ingestible pieces,” and it would be good for a laugh at the NCO club. Had I been the officer commanding, I would see no reason or justification for desecrating Laden’s cadaver. It has nothing to do with his religion, or mine, nor even the potential reaction from mosque monkeys. I simply would not want my troops behaving in a way most Americans would disapprove of …

Kill … there is no reason to take Laden into custody. It would take a jury of twelve people exactly like Nancy Pelosi to acquit him at trial, and while this is not impossible given our political left, I should remind people that justice delayed is justice denied.

To my knowledge, there is no Islamic practice for burial at sea unless the individual’s death occurred while at sea. Of course, I am no expert here —and the standard for what is normal within Islam changes almost daily. Did the ship have a Navy Moslem chaplain? Who knows … who cares? He was buried at sea and I’m satisfied that Osama bin Laden will eventually become fish excrement.

I agree with Condoleezza Rice; credit for this operation belongs to a long train of individuals, beginning with the administration of George Bush. I omit Clinton because he, under the advice of Jaime Gorelick, dismantled our intelligence apparatus and I continue to wonder why Jaime Gorelick isn’t in federal prison for aiding and abetting the murder of 3,000 of our citizens.

I agree with those who say that Obama’s approval of this operation was a gutsy call; I hope he won’t politicize that decision, but I expect he will. We should anticipate retribution, but let’s not lose sleep over it. They can’t kill us all. I want everyone to realize that there is no chance of disentangling ourselves from the Middle East —not any longer. This will be going on for a thousand more years.

cube said...

Kill was fine by me. The idea of giving this murderous thug a bully pulpit at taxpayer expense would've been unacceptable.

Treating his body "according to islamic practice"? Would that be beheading? Or dragging the body behind a vehicle until it falls to pieces? Or blowing him to bits? Of course we ARE better than they are so this is just a theoretical exercise, but one that should be trumpeted all over the world.

Credit should be shared between the folks who instituted the policies that were excoriated by the libs at the time (Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld), between the intelligence community that carried out their jobs, between the military forces who trained for and carried out the mission, and lastly to BO, who was smart enough to realize how he could exploit OBL's death to his own political ends.

Will this mean more violence? No more than usual. The islamofacists are perpetually outraged and always looking for ways to hit us.

I hope this mission makes these terrorist thugs worry if the same kind of raid will visit their house tonight and if they'll be able to reach their human shield in time.

evilmomlady2003 said...

I would have had no problem if the military had soaked their bullets in pigs blood and stuffed his corpse with ham before throwing it overboard. However, I'm sure that he was completely astonished when he woke up in hell shortly after cowering behind a woman. I'm good with that.

Sam Huntington said...

Come on Maggie, let's work on expressing your opinion, shall we? You can do it.

I just wonder why you hate pigs so much.

Chuck said...

MK, didn't exactly die the tough guy he was supposed to be huh? Guess it's easier to have others die for you.

Alligator, oops. That was funny.

Mustang, It would take a jury of twelve people exactly like Nancy Pelosi to acquit him at trial,

It would only take one.

As far as desecrating his corpse, I agree. We need to stay civilized. I'm not sure about the whole Islamic burial though. A US citizen would not have gotten the same

Cube, Treating his body "according to islamic practice"? Would that be beheading? Or dragging the body behind a vehicle until it falls to pieces? Or blowing him to bits?

Good point

Evil MOM, likely still looking for his virgins

Sam, sorry - I'm confused

Brooke said...

Cube has nailed it!

Check this out:

If this is at all true, we are in more trouble than we ever imagined.

Chuck said...

Brooke, the link didn't post

Always On Watch said...

I'm with Mustang: kill.

I don't want to pay taxes for OBL's trial and his incarceration.