Tuesday, May 10, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

Oregon Senate Approves Bill Targeting 'Suicide Kits'

Read the article.

Basically a woman in California is selling suicide kits that contain a plastic bag and a hose to connect to a helium tank. The person then rents a helium tank from a party supply store, hooks the hose up, puts their head and the hose in the bag, turns on the helium, and quite quickly loses consciousness and dies.

First of all, what a creepy lady.

To the point though.

I will state that I am against assisted suicide. Unequivocally, period, no discussion.

My question though is this - why are liberals so squeamish about their beliefs?

Oregon wants to have assisted suicide. They consider themselves progressive and, in my opinion, seem fairly arrogant about their enlightenment on the matter.

So, why the law against a mechanism for doing it?

I did some quick research on death by helium and, quite frankly, it seems like a fairly good death. Helium is lighter than oxygen so it quickly fills the lungs and displaces the oxygen. A person would likely pass out fairly quick because of the loss of oxygen. So basically you would rapidly drift off to sleep and proceed to die in a few minutes from oxygen depravation. You would be unconscious throughout.

So what's the problem?

Why not welcome this?

Why not allow home abortion kits?

I have always suspected that somewhere, deep inside, liberals know that a lot of their beliefs are full of it.

They consider themselves intelligent (I have always been confused as to why) and their beliefs are the reasoning of a rational person. When the belief is put into practice though, they have an issue.

Believe in "death with dignity" or the "freedom to choose", just spare them the details.

Why the resistance to talking about the bloody, barbaric details of abortion? It's not a baby they are killing, it's just a collection of cells that they are removing. Some of the more extreme feminists actually call it a parasite.

So the question is, why would someone give a blow by blow account of having a mole removed but not their abortion? Either one is just the excision of cells.

So, that is the question this week.

Why do you think this is an issue?

If they are so convinced they are right, why do they shy away from it? Are they worried about public perception? If their belief is right then wouldn't they want to bring the public to their side? Isn't education the best way to do it?

Why do they hide behind euphemisms if they are on the right side of the issue?


Mustang said...

Wow …

There was a time when most of society was self-regulating. What I mean by this is that you didn’t find massive numbers of people sitting around smoking pot, voting for incompetent presidential candidates, or concocting ideas for committing suicide. No, back then if you wanted to be a leftist or commit suicide, you just stood around watching with disinterest as hordes of Viking ran about bashing democrats in the head with heavy instruments.

But we don’t have Vikings any more, and so valuable tools for natural selection (or de-selection) are no long available. And that means more morons/democrats demonstrating for suicide rights.

Yes, life can be confusing sometimes. We should just bring back the Vikings.

Chuck said...

Mustang, sigh - those were the good old days

Brooke said...

I've got a differing take on this...

The state won't stop this woman from selling her creepy death kits... But the probably WILL start regulating helium!

Brooke said...

Um... THEY.


Z said...

Chuck, I thought you'd mentioned a SUNDAY BLOG...did I miss it?
Will be gone most of today, but let me know!
As for this one...I think all people know, some deeper down inside than others, that this is WRONG, that abortion is WRONG, etc etc.
This one's going to haunt me today; a kit with a hose ......and off you go? Hey, maybe that's so simplistic the Left doesn't like it...it should be sexier, more complicated... THEN you die?
After all, the Right wouldn't go along with this, heck, we're just morons who think there should be a moat with alligators in it to watch the Texas border :-)

Mustang and Brooke's comments cracked me up!

Chuck said...

Brooke, good point. It's Sudafed all over again. I use Sudafed for my chronic sinusitis. Now I have to fill out a form and show my driver's license to get it.

Z, it wasn't a ruse to get you here ;), I did a blog for this Sunday coming up. The quote I got made my search for a weekly one easy.

As to the moat, I thought the alligator bit was one of his best suggestions so far.

Always On Watch said...

End of life decisions, as they are now termed, have been around for a long, long time. Indeed, most states now recognize and honor an advanced medical directive (usually with a health-decisions proxy. a choice that one should make very carefully when one arrives to middle age, IMO).

But assisted suicide? That should never be legally condoned.

Chuck said...

AOW, I am all for end of life decisions. I deal with them on a regular basis. I am against health care professionals, physicians or nurses, being involved. I think it blurs the lines for us.

Alligator said...

There's a big death difference between allowing a person to die, and making them as comfortable in the process (death with dignity). In other words, they or family realize it is time to let go. That's what we did with my dad. They could have kept him going another month or two or three by artificial means, but to what end? It was not easy, but we agreed to let him go. But assisted suicide is nothing but murder. In Oregon';s case, I suspect the state wants to retain control and this woman selling kits in an odd sort of way, says to the state "we don't need you." Progressives think they are needed for everything, even our deaths.

Z said...

Alligator's "death with dignity" is a good point....
I'm sorry about your dad, Alligator.

Chuck...I know a RUSE when I see one! (kidding, of course!)
Am looking forward to your Sunday post. (and I LOVED your hilarious remark about BD being worse than Ducky, but...!! :-)

evilmomlady2003 said...

On a much darker note, this is Darwinism at work. Let the death merchant sell her wares to her fellow Oregonians. Soon enough, the state will revert to it's former glory due to the fact that the liberals will have put themselves to sleep in mass quantities.