Monday, May 16, 2011

What Do You Think About This?

The Donald is out, thank God IMHO.

Huckabee is out, thank God again.

Gingrich self-destructed about 30 minutes after he announced so he's out, the body just isn't cold yet.

Ron Paul is still crazy so he's going nowhere.

Romney is still in, he raised 10 mil last night.

Mitch Daniel's seems like a potential winner but seems indecisive.

Pawlenty too.

Christie is playing hard to get.

We haven't heard from Jindal yet.

So, who is it?

Any thoughts? Will it be a dark horse we don't know about yet? Does it even matter yet?


MK said...

Heavens above not Romney, maybe if he accepts that Romneycare has failed and he repents of such stupidity, otherwise sorry.

Chuck said...

MK, he needs to explain it that's for sure

Always On Watch said...

Gingrich self-destructed about 30 minutes after he announced

I haven't been online or watching the news much the past several days. Did Gingrich say something self-destructive?

As for the GOP field, I don't pay much attention to it until the fall before the election year. I don't like to get all worked up over a candidate that drops out.

BTW, I agree with you, Chuck, about being glad that Trump and Huckabee dropped out. Good riddance!

Z said...

I sure hope Trump keeps talking, tho...people loved his open way of talking, his slamming of Obama's mistakes; VERY few (any?) have been able to voice it and BOY, did he fire people up. And not just Conservatives.

Brooke said...

I still don't see a viable candidate. The GOP had better stop dithering...

Chuck said...

AOW, see this link. He called Ryan's Medicare reform "radical"

Z, I agree. I think he could be useful

Brooke, I don't either

cube said...

If I were a GOP candidate thinking about a run in 2012, I'd keep my powdery dry. Why jump so early and have the MSM tear me apart?

Chuck said...

Cube, this is what I have been saying all along

Ticker said...

Cain and Bachmann are the only two real conservatives in the scope of running. I'll vote , as an independent, for either one of them.

Chuck said...

Ticker, agreed