Saturday, May 28, 2011

The World Of Leftism

We have all talked about the latest hate-filled diatribe from Ed Schultz of the fringe network MSNBC.

Schultz does this on a regular basis. This is why MSNBC decided to bring the hammer down and suspend him for a week.

What a joke.

The same MSNBC fired Don Imus for calling a women's basketball team a group of nappy ho s in jest.

Imus was joking (he was of course an idiot), Schultz was not.

Imus was fired, Schultz was not.


Imus attacked one of the groups on the left's protected list, Schutlz attacked a conservative.

But, wait, there may be more to this than we thought.

It turns out that Schultz simply may have been misunderstood.

"Yeah, but you know when you hear the word 'slut' – I mean I hate to even say it on our air, to be honest with you – but there are mixed interpretations about the word

Randi Kaye, CNN

Is it possible he actually meant this as a compliment and he was unfairly targeted?

All joking aside though, the entire leftist ideology is simply a lie and this is only the latest example.

Where is NOW on this? Why haven't we heard from them? Would they be siting on the sidelines if it were Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh calling Hillary Clinton a slut?

What if Joe Scarborough, MSNBC's token "conservative" had been the one calling Kirsten Powers a slut?

What ever happened to MSNBC's outrage over the tone of politics after the Gifford's shooting? They were attacking the right with the same venom they accused the right of using. The same attacks that they were claiming (wrongfully so) led to the shooting of Gifford.

We could go on all day about this.

Where is the left on the freedoms Obama has curtailed? The same left that spent 8 years bitching about Bush wanting to know what library books terrorists read.

Where is the left on all of the troops dying in Afghanistan under Obama's watch? The same left that couldn't stop talking about Iraq?

Where is the left now on oil prices? The same left that blamed these same prices on Bush. Now it's the fault of speculators, the Middle East, and oil companies - the President can't control the price of gas.

The bottom line? Every thing that the left stands for is a lie. Actually, let me clarify that, they don't stand for anything.

Their entire focus is on power. I am not critical of this in itself because attaining power is the point of politics. The right does it just as much as the left.

The difference is, the left is too willing to compromise any shred of integrity they may have to get power.

I have argued this before and I will say it once again, the left lacks a moral compass. They embrace abortion on demand, homosexuality, transvestitism, among others. When your entire philosophy is anything goes, when they lost that sense of morality, then it became easy to justify the means for the end.

This is why it is easier for the left to win elections then the right. The right at least makes an attempt to stick with their principles.

Myself, I would rather sleep at night than win.

How about you?

One last point. The leftist media has ignored the Ed Schultz incident. If it had been Rush Limbaugh calling Kirsten Powers a slut, the far-right mouth piece of the Republican Party Fox News would have been out front leading the condemnation of him.


Z said...

There was little or no mention of the Schultz insult in the msm but BOY, did the media hang Imus from the highest headline rafters. Of course, Imus is a right-leaning centrist, so...he'd get the flack, wouldn't he.
I was surprised to hear someone on TV say that Schultz's ratings are much higher than Imus'...maybe on TV, but not including radio..? Not that that's so important but ..maybe it's just more lies.

ALL your points are, what to DO? How can we stop this amazing media bias? I watch Brent Bozell on Hannity and think "Ya, so WHAT? I approve of your endeavors, but what real effectiveness HAVE YOU?"

shoprat said...

As Winston Smith learned in 1984. It is indeed all about power and the acquisition of power is the sole basis of their morality.

Always On Watch said...

Would they be siting on the sidelines if it were Sean Hannity or Rush Limbaugh calling Hillary Clinton a slut?

We all know the answer to THAT question.

I tell you that there is no honor in the world of Leftism. The double standard is an inherent part of their modus operandi.

Ducky's here said...

Oh my, did Ed say something nasty about a rabies radio mouth breather.

You folks just can't take it, can you.

Wait till the primaries. With the Republican field looking like the cast from Jersey Shores, it's going to be fish in a barrel.

Can't wait till the pizza delivery guy speaks up. Damn, you aren't even going to make Obama break a sweat.

Chuck said...

Z, people are getting the message slowly. This why the MSM is tanking.

Shoprat, good point

AOW, The double standard is an inherent part of their modus operandi.

Perfect lead-in to:

Ducky, of course you would excuse a slur against a lady. For all of the talk about equality, the left has no respect for women. The left supports ripping their children from their womb, sometimes damaging the woman for life. The left tolerates the maiming and killing of women in the ME.

This why you are welcome here and I will not often delete your comments. Your comments help re-enforce exactly what I am writing about.

It is not what he said, or that she can't handle it. My suspicion is that she could probably eat him for lunch. He's a liberal male and therefore, by definition, a pussy.

It's the fact that the left feels that it is okay to speak to a woman like this and that the MSM ignores it when it is a conservative.

Mustang said...

Okay ... that's a much needed clarification. In this case, then, I think Randi is a slut.

Two ...
One ...

Chuck said...

Mustang, we at Chuck Thinks Right are here to educate, your welcome