Thursday, June 9, 2011

Beyond Pathetic

From The NYT:

Help Us Review the Sarah Palin E-Mail Records

From The Washington Post:

Help analyze the Palin e-mails

Evidently e-mails from Sarah Palin's tenure as Alaska Governor are being released tomorrow and the NY Slime and the Wash Post are going to post them online and are asking volunteers to read them and post any goodies found in them.

I don't even know what to say about this anymore. They leftist media cannot get anymore pathetic than it is now.

For a really good time read the comments on the NYT article. See how many people are asking if they did this with the Obamakare bill.


Z said...

Republicans might as well climb in a hole and die. We're facing such a barrage of leftwing idiocy and mean-spiritedness on every level and aimed at ANYBODY the Left thinks has a chance to steal America back from the loons...which would be fine except people hear it, believe it, and VOTE.

Can you IMAGINE the Right going through Palin's garbage in Alaska like the Left did, or doing this "beyond pathetic" thing in your post? IMAGINE the OUTRAGE?

But, they've got the msm and that's that. Oh, they'll be howling it up over this.
it really is very pathetic. And not ineffective.

Chuck said...

Z, looking back years ago did you ever see the media becoming this hateful and focused on destroying the Republican party? They have always been biased but today's journalist is a whole different breed IMHO.

Z said...

No, Chuck, this is new from the media.
There is a sense created by the media and in the public today that Republicans are all dirt and must be caught; they've got journalists trained to be hard-left, paid for by Soros in some cases, the mission is to squelch the last vestiges of the ugly disease called CONSERVATISM through lying, mocking, name it.

You watch; every single presidential candidate will be annihilated before 2012 but THE ONE, the man they'll protect with every fiber of their beings.

This is the MOST unAmerican thing the left has EVER done and, as nasty as the media's been over the years even well before Lincoln, when the insults really got heated, NEVER has it felt like one whole political party which represents half of this country MUST GO, must be laughed at, lied about... they are insulting half of America and I'm not sure how long that be allowed to last.
If the media can coerce the center into more and more freebies and entitlements and convince them that Republicans are racist, homophobic and just plain stupid, there's a chance we'll never win an election again. Especially if the Obama fraud from the '08 election some of which I actually WITNESSED here in LA, happens again, unbridled, in 2012.
As long as provisional ballots exist and people can vote days and days before an election, we've got trouble....
I hate to sound so negative, but...that's the truth as I see it.

cube said...

Where are the republicans? Why aren't they howling over this blatant liberal bias? The editors of Politico can agonize over divulging news of Huma Weiner's pregnancy, yet they have no worries over slamming Palin, Trig, Bristol and her baby with fabricated news.

Chuck said...

Z, the funny thing is they still bitch about the McCarthy hearings

Cube, you nailed it. Why isn't the GOP fighting back. Let me float one possible theory: The media ruins her chances at the GOP nomination. Think about that one for a bit...

Mustang said...

I posted on this too, Chuck. It simply boils down to the fact that we cannot use the terms "media" and "ethics" in the same sentence.

This is a sad day for America; not because this behavior is a new phenomena, but because now it is "in our face."

Always On Watch said...

Is this insane or what?

I'm not a fan of Sarah Palin. But one thing that I really like about her: she pisses off the Left.

Always On Watch said...

You watch; every single presidential candidate will be annihilated before 2012 but THE ONE, the man they'll protect with every fiber of their beings.

Yep. That's the plan.

Chuck said...

Mustang, could we ever?

AOW, I agree. I'm not a huge fan either but I do like what she does to the leftists. As far as the plan, I'mm not convinced it's going to work this time. The media tried to win the election for Obama with the death of UBL. His "bounce" is back down to 48% per RCP

Brooke said...

I've got an idea... Let's get the MSM to start going through the Obama's emails!


Alligator said...

If the same scrutiny and treatment had been meted out to Obama by the press before the election, he never would have been nominated. Many questions an issues about his past were never aired by the MSM. For example, he is regularly touted as a "constitutional scholar" by the MSM, but to be a scholar, you are well-published in your field. You cannot find papers or technical articles by Obama in any university or major municipal library. So what proof is there that that he is a "scholar" even a liberal one? He could have trained as a forensics specialist or dog catcher for all I know.

It is astonishing the lengths the MSM is going through to destroy Palin even though she has never declared her candidacy. While I was in amotel, I forced myself to watch MSNBC just for grins. Lawrence O'Donnell had some clown on who went on and one and on about how Palin's bus tour was "illegal." The stretches made would have embarrassed a sane person. If her bus tour was "illegal" then so is every musical band or senior citizen's group that is out in a tour bus. The intent to target and destroy Palin on a personal level is palpable, and it is extending to all Republicans, conservatives, libertarians, tea partiers and Christians, anyone who holds to the idea of individual liberties and personal responsibility and a limited scope and size of federal government. I predict it will only get much, much worse in the coming days. As a nation, we are as divided as we were in 1860.

MK said...

I share your thoughts on this Chuck, it's just beyond belief how the left are persecuting this woman. Bastards the lot of them.

Chuck said...

Brooke, and if Fox does it the left will never stop screaming

Alligator, I have always thought that if Obama had gotten any scrutiny he would not have been elected. The media was fighting two demons back then though. One is their innate leftist bias that made the support Obama. The other is the fact that if they had delved too deep they would have been accused of racism for looking too closely at the first black President.

MK, 'nuff said